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Unite the party! Against Rule 16.

This is where I think we should go. Rand Paul is it seems trying to inject liberty ideas into the top, I'm sure some are keen to neutralize us and him...

Naturally we aught be cautious of the establishment and those close with them.

They are trying to unite the party under them But I feel they cannot. For the same reason central governments cannot mould a society, the people are the party no the establishment. We need to Remind them that they are not the party its supporters are.

I think we need to win average republicans over to fix the GOP and get the to work with us against the corruption let the elites own actions be the establishments undoing. We must reveal the GOP corruption, the wrenching of control away from the grass roots to average republicans.

It aught be like Doug Wead said The insiders verses the outsiders not right v left or rich v poor ect.

I'm going to focus on this, I'm from the UK so I need help who's with me?

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