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Redeemed Lawful Money

Hi everybody!

I have been teaching people how to abolish the Fed the way Congress has intended all along, since 1913.

"They shall be redeemed in lawful money on demand..."

Suppose that pronoun is "People". Not just the Federal Reserve notes from two sentences before.

Watch this video:


There are many examples like this one!



David Merrill.

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I got it

I tried the Google link again and it worked.

Just listened to the audio, VERY informative. One question: have you ever read "They Own It All, Including YOU!" by Ron McDonald and Robert Rowen? It lays out in law how everything acquired with FRNs contains a hidden lien, just as you mentioned. If you haven't read it, you may want to get it.

I'll be re-listening again to really let this stuff sink in. Powerful stuff!

Right place Right time

I don't know enough yet to be free from the reach of so many very evil people. I don't know enough yet to have both feet firmly planted outside of the tentacles of an extremely destructive abject belief in falsehood without question.

I have been building the path out of this mess, putting pieces together for nearly 3 decades, and these pieces, appear to be the right pieces at this time to me.

Eventually, it seems to me, non Union lawyers may create the demand and then fill the demand for remedy by their examples, which brings to light the question: remedy from what?


I don't want to pass an abject belief in falsehood onto my children, they didn't deserve this, but it is coming to theater near us, so we have to learn how to be in the right place at the right time.

The wrongs are unfordable.

End the FED (redeem in lawful money?)
End the IRS (no "Federal" (Admiralty) Income, no "Federal" (Admiralty) Tax Liabilities?)
Bring the Troops Home (be those troops by doing 1 and 2 above right here, right now, as soon as possible?)

Competitive methods of accomplishing the laundry list above, to me, is essential. The better methods will rise to the top.


"26. It is this Defendant's position that the American people including this Defendant should support their government and pay all lawful taxes. But, when people within government abuse the power entrusted to them it is the responsibility of We the People to resist corruption, fraud and theft."


not sure what to make of this

but it seems worthy of a bump
for peer review.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

Thanks! Here is how it

Thanks! Here is how it went:

"I can only testify regarding my own affairs. My latest experience:

Ten checking accounts were closed on Monday this past week by way of Notice to Quit. Meaning the banking agreement says they can Quit for any cause.

So we paid the bank a visit to see if we could determine the reasoning for the Notice. It turns out that the bank had been doing some recent accounting of the books and it turns out that they were not very pleased to find out that their front line manager had not picked up on the fact that we had been making a DEMAND FOR LAWFUL MONEY PER 12USC411 regarding all instruments touching said accounts.

From what we gleaned from said Manager he and his staff were reamed and people lost their jobs. I BELIEVE that said bank was upon the practice of Fractional Reserve Lending touching instruments that were Redeemed. As such, said bank was in desperate need of balancing the counterfeit book entries.

So today we decided to walk in and with draw 9.5k because you know - WHY NOT, right? So as usual we made a demand for lawful money on the withdrawal ticket - to wit:

1. The teller upon RECOGNIZING said disclaimer launched herself from her seat and quickly moved to the banking managers office; and,

2. The banking manager, upon being awakened, [I jest] asked us to enter his office; and,

3. We had a discussion whereupon we informed him that we had informed his predecessor that we intend to remain without the Federal Reserve Districts and Cities and we do not use Federal Reserve Credit; and,

4. he informed us that we could not use that disclaimer; and,

5. not to be egotistical but I informed him that he was NOT going to give us legal advice as we did not ask for it and that he was going to accept our disclaimer as this was the business he chose and he was going to take the good with the bad and we were not going to be told by some banking manager how to sign a record; and,

6. he said that his bosses told him he was not to accept any withdrawal or check with that disclaimer to which I said, Call Legal now.; and,

7. He called and put us on speaker phone; and,

8. Unbelievably we entered into a three-way conversation - usually legal will only speak to their client; and,

9. I asked if they were trying to FORCE account holders to execute a Record without legal capacity; and,

10. I asked if they were aware of Art I - Sec 10 and were they trying to make a policy that would impair the obligation of an existing contract?; and,

11. In deadpan voice, counsel said, Do it!; and,

12. We got a huge grin on our faces and said manager went and counted out the hundreds; and,

13 Afterwards, he invited us back into his office and said he was directed to ensure that the accounts closed; and,

14. It was obvious to everyone in the room that said manager had recently gotten his rear end chewed on extensively; and,

DON'T TELL ME that something IS a certain way. Maybe for you, but not for me. I have spoken to banking managers in the past five years and without exception they ALL know what I am up to. In fact, I have had some very interesting responses.

