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Redeemed Lawful Money

Hi everybody!

I have been teaching people how to abolish the Fed the way Congress has intended all along, since 1913.

"They shall be redeemed in lawful money on demand..."

Suppose that pronoun is "People". Not just the Federal Reserve notes from two sentences before.

Watch this video:


There are many examples like this one!



David Merrill.

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Was looking at this link...


Basically, this poor misquided sap was making the wrong demand of the bankers, and they didn't bother to correct him. They just shot him down, and didn't set him on the right path to redemption. He couldn't redeem his $50 FRN for Gold/Silver, because we're still operating under "emergency" bankruptcy status, but most certainly could've redeemed his $50 FRN for $50 in lawful U.S. currency notes.

It's interesting to look at the documentation with a fresh perspective.

Try to copy and paste the

Try to copy and paste the link into your browser, rather than to just click.

Or maybe:


Mr. Merrill has posted some truly mind-bending stuff here.

I suggest the rest of the DP take notice. This could very well be the skeleton key that unlocks the entire matrix.


This snippet features a character named the Merovingian - a French son of Jesus CHRIST, usurping the throne in arrogance from the character Himself:


This Bill of Exchange is written in that name - Jesus Christ of Nazareth and it came to 30-Day Judgment on September 11, 2001:


The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.

Golden Rectangle Mathematics

This prior video will help you get it more thoroughly. However keep it in mind that this is tailored for a private brain trust of suitors - 'saving to suitors' clause. The 1789 clause is for diversity of citizenship - by endorsing a paycheck you recognize the Fed as government. So the diversity is whether or not you are in contract with the Fed, or you allow the obligation to perform to fall solely on the US government in the signatures of the Secretary and US Treasurer on the dollar bills:


I suggest therefore that you keep this 1984 Article up in a separate Window:


The Article is oriented around US notes and coins, also keep the 1984 context in mind while watching the video:


Here is some of the mathematics - UN Charter combinatorial math actually. Please do not let this get distracting from remedy though. I do not believe the Masons can claim it as intellectual property. I have mentioned it several times and it just draws a 'blank stare'.



metropolitan home rule

Being "mind-bending" it is important to connect some dots for you. Otherwise you will reject this as too complicated and maybe even consider it dangerous.

I should:

1) provide more examples
2) explain METRO home rule jurisdiction
3) describe an evidence repository

Not particularly in that order.

Here is a favorite example because it comes from a state tax board and shows contemplation. This suitor had a School Tax Credit tacked on by the NY tax board while it was obvious he was claiming zero taxable income.


I am using that to ease you into more in depth focus about the Golden Rectangle. In the "Eye" of the archetype, notice that we find Municipal Facilities - FACILITIES OPERATIONS:


The other aspect to consider here is that there has been since 1789 a municipal overlay called "districts" (District of Colorado etc.) as enclave and outreach of the city of Washington, District of Columbia.

Absorb that this is manifest in a global village principle and actual principal - New York City. Consider something for example, just one artifact from 1933, the NY Governor became President:


This has developed upon our historical landscape through the Municipal League into a global city called METRO organization. We find it evident in that City of Denver METRO, has no boundaries from City of Moscow METRO, or from City of Chicago METRO etc. It is a global uniformity policy so that with travel and communications becoming instant and global, we can enter into any city in the world and while appreciating different landscape, scenery and culture we know how to behave basically.


David Merrill.

P.S. Here is a crash course about METRO:


With that understood then

With that understood then consider the 'saving to suitors' clause of 1789. When Congress established the municipal magistrate for the US by forming the "districts" as fictional federal overlay upon the States, Congress also had to write in the remedy:


"Saving to suitors, in all cases the right to a common law remedy where the common law is competent to give it, and shall also have exclusive original cognizance of all seizures on land..."

This is the basis of a fluff claim:


Pay particular attention to the example clerk instruction inside the Libel of Review (LoR). If you grasp that Clerk Instuction, then you understand the LoR will be dismissed but the suitor acquires the evidence repository and begins forming the record, becoming that competent common law.

