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Video:Presidential Candidate Merlin Miller Travels to Iran to Promote Movie 'False Flag'

The presidential race in the US is in high gear with both the Republicans and Democrats holding their high-profile national conventions in recent days.

Last week, it was Mitt Romney and his fellow Republicans in Tampa, Florida and this week, Democrats converged on Charlotte, North Carolina for their get together.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Merlin Miller, US presidential candidate for the American Third Position party, to further talk over the issue


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The comments there say a lot.

The party platform stops just short of being racist.
They seem too focused on white population majority but not truly racist.
They are kind of closet racists maybe.
They claim immigration is the way to keep whites in the majority but I don't think so.
What about births among minorities?
I have no problem with closing borders but I have a huge one with denying liberty to the minorities that are already here.
Not every minority is here illegally.

They are white nationalists.

WNs want all minorities to be deported, or at least segregated with no race mixing. Some of their beliefs do overlap with libertarianism, but only for whites as they do not believe that anyone else should be here at all.
Does Miller actually hold these beliefs? Who knows. But his agreement to represent a platform like this looks pretty damning.

I spoke with a friend of mine who speaks with Mr. Miller ....

I spoke with a friend of mine who speaks with Mr. Miller almost every day. One thing everyone should know about Mr. Miller is he is an American Firster. He loves his Country. I know that he is a graduate of West Point and went to school with General David Howell Petraeus while attending West Point. His daughters are attending West Point now if I am not mistaken.

He agreed to run for President because of his belief that America needed to secure their borders. He agrees with Dr. Paul on almost every issue except immigration. If you have any questions that you would like to be answered by Mr. Miller, I am sure I can have him answer them for you. He is an awesome person who loves his Country.

Ask him why he doesn't like

Ask him why he doesn't like interracial marriage.

That is a fair Question...

I will ask him this question but as far as I know Mr. Miller has never commented on this issue.

Now if you are asking me this question, I would tell you this.

Is it fair for a mother to tattoo her baby at birth? If your answer is no, then I would ask you why not? Why doesn't the parent have the right to do to the child what he or she chooses to do? How dare anyone stand up and say that this child should be given the same opportunity as the parent was given.

Is it a selfish decision by the parent to not give the child every advantage that was given to them. Many on this site would say we are not different, and they "may" be right. But does the child not have a right to be forced into dating a race other than the one his mother and father were? You see, should a white parent decide to have a mixed baby, the child is no longer afforded the opportunity to date a white person. You may say, "sure they are," but the truth is there not. Many young white women are consider tramps if they date outside their race. The same thing applies to black women and men as well.

Who among us has a right to not give their child the same opportunity that they were given? I say no more than a parent has a right to tattoo their baby. Many would say that is a racist way of thinking but those who use that word racist really mean it to say they are anti-white.

It is my opinion black men and women deserve every bit of the respect that a white man or women deserves. But no one has a right to force their child into an inter-racial relationship, I do mean no one. So for that reason alone is enough for me to say that Inter-racial dating should be frowned on.

We have been socially engineered over the past half century to accept this chum-bi-ya approach but the truth is, this is just a tool that is used to take over a society that could have not been taken over any other way.

We need only to look at how white people are now not allowed to be proud of their race, this is not by accident. Now those who would disagree with me have every right to do so but in the words of Charles Barkley, "I many be wrong, but I don't think so."

There's so much stupid in

There's so much stupid in this that it almost hurts to read.

I'll vote for him if he's on

I'll vote for him if he's on the Michigan ballot I can't stand Gary Johnson :/ but if not I do plan to for Gary anyways :/

Thanks for bringing him to my

Thanks for bringing him to my attention. Miller seems to be a straight shooter as opposed to many politicians who avoid certain hard truths. This is the first time I have heard about him and I like him. Will research further and spread word about him as well.

Careful. Take 2 seconds to research this party

from American Third Position Party mission statement:

"White people are already a minority in many cities and counties, along with several states, both large and small. Without constructive political action, within a few decades we will become a minority across the entire country. Enough is enough!