Regarding the IRS we have now had CONSISTENT returns of 100 percent even with with-holdings returned - even though we did not ask for them. We tried to GIFT the withholdings - but they were returned to us 100%. So today we went to another bank and opened up all new accounts - and the manager just smiled as we executed the Agreement in FULL DISCLAIMER.

I can remember the first time I walked up to a teller to cash a check drawn on that bank with the following disclaimers:

NAME OF TRUST COMPANY, by its Agent, Me, absent individual capacity, absent individual liability assumed, absent surety, absent accommodation, absent recourse, without prejudice, and principally and perpetually made subject to the terms of conditions of NAME OF TRUST COMPANY and demand is made for lawful money per 12U.S.C.411: signature

6 font text - you can get this on the back of a check within the allowed space - without problem.

I thought the red/blue lights would start flashing as my heart raced - no one was there to help me or to give me words in case things did not go my way - and to my great surprise the teller said - "What the heck is all of this?" To wit, I responded, perhaps you should speak to your manager. Upon her return she said "I learn something new everyday".

Egypt is a reed shaken in the wind - but the children of the King are free.

Hopefully, my report will encourage some of you. Trust in God. But Faith absent Deeds is dead. I in every event always prayed over the event prior to attempt - the victory was mine before I left my car. I walked it out as a WITNESS to the Glory of God."

One suitor reports that over

One suitor reports that bank employees were fired for making regular deposits when they should have been special deposits!

Here is some interesting

Here is some interesting testimony:



I enjoy how this is on top with all the search engines.


This is getting more

This is getting more interesting by the day!

A Note of Appreciation!

BTW: I just got my State refund check (over $3,000) , based on the 1040 Line 21 "Lawful Money Demand Reduction". The Federal refund was already successfully applied to back taxes. The other State tax return was also accepted without objection to this reduction. So, "...by the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses, a matter is confirmed"! Hooray!

I enjoy that because a lawful money redemption applied to back taxes proves plenty of "contemplation" by the IRS agents and attorneys!

Also this same intrepid suitor wrote:

IRS FORM 843 - Redeeming Lawful Money

Although IRS Form 843 cannot be used for claiming back income tax, it can be used for an abatement of the fee paid for the presumed use of private credit in the form of Federal Reserve Notes that is based on the amount of income denominated thereby, when said presumed use has been consistently rebutted by lawful money being demanded for all transactions per 12 USC 411, with a substantive record of same created as admissible evidence by all related financial institutions in their normal course of business documentation. This IRS Form 843 is a good tool to further expose the unspoken legal foundation of the “income tax” – that it is a legitimate usage fee for the use of the private credit and script of the Federal Reserve System.


This forum is very lively and filled with intellectual talent. I am very pleased to have found DailyPaul!


Hello All.

Thought i would leave a quick little introduction here (wasn't sure the proper place). I have enjoyed reading/studying a great deal of the material here-and finally feel the remedy close at hand. Just wanted to give a great BIG THANKS to all who have put forth the effort to extend the knowledge that is so desperately needed. Of particular mention to David, I sure am glad you were trying to free the minds over there at the DailyPaul, my wife who is an avid DPer tipped me off to your latest posts ever there, and once i started reading i couldn't stop. I have been searching for truth and freedom for a few years now, and have always been let down in the end by all the "gurus" lack of anything concrete- just a bunch of theories and best guesses. When i seen your material, everything i had learned in the past and had moved on from because of lack of proof, clicked in to place so completely thanks to the missing piece of the puzzle which you supplied. Now i can truly understand the SC opinions about the income tax, and the fact that it IS a voluntary tax system. What a relief it is to finally see the way out.

