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Winning Elections vs. Vindicating Conspiracy Theories

I just wanted to write that I am a bit perturbed by the $35,000 we raised to do a recount which could possibly result in some exposed fraud. It could also possibly reveal that the counting machines are crappy and Paul got 36 more votes and Romney got 71 more. It's a toss up. Meanwhile, back in the present, a long standing institution in the grassroots, Operation Broadcasting Freedom, is trying to get the great Jeremiah Black commercials on TV. Most agree these commercials are way better than the campaign's. Unfortunately only about 58 people are going to see them because we are busy funding a recount. If you all had just Chipped In for http://www.operationbroadcastfreedom.com/ instead of a recount we could have fully funded ads for South Carolina and then some. We are gaining ground, we have to keep the momentum and our eyes on the prize in the upcoming states. Mind you that SC has twice as many delegates to offer than NH. Kucinich and Howard are going to probably push through a recount. If they can't fund it... oh well. People, please let's get focused. Let's save Operation Broadcasting Freedom. http://www.operationbroadcastfreedom.com/
Lets start winning and stop fighting for a bigger piece of the pie in NH.
Rich Clarke

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do it!!

I will agree with part

The campaign should pick up the Jeremiah Black ads and replace the ineffective commercials they've produced themselves.

VALID FUNDING QUESTION-Cant monies for Recount be directed here!

Someone please correct me if I am wrong. I understand that a minor republican candidate (who signed up to run JUST FOR THIS REASON) *is* funding the republican recount - in fact has... he only had to pay $2,000 since he received less than 3% of the vote...
Now since we DONT need the recount monies and its useless anyway as the CAMPAIGN has to file for recount, not an individual... we cant do it for Dr. Paul..
Cant these monies be spent for the ADS mentioned here???
Grannie Warriors should in essence send the monies to these guys for ad time...

Point Taken

Those commercials are better than the campaigns, but we could still do a lot better. Why can't we afford an elite media group to do these commercials? I just don't understand it.

Good questoin...

Guess well have to consider that for the general election AYE???


the following ad ideas are available to them as well.


I like!!

I like, I like!!!


They were really fun to make.

There are some other great ideas in the thread asking for ad ideas. I'll go bump that one now.

you helped make them??

Wow that's impressive...

Thanks again.

And yes to your question.

I canvass and call all day, and lately I've been coming on here in Cheerleader On Steroids mode trying to bump pointless arguments and trolling in favor of the threads that offer really good ideas for people to GET OUT THERE since that's the ONLY THING that will make a difference.

I know I'm annoying many, but I want Dr. Paul to win, not just SAY I want him to win.

And you know what? It's really FUN getting out there. Who knew?

For people that have maxed

For people that have maxed out, talk to people in your meet up groups that may not have money to donate. you could purchase money orders in their name made out to the campaign. Just a thought. you could mail it yourself so you would know that the donation gets to Ron Paul.

Formerly rprevolutionist

Hmm civil disobedience....

I think the Doctor might quietly approve!!... I think this is most likely an old trick.

You don't mean it!

This government would condone "vote fraud". What else would "they" do? Hmmmmmmm.....you don't think they might start fictious wars, or steal money, or maybe even , maybe even,,,,,,,,,, just possibly,use fictitous airplanes for devious puporses. Surely, our PENTAGON would not be vulnarable to this, or would they? If Ron Paul was 60 years old, instead of 72, I'd say he ought to come out with both barrels blazing and call the 9-11 crime for what it is,,,,,,,,,,,,,a damn crime. 70% of people want us out of Iraq? Where are the votes? 60% of people question 9-11! What are we scared about...........if you really want to start a Revolution, don't be afraid of the truth.

alan laney

we have the blimp to worry

we have the blimp to worry about too... we need new blood and quick... the large donors and dying out.... NEW BLOOD


you are correct!!

Donate to Both!

If you have the money.

Importance of Donations:

1) direct to campaign

2) Ad funding

3) re-count donations to Albert Howard

The re-count is important because these machines are being used in MASS, CONN and Vermont as well. Best to find out now and stop future voter fraud.

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat pork!

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat meat!

That would be nice

Perhaps you are right about the machines... but doesn't everyone already know they are crap..... What will proving it accomplish? Will it change anything?

Not to mention...

that Bev Harris of BlackBoxVoting.org herself has said what Rich is saying, on top of the fact that the SINGLE most important aspect is chain of command of the ballots. We missed that in NH. We have no idea whether we can trust the recount ballots.

That doesn't make this a non-issue, it means all these armchair activists need to sign up to be poll-watchers. I know, that means you have to go see the light of day and use your atrophied muscles. But THAT would be better.

Also, if you don't think a Ron Paul presidency would expose anything nefarious surrounding 9/11, you're not thinking. Of course it would. But because many 9/11'ers are LOUD and SHRILL and nearly as violent as those they oppose, I think Dr. Paul is going about things the smart way.

Thanks Rich

Your main point was well taken. Hopefully many read and thought about it.
There are many *points* we can make to the detriment of the message which covers just about everything. If we don't get Ron Paul and others like him elected, nothing will change and the list of *conspiracies* will just continue to grow.

We should all be looking ahead to the battles right in front of our faces and supporting the many great projects and ads out there. Thank you again for your post.


Thank you for your very nice

Thank you for your very nice comment. I am trying to keep this on the front page as long as thry are accepting donations. ONLY minutes left

Voter fraud is enemy number 1

The message is out, the people are on the street, the coffers are full; but none of it amounts to a hill of crap if the vote is fraudulent.

Thanks to Dennis for doing this Ron and the American people.

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.


So go staff a F!#$!#! exit poll and donate NOW to http://www.operationbroadcastfreedom.com/

just donated

keep up the good work.
thank you!!


Just want everyone to know that I am not with Operation Broadcasting Freedom. I could only afford to donate a little so I hope this post can make up for my lack of personal wealth.


Anyone for voter fraud is a plant. Period.

Remember: Debt is a form of slavery.

It is a very good cause.

If I had any money, I would gladly send it in. Good luck, and thanks for all the hard work.

My last bump of this post

If no one likes it I guess no one likes it. My voice does not deserve to be heard here I suppose.

See if new title gets some attention

Changed the title... Maybe this will get some hits!!

Also only 1 Hour remaining for Nevada

Only 1 hour remaining for Nevada. less than a grand donated in total of the $5000 dollars needed. On Dec 16th we were getting $5000 a minute... What's going on?? Bomb THEM!!!