The American Third Position Party believes that government policy in the United States discriminates against white Americans, the majority population, and that white Americans need their own political party to fight this discrimination."


No. No thanks.


It literally only takes 2 seconds to find out that they're racists. I don't understand why everyone on this thread is saying they're going to vote for him.

lol, right?

I have this strange idea that Ron Paul supporters and liberty people are generally more street smart than the average peeps out there.

Sometimes I wonder ...



I'm still not convinced about Gary Johnson...

I hear this guy once and my initial reaction is that I have another option to vote for this november. A solid #2 to a write-in for RP.

Anyways, just an initial reaction. I'll research this guy a bit more before I solidify and decisions

My Political Awakening: I Wanted to Change the World...
I am NOT Anti-America. America is Anti-Me - Lowkey
How to Handle POLICE STATE Encounters

Yes. An intelligent person like Ron Paul

who says it like it is. Wonderful to see others emerging into public view.

Let's keep in mind that Zionists are not the ordinary people of Israel.
Nor are the Israel haters the ordinary people of Iran.
In each case, extremists are leading the hate and the war cries.

This is the first

I have heard of this man or his party. I will def be doing some research. I would expect smears against any threat to the status quo so I will do my own studies.

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain


Yep, need to research this guy.

Have not heard of him as a candidate.


I will gladly vote for this man! Listening to his words is like music to my ears!

This man is a West Point Graduate...

I also will be writing his name in on election day. He is doing some awesome things.

Wow. Really refreshing to hear a presidential candidate

speaking candidly about zionism, the two party duopoly, false flags etc. I like this guy!

You should look into their

You should look into their party's positions. Their most important stance is basically ethnic purity. It's just a political KKK.

Yeah. Did some research and it doesn't look good.

Check out their website.

You should get your facts straight...

Just like Ron Paul was pegged as a racist, so will any other person who is trying to change the status quo. He is not a Klansman nor does he support anything other than liberty and freedom for all. So get your facts straight before you talk about someone who is an honest Patriot.

I'm assuming you didn't look into them.

"Parts of our beautiful country now resemble Third World communities in Latin America, Africa and Asia. White people are already a minority in many cities and counties, along with several states, both large and small. Without constructive political action, within a few decades we will become a minority across the entire country. Enough is enough!" -The second paragraph from their party's mission statement.

"For race & nation" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtAAw4cBevk
The relevant part starts at 2:10, but my favorite line is at 3:05. I won't write that one out, so you can actually look into them for yourself.

Like he says

in this interview, he was [i]recruited[/i] as the party's candidate and even insisted on some revisions to the party's platform. He says the platform is almost exactly that of Ron Paul's, with just a larger emphasis on illegal immigration. So I'm assuming you didn't watch the video, or you have ignored those facts.

I didn't mention him once in

I didn't mention him once in either of my posts, I've only been talking about the party. And there is a huge difference between emphasis on illegal immigration and white superiority. If you're going to hold the GOP accountable for having political platforms that are wrong, I'd suspect you to do the same for all parties.

As Ron Paul himself says, parties don't matter.

I judge the candidates by their own words, and this guy doesn't sound like a racist to me. He seems very liberty-minded. I think voting for him is worth consideration.

A racist party wouldn't

A racist party wouldn't approach someone unless they felt that person shared their values, and a man of good character wouldn't be the spokesman of a racist party. They aren't about individual liberty, they're about white liberty. But if that's what you're into, then go ahead and vote for him.

I won't be voting for him

Even he admits he won't win and wants to bring onto the third party table some things that may be laking in the constitution Party and the Libertarian Party. I agree with him that he may not be racist, but sometimes where there is smoke there is fire. His party may have some roots in racism and maybe even Nazism, just by the insane comments of people to this video lol. In other words as people seeking liberty we should maybe keep somewhat of a distance like I do also with all the other third party guys........No body but Ron Paul still.

You make a good point.

And after looking around their site, I have changed my mind. What a damn shame he threw in his lot with white nationalists. He could have been a good ally for liberty. :(

so do I

I certainly think he is the only real liberty minded candidate that is out there still running.