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anybody can get on one of those committees.

my friend, who had never attended a GOP meeting in his life, was nominated chairman of his precinct the very first day. Why, because nobody else wanted the job everybody else was about 80 years old. Its kind of like the fall of Saigon. The South Vietnamese Army promoted every soldier to general.

And those people who nominated you to the committee they don't respect you they don't listen to you because they know you're Ron Paul Republican.They just want you to do there grunt work

Your friend was lucky

Makes Ron paul's point, we can take the GOP.

In my case, the seats were full, I attended as a guest for a year, those who nominated me know I'm a Ron Paul Republican, the committee may not like it, but none of them wanted Romney either. I volunteer for everything and they are very generous and kind to me and the other Ron paul Republicans, after all we are beciomming a majority because we show up prepared to debate and hold each other to the constitution.

why didn't you vote for Chuck

why didn't you vote for Chuck Baldwin in 08?

One reason

I felt bad that I had abandoned Nader, I didn't work on ballot access and open debates, rather I read as much as I could about Ron Paul, even though I refused to join the GOP.. I was hooked on Ron Paul. So when Ron droped out and hosted the debate between the third party candidates, I thought, "Why not give Nader a final vote?

96, Y2K, 04, 08.

Romney will not overturn

Romney will not overturn 'Obamacare' and Obama will not avoid a war with Iran. They will both do the same thing. There is no difference between the two in spite of all the rhetoric to the contrary. I shall vote for neither. I'm researching GJ right now but haven't made up my mind yet.

One of the things I think a lot of people are

completely overlooking about Obamacare is the employer insurance mandate. Anyone who has over 50 full-time employees HAS to provide insurance for them, otherwise, the penalties are absolutely crippling if any of those uninsured employees tries to get insurance through the exchange or Medicaid. This will kill jobs by the hundreds of thousands and cause millions upon millions to get their hours cut in order to avoid being considered full-time workers.

Why is the overturning of

Why is the overturning of obamacare more important than avoiding war w Iran? The blood thirsty neocons can't wait to get back in control of American foreign policy.romney is their puppet.

You want to avoid a war with Iran?

Contact your representative and Senators and convince them not to place any more sanctions on Iran. Call them and convince them not to provoke Iran to war.

Obamacare will NEVER be repealed if Obama gets reelected. If Romney gets elected he will severely weaken it by executive order and there is a very good chance enough pressure could be put on the Senate to repeal the whole thing.

Foreign Policy won't change. It is not run by the President.

"If Romney gets elected he will severely weaken it by executive order"

The GOP elected Brown Senator from MA to allow for a filibuster of Oboma/RomneyCare.

Just like Brown, Romney will be nothing but another disappointment on this front.

Free includes debt-free!

Do you not remember that it was Scott Brown

that forced Obama to pass the ACA through reconciliation?

I thought Ron Paulers were supposed to be better at history and research than Neocons.

It looks to me that Scott screwed his constituents.

It looks to me that Scott screwed his constituents. I know the hate in the room when I brought up Scott at the county GOP meeting shortly after.


"On January 19, 2010, Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown was elected to the Senate, having campaigned on giving the Republican minority the 41st vote needed to sustain a filibuster, even famously signing autographs as "Scott 41."

The reconciliation achieved nothing but a bad Tax Bill posing as a Health care initiative. Why didn't the GOP stand up and fight? Because they were just as eager as the Democrats to get their hands into the Health Care Industry.

Maybe it will change in the future if we are lucky, but both parties hate us for our freedom.

Free includes debt-free!

What in the world are you talking about?

In the very link you posted it said that every last Republican in the House voted against the bill. Do you even know what reconciliation means in Congress? The Republicans were completely powerless to stop the Senate bill because the Democrats used the reconciliation process which only required a majority vote in both Houses of Congress.

"Why didn't the GOP stand up and fight?" They did stand up and fight. But, there weren't enough of them in Congress to win.

Oh come on. The Senate could have stopped the House.

The Senate wanted the reconciliation. So the passed what we have today.

Is the claim that the House "overrode" the Senate? The Republicans in the Senate allowed Obomacare to pass with nary a whimper. They missed their chance.

Free includes debt-free!

Okay, let's start from the beginning.

The supermajority Democratic House passed its version of the ACA. Then the supermajority Democratic Senate passed its version of the ACA, but, Obama couldn't sign it into law yet because the Senate and House versions which were fairly different in many areas had to be ironed into one bill. The Senate passed its version on Christmas Eve 2009. Scott Brown was elected on January 19, 2010, breaking the filibuster-proof supermajority that the Democrats held in the Senate.

That means the only way Obama could get the healthcare bill passed was to use the reconciliation method, whereby it would take only a majority vote in both Houses of Congress if the House of Representatives scrapped its own bill and voted to adopt the Senate version. The Senate then with a majority vote would pass the House amendments to the bill and the president would sign it into law.

Okay. There were 59 Democrats and Independents that supported government healthcare. There were 41 Republicans. All Obama needed was 51 votes in the Senate to pass the bill through reconciliation. Get it? ALL 41 Republicans voted NO. But, 41 does not equal 51 and that's how many votes were needed to kill the bill. Yes, the Senate wanted reconciliation because the Senate was controlled by DEMOCRATS!!! EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN voted AGAINST the bill. In other words, not a single Republican wanted reconciliation.