Again, a big thanks to all of you for helping dismantle this veil of illusion. I look forward to having future conversations with all you.

Best go get a Stamp!



Enjoying the Ride!

This example demonstrates the contemplation about this fellow's right to redeem lawful money:

"Hi David,


For the last quarter of 2011, I had been putting "lawful money is demanded for all transactions 12 USC 411" on all my personal checks on the front under my address, and likewise on all my deposit slips for all Expense Report reimbursement checks sent to me. So the bank and all check recipients, including IRS installment payment checks, received NOTICE of my lawful money demand. I also successfully added it to a new checking account agreement, and a broker agreement.

My 2011 US 1040 so far has been honored. Line 21 "Other Income" was notated "Demand for Lawful Money R (__,____)", and the amount was a (reduction). The refund was applied to back taxes. The amount was well over 20,000.

The State return "Other Income" line had no notation, just the same amount of (reduction). So far, my State refund has not been sent to me.

Thanks for making this possible. I would not have made it this year without this reduction.

True Name"

By "contemplation" I am showing you that the IRS has already been viewing and considering his demand for redeemed lawful money in light of the assessment and payment agreement that is already ongoing.

If you would like to find out more visit www.savingtosuitorsclub.net


Redeeming lawful money by demand is a big pay raise.

Redeem/Forgive Debt

This is a bit roundabout for an explanation but once the venue [80901] was set (fictional federal overlay) the charges were redeemed.


Elegant Way to Explain

There is something from years ago that I am not sure Bob SHULTZ even understood. It is an opinion he rendered from Circuit Court on appeal.


The Libel of Review gets dismissed out leaving the suitor with an evidence repository in the USDC under the responsibility of the US clerk of court. The case being dismissed is distracting and one might easily fail to see the point in spending $350 filing fee for a case that will be dismissed. What is the value of an evidence repository?

Examine the links carefully and discern that a summons, levy or garnishment directly from the IRS is easily ignored, to the informed. So if one was to receive any such notice from a bank or employer he might Refuse for Cause into the evidence repository, forcing the IRS to go file and get a US judge to sign off on it in order to proceed.

If the suitor has made it clear that he is no longer endorsing private credit from the Fed though, no federal judge would sign off on such a request. Not only that, the IRS will not bother requesting him to.


David Merrill.

Striking Demonstration

This is a great example of remedy is between your ears.


I cannot do this for people, because their remedy is not between my ears. However this suitor amplifies the template with his understanding of remedy.


I like this.....

But as far as law goes, im not that educated. So maybe you could make some sense of this for me david? I understand the lawful money part, but getting into the libel of review, and r4c and all this other stuff, what is it used for, when do u use it, and anything else that goes along with it, im completely lost. I even joined your sts site, read some of the forums, and im feeling like i drooling idiot over here. Can you help me out? Cuz whatever i can do to take a bite out of the fed, i will do.

voluntarily agorist

that new example

There is a new example. Enjoy it!

Let it be absorbed. I have coached people through the Libel of Review for years now. People think that it is my intellectual property which probably makes it so. I however feel that it is not my place to sell you the law and charge you to teach you your name.

Identity is key. If you identify yourself with your legal or full name then you are a government issued being. But that becomes yours to use in trust. Then government becomes yours to use in trust.

The biggest bite you can take out of the Fed is to simply realize the Fed is not government. It spoofs government in trust with Congress.


I derived my template initially from:


The Libel of Review is fluff...

The objective is to set up an evidence repository in the "exclusive original cognizance" of the United States government. Now you have become the competent common law because you are keeping a record. You become the court of record.

Primarily now you can make a record of your redemption of lawful money but also your Refusals for Cause. If you get presentments you mark them R4C and send them back to the presenter with a copy of the clerk instruction. The original clerk instuction tells your US clerk to file a copy of the R4C'd presentment in your evidence repository. When the presenter gets the presentment back R4C, they have a copy of the clerk instruction and can look at it on PACER (online dockets etc.) and they know you can produce certified copies and prove you R4C'd timely.

Sorry if im a little slow on the uptake,

But If im reading you correctly, your saying that this is a just in case file? And that if they do come after you for not paying taxes, then you file some kind of suit in federal district court? I know before i undertake anything like this i have to really educate myself everything your talking about. But what actually happens when you go through with this? Im assuming you do a ucc-1 or something like that on the taxes, but when they come after you, like im sure they would, you file in district and they default judgement because they wint show up and thats the end of it? Or is this a fight you have to keep making year after year? Are there case files available from people who have actually done this so we can learn from them? Because if this actually flies, and you can show it, i think a lot of dp'ers would sign up.

voluntarily agorist

Lots of Great Readers on StSC

This has stimulated a lot of new traffic on Saving to Suitors' Club:


What we are experiencing is the carefully regulated release valve system for a highly compressed information infrastructure called "money". I think that Ronald Ernest would be first to tell you all how absurd it is that anybody would consider buying debt, let alone government debt. Buying and selling government debt and calling it money is absurd!

The only thing that keeps us from realizing it is that we are conditioned to endorse private credit and create national debt.


David Merrill.

I did it, and it worked

I did it, and it worked some what. A few years ago I went into my bank to withdraw some money. When asked "how would you like your money." I literally pounded my fist on the counter a couple of times demanding my money in lawful gold or silver but didn't really expect it and I kinda laughed a little. At home sitting in the car I was counting my FRN's, I noticed one of the bills had a red seal and no fed seal . I was than distracted and didn't think anything about it for a few days, then realized they probably gave that to me in response of my demand, I didn't know exactly what it was at the time, I thought it was a greenback but according to the video it was a US note.

I can't watch the videos

I can't watch the videos here... Has anyone tried and gotten anywhere with this? Any simple(r) explanation of what this really means for us?

End The Fed!
BTC: 1A3JAJwLVG2pz8GLfdgWhcePMtc3ozgWtz

There are several issues being brought forth here, but

concentrate on one at a time. Eventually(I believe) it will be evident that they are all part of a larger design. With time put in to study them, they're not too terribly hard to understand.

One of particular interest is the concept of exchanging our Federal Reserve Notes for U.S. Notes. Doing this simple thing, all by itself, can make monumental change occur. This action, taken by many Patriots in concert, can effect great change, and force our will upon TPTB. It will collapse the Federal Reserve System, end the income tax, and end fractional reserve banking. Do some study of the evidence Mr. Merrill has posted here to come to your own conclusion.

US notes in the form of FRNs

Since early 1971 the Fed has "circulated" its US notes within the walls of the Fed Banks to preserve them from getting tattered by handling:


Read the last paragraph:

United States notes serve no function that is not already adequately served by Federal Reserve notes. As a result, the Treasury Department stopped issuing United States notes, and none have been placed into circulation since January 21, 1971.

If you find this interesting then quit patrolling behind the bank teller window. Just focus on your own affairs which is to make your demand known. Make a copy of each paycheck with your stamp. It has gotten so that you need not sign at all:


Recently I tried a new way to "sign" the back of checks. Previously I had been using the stamp that says "Redeemed for Lawful Money pursuant to 12 USC 411 by True Name dba LEGAL M NAME. I always wrote the True Name in by hand. One time I had forgot to write in the true name signature and the teller insisted that I needed to "sign". A few weeks ago I switched to "Deposited for credit on account or exchanged for Lawful Money of equal face value", written by hand, but no name signed at all. The second time I did this the teller asked me if I had signed the back and I nodded my head affirmatively. She turned the check over and read the back. She said "you need to sign it" but didn't hand the check back. Instead she read the verbiage one more time and then said: "Oh, OK, that works". Incidentally, I was not depositing any part of the $100.00 check, but simply asked for 5 $20s, which she handed me cheerfully (our tellers are always cheerful and greet long-time customers by their first name).


Here is what the stamp looks like:


Make your demand. That is all the law speaks of.

Gathering courage to take the first step.

After reading through a few threads over at savingsuitors, I realize how infantile I am in knowledge, and concede the fact that my journey for truth will never end. Therefore, I'll just keep pulling on these threads, and watch it all continue to unravel. Btw, I joined on over at savingsuitors.com. There is much to learn, but I will be studious. I guess the next step is to redeem my lawful money...

Glad to Have You!!

Thanks and I am looking forward to great discussions with you. There is a facet of the echo chamber, actual suitors in brain trust. I got this today:

Hi David

Well I got into the end the fed excitement as there is a rally the 22nd here in NYC. I was planning on handing out flyers to the uninitiated on lawful money. Please take a look and let me know what you think. I want this to be correct and sound intelligent. Please feel free to send out to suitors.

Thank you David
True Name
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Your Deeds can End the Fed

1. Stop endorsing the Federal Reserve District by signing your checks with just your name. This creates an endorsement of the Federal Reserve (meaning YOU approve of THEIR system).

2. “Non-endorse” your checks by writing: Demand is made for Lawful Money pursuant to 12USC411, Then sign your name, John Henry dba JOHN DOE or if that is too much just John H Doe, it is YOUR intent that is important! Don’t forget to make copies of both sides for your records.

3. Congratulations you just “voted” not to use the Federal Reserve. If you don’t feed the beast it will die.

4. Be aware that the banks will change your account to a non-interest bearing account. Also make sure you update your Signature card at the bank. Just above your signature write:”Demand is made for Lawful Money pursuant to 12USC411”. Now you deal in Lawful Money. (don’t expect to get “different money” the dollar is a dual use note.) Proudly write it on all your transactions, YOU ARE ENDING THE FED.

5. Lawful money cannot be taxed it is a true exchange of currency for your labor.
12 USC Sec. 411. Issuance to reserve banks; nature of obligation; Redemption

Federal reserve notes, to be issued at the discretion of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System for the purpose of making advances to Federal reserve banks through the Federal reserve agents as hereinafter set forth and for no other purpose, are authorized. The said notes shall be obligations of the United States and shall be receivable by all national and member banks and Federal reserve banks and for all taxes, customs, and other public dues. They shall be redeemed in lawful money on demand at the Treasury Department of the United States, in the city of Washington, District of Columbia, or at any Federal Reserve bank. (Yes, every bank IS a Federal Reserve bank.) www.uscode.house.gov


You said "...don’t expect to get “different money” the dollar is a dual use note..."

I'm assuming the "dollar" you're referring to is the Federal Reserve Note Dollar...so you're saying that FRN's are a debt note AND lawful money? How is that? So, upon redeeming for lawful money, and you are given FRN's, how is that going to help end the Fed? You're still using the FRN's...what's the point of this process if there's no separate note given for lawful money?

Just some questions, thank you.

I have already shown the

I have already shown the bottom paragraph of the Treasury Faqs page:


Your question is a basic foundation to understand redemption of lawful money and in general what I am calling the redemption model as in Jesus CHRIST of the Bible. Because of the discrepancy of US notes in value, from FRNs Congress had a drama, a dilemma and could not produce Title 31 as Positive Law until it reconciled the face value of these two currencies:


This is real slick - the Congress changed US notes to United States currency notes:


Look at the Notes:

In the section, the words “United States currency notes” are substituted for “United States notes” for clarity and consistency in the revised title.

In subsection (a), the first sentence is added for clarity and because of the restatement. The words “shall not bear interest” are omitted because of the source provisions restated in section 5118 of the revised title.

Those changes are obfuscation of the nature of US notes and the fundamental difference that US notes cannot be used for a reserve currency!

In subsection (b), before clause (1), the words “in circulation” are substituted for “to be used as a part of the circulation medium” to eliminate unnecessary words. In clause (1), the words “the sum of” are omitted as surplus.

The US notes are still in circulation among Fed banks. That is to say that they are being preserved from getting tattered up so that the Treasury has to tool up and print more to replace them.

The US notes were not changed in name so much as bundled into a larger catagory of currencies called US currency notes. If you are into this look at the surrounding statutes to get the full picture. Browse through §§5114-5119.


David Merrill.