Now look at the receipt in this demonstration Page 8/10:



Every federal judge is a taxpayer and is therefore recused from ruling on tax matters due to conflict of interest. Therefore the federal judiciary is not a place of "competent common law" found in the 'saving to suitors' clause. The judge is automatically removed from the bench by execution of law but the clerk of court may remain, as custodian of the suitor's evidence repository.


There is that Clerk Instruction being applied in an evidence repository.


David Merrill.

Thanks Mr. Merrill, I appreciate the guidance.

I'll work my way through this information one piece at a time. It's a journey of truth and enlightenment. I'm sure there are many questions that will arise, but once one understands the nature of the cage that is erected around them, it is hard not to become angry at those who have envinced the design. It is most surprising to me to learn just how deep this runs, for how long, and how dogged they've been in pursuance of their ends.

Outside the Box

Thank you for being inquisitive. Abolishing the Fed has obviously been a long-time objective of Senator PAUL. Now you have the tools to make it happen, and to support him in his efforts.


Love is the essence of Forgiveness

A lesson from A Course in Miracles:

To have, give all to all.
To have peace, teach peace to learn it.
Be vigilent only to God and His Kingdom.

This has been in the law since the Federal Reserve was created. If you can get over being angry about what you have been doing to yourself, you will arrive to remedy much sooner than later.


This is some pretty heavy stuff.

If we all utilized this method we could effect some truly profound change. I believe this could be an instrumental tool in reestablishing our republic under the constitution. I urge others to read article from www.silverbearcafe.com posted up above.

Replevin of the National Debt

You have got it DebasedCurrency!

Before I was promoting a Libel of Review template I would fashion the remedy any way that was appropriate.


US Bank immediately restored his funds. That was years before I heard about redeeming lawful money. Notice though at the end, I used the failed bill by Ronald Ernest PAUL. A good point to get around here is that without a constitutency, Ron PAUL's hands are tied. His bills to abolish the Fed flop because everybody is signing voluntary endorsement of its private credit. According to law, everybody loves the Fed. Verbal bellyaching is nothing compared to your signature!

Here is the current template:


It undergoes improvements regularly though.

This is how to reduce the national debt, instead of contributing to it.

"The process works like this. Suppose $1000 in Federal Reserve notes are presented for redemption in public money. To raise $1000 in public money the Fed must surrender U.S. Bonds in that amount to the Treasury in exchange for the public money demanded (assuming that the Fed had no public money on hand). In so doing $1000 of the National Debt would be paid off by the Fed and thus canceled. Can you imagine the result if large amounts of Federal Reserve notes were redeemed on a regular, ongoing basis?"

I had to look up what Replevin means.


This particular sentence caught my eye:

"Replevin actions are often filed by secured creditors seeking to take possession of collateral securing loans or other debt instruments, such as retail installment contracts. A common example is where an automobile finance company initiates a replevin action to gain possession of a vehicle, following payment default. Replevin actions are usually employed when the lender cannot find the collateral, or cannot peacefully obtain it through self-help repossession. Replevin actions may also be pursued by true owners of property, e.g., consignors seeking return of consigned property that the party in possession will not relinquish for one reason or another."

If my understanding is correct, then if enough people demand to exchange their FRN's for lawful money(U.S. notes), then they will default on their obligation to exchange because there are indeed not enough U.S. notes to go around. If they default on their obligation, then it will no longer be considered a "voluntary" system, and thus turn from private law to public law, in which it will be deemed unconstitutional, and abolished as historic precendent was set back in the 1890's. In other words, We The People have the ability of rightful remedy to force a closure/stoppage of the IRS, AND the federal reserve system, AND fractional reserve banking!!!

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the implications of this

This is such a grand concept that it hard to grasp. I saved your website to my email for further study.


1)If I used private notes of debt(FRN's) in voluntarily exchange for gold and silver coin, do they actually belong to me in allodial title, or are they, in fact, property of the FED in which I am only the custodian of?

2) And would the correct way to buy gold and silver be(at least, for now), to exchange your FRN's at the local fed branch for lawful money, and then purchase your metals?

1)Allodial title is a

1)Allodial title is a myth/relic of Roman law. Let's call it highest title. You don't own the money, or you could destroy it legally. Look at it this way; money represents obligations to perform. There are three signatures involved when you endorse private credit. The Secretary, US Treasurer and you. If you sign your demand all the obligations revert to the US government/Treasury.

Lots of patriots would squabble, This is a Notice of Lien! Not a Lien!

The Notice of Lien notifies third parties there is a lien against everything you "own" but you used (in part) private credit from the Fed to buy it. So the Treasury had a first lien on the shirt on your back the moment you dischaged the debt with their private credit. There's a cite in the video, remind me the case name and I will link that image.

2)I might teach you that if you stab a combatant opponent in certain places he will die and you will win. But you might get killed trying to find a knife if I have convinced you that you are a martial arts expert. Remedy is between your ears. You have been doing this to yourselves. Walk carefully through these examples and see if anything comes to be true:



From Page 11:

This latest is curious because forgiveness is dated for tomorrow (the bottom page). Like tomorrow is going to be the Day of Forgiveness!


Good point!

The exact question I had in mind too. as i look at my FRN i only see that it is of Legal Tender for all DEBTS public or private. Wouldn't this mean that FRNs Are "Lawful money" due to being a Legal Tender?

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Once you are holding the FRNs

Once you are holding the FRNs in your hand, yes. The question to ask yourself is who is bonding the value? If you endorsed private credit from the Fed then you bond the increase due to fractional lending. If the bank just created money out of thin air that would be counterfeiting.


If you non-endorse the transaction (your paycheck) then the obligations rest solely on the signatures of the US Treasurer and Secretary on the face of the bills.

I stamp my bills only for education purposes. Stamping FRN's does not make them any more lawful money than they already are in the cash form.

Have you ever noticed that when a store refunds your cash they want you to sign for it? That is they want your endorsement that the cash is private credit, not lawful money.



I heard in your video you talk about US notes as oppose to FRNs. what is USN and how can one acquire USNs?

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

$12 FOR A $10 USN

I paid $12 for a $10 US note at the coin shop. I could spend it if I was out of FRNs at the checkout stand but at a $2 loss to me.

no expert here, but

I'm by no means an expert, but I believe that case law has shown that FRNs can be substituted for US Notes.
The issue is how one redeems them.

US Notes have not been issued since the early 70's.
Pure coincidently with Bretton Woods II, surely.

Amendments to Bretton Woods

I don't know about case law showing that US notes can be interchanged with FRNs. I showed the last paragraph from the Treasury though, on page 1.


The Bretton Woods Amendments play an important role in the debasing of the US note, making them par with FRNs.



Note how gold is earmarked to "come back into the System" at $42.22/troy ounce! (Footnotes)


SDR's are a measure of how conditioned a society is to endorsing naked contracts on the backside of the paycheck:


DebasedCurrency explains

DebasedCurrency explains quite plainly what the courts explain in detail:

[US v Rickman; 638 F.2d 182]

In the exercise of that power Congress has declared that Federal Reserve Notes are legal tender and are redeemable in lawful money.


[US v Ware; 608 F.2d 400]

United States notes shall be lawful money, and a legal tender in payment of all debts, public and private, within the United States, except for duties on imports and interest on the public debt.

[USA v. Thomas 319 F.3d 640]

Paper currency, in the form of the Federal Reserve Note, is defined as an “obligation[ ] of the United States” that may be “redeemed in lawful money on demand.” 12 U.S.C. § 411 (2002). These bills are not “money” per se...

No No.

FRN's are legal tender, but not lawful money. I guess you'll have to read/or reread the links above to differentiate the two meanings. The meanings are specified in the video presentation, as well.


good shit man i finally get it, we are all conditioned to Endorse the Fed voluntary when Congress had made it so we can Demand Lawful money in The Federal Reserve act if we don't want to buy into an elastic currency. I CANT BELIEVE this isn't Front page!!!

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?


Im having a little hard time understanding all of this but I like where its going!

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

P.S. This rendition of

P.S. This rendition of non-endorsement is what first caught my eye many years ago:


Are You Lost at C?

The Libel of Review is derived from Are You Lost at C?