"The Republicans in the Senate allowed Obamacare to pass with nary a whimper." You apparently weren't paying any attention at the time. The Senate Republicans did everything they could to convince their Democratic colleagues not to vote for the bill and voted against it themselves.

Do you understand what the reconciliation process means now?

I Can't verify your claims.

I know the official GOP excuse. But it doesn't make sense.


Free includes debt-free!

executive orders have never

executive orders have never been any good and are not Constitutional so you want Romney the socialist to executive order Obama the Communist?

You need to get your head around the idea that we have ONE

political party dominant - and it doesn't matter whether Romney or Obama is elected. EVERYTHING will stay the same.

Platforms mean NOTHING so don't even think about them. Campaign promises mean nothing because candidates are held unaccountable.

Obama and Romney both want to occupy 1600 Pennsyvania Avenue, but neither of them will be in charge. Both will simply be puppets to the real people in charge - so a vote for either is a vote to maintain our two headed one party system.

And I can't do that.

I have three viable choices #1. Write in Ron Paul (I happen to live in a state where it might be counted). #2. Vote for Gary Johnson. #3. Not vote.

But I will NEVER vote for either head of the one party we have been forced to be ruled by.

not voting does nothing to

not voting does nothing to send a message. You must vote.

"You must vote"?? Voting for one of the two heads of the War

party only furthers the War Party.

If you don't vote third party (second party really) then you are part of the problem and not the solution.

Better not to vote than to vote either for Romney or Obama.

Prove to me my vote will be counted.

Prove to me my vote will be properly counted.

The voting market is manipulated, has been for 100 years or more.

Free includes debt-free!

Rmoney will only do what is

Rmoney will only do what is necessary to help himself or his investors....thats what his sole life mission has been.

Vote how you want. Im writing in Paul.

Dont let the door hit you on the way out.

guaranteed war with iran

versus 80% chance of war with iran.

That's the choice. This is just conjecture but imho had libya happened under a romney administration there would still be thousands of us troops on the ground getting shot at and blown up. It'll be the same in Iran and Syria.

btw you realise who was the first to implement obamacare, don't you?

Personally I love Obamacare

Not that another solution is not possible but I have a preexisting condition.. Without Obamacare I would be unable to buy Health insurance.. so its important to me. So I am voting Obama.. Yes I am not happy but I want this one thing. causes well I don't want to not have insurance.

absolute stupidity...

absolute stupidity...

Sorry about your condition.....

however, this country did not need a 2000 page piece of legislative garbage to help people like you obtain health insurance.

Do what you want, but I think you are making a huge mistake by rewarding Obama for his tyranny.

We should have opened up interstate competition and given the private market incentives to offer insurance to those with pre-existing conditions.

Be well, but please reconsider your support for Obamacare/

We can do better!

This is hy I could never vote for Romney.. EVER


Ryan kept saying that Obama caused the debt, but 95% of the Debt since 2001 comes from programs Ryan voted for.

In 2001, we had a $235 billion Surplus. Bush's last budget presented congress had a $1.2-trillion deficit. Here's where it came from:

Paul Ryan voted for 65 bills that added Read More... The bills increased spending or decreased revenue because the programs weren't paid for by cuts in spending or increased revenue.

A. Bush Tax Cuts = $2.163 trillion
B. 2008 Stimulus = $148.000 billion
C. Medicare Part-D = $262.000 billion
D. TARP = $189.000 billion
E. New Defense Spending = $1.468 trillion
F. New Discretionary Spending = $480.000 billion
G. New Misc. Spending = $196.000 billion

2001 to 2008 Costs = $5.000 trillion
2009 to 2012 Costs = $4.906 trillion

Total Ryan Spending = $9.906 trillion

Debt Increases since 2001 = $10.430 trillion

Percent of Ryan's Programs Contributing to Debt = 95.0%

Bills in chronological order:

HR-1836, HR-2213, HR-2926, HR-2217, HR-2904, HR-2590, HR-2311, HR-2620, HR-3210, HR-2299, HR-10, HR-2506, HR-3061, HR-3338, S-1762, HR-3090, HR-2646, HR-3009, HR-5010, S-23, H-J-RES-2, HR-1559, HR-2185, HR-2, HR-2658, HR-2555, HR-3289, HR-2559, HR-1588, HR-2754, HR-1, HR-4613, HR-1308, HR-4520, HR-4837, HR-1268, HR-6, HR-3045, HR-3, HR-3669, HR-3768, HR-4133, HR-4440, S-1932, HR-2683, HR-4297, HR-4939, HR-4, HR-5631, HR-6111, HR-6407, HR-2206, HR-3222, HR-3996, HR-5140, HR-2642, HR-2642, HR-6331, HR-1424, HR-6867, HR-2346, HR-3326, HR-4853, HR-1363, HR-1473.

what does bush tax cuts have

what does bush tax cuts have to do with anything.. the only thing bad about a tax cut is that it didn't cut taxes to 0....

Vote Romney or not, does not matter

but what does matter is voting for a GOP house and senate. If obama is reelected, he CANNOT have a Democratic-socialist congress at his beck and call. I live in Ohio, and I am currently planning on voting Johnson, but because of the nature and importance of Ohio, I'm still open to Romney if he would actually start being specific.

Obama care?

That's what your priority is? Romney care will be no better. Gary Johnson 2012

I will not vote for evil.

Lesser or greater, I will not vote for evil. When you cast your vote for Romney (or Obama) and we go kill innocent Iranians, you will have blood on your hands. I refuse.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine