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US Arms Sales TRIPLE. Arms Headed to Gulf States

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Okay, so now we know WHERE to buy stocks, and of WHAT ...

Okay, so now we know WHERE to buy stocks, and of WHAT ...

... if we can obliterate our own conscience.


I'll pass.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

America is fighting for peace! ( A bigger piece of the pie ).

We should rename the Dept. of Defense to what it really is: the Department of Continuous Warfare and Conquest of Third World Nations.

Excellent thread, thanks for sharing the video.

Foreign aid is used to buy

Foreign aid is used to buy weapons. This connection is not mentioned when either subject is addressed.

great point. Foreign aid is

great point. Foreign aid is how these militant groups around the world are able to arm themselves to the teeth.

Ben Swann touched on this in his most recent video on Libya / blowback and the connection to saudi foreign aid.

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So the UN and government want to DISARM American

citizens, but provides arms for everyone else in the world??? What incredible BS and hypocrisy.
I just passed my Canadian Fire Arms Safety Course. Now I can own rifles and shotguns. Plan to buy them soon. I live in the country. With another brief course I can own handguns. Interesting that the people taking the course were all women.

Hmmmm. Wonder why? Women and guns on the increase.

I am glad to be trained and glad of some regulations about gun ownership. In Canada the regulating process is not abused by government.

Regulations and training; YES.
But I sure as hell do not want to give up my guns because of some UN Gun Ban Treaty! while they are busy arming the terrorists of the world!

Here in Texas some students are attempting to be allowed........ carry handguns on college campus. The students that began the initiative are women that have already survived rape or physical assault. Needless to say these young women face an uphill battle against the liberal mindset found in most institutions of higher learning.

Thanks for you insight to the Canadian outlook on gun ownership.

Here is an interesting idea.

The firearm safety course instructor recommended carrying a can of Raid Hornet Spray for self defense. It shoots about 20 feet and creates a huge cloud of noxious gas around the object it is aimed at. He recommends it for women to carry in the car or with them in risky areas, such as college campus parking lots at night. Aim for the eyes. I would definitely want a hand gun if I had been assaulted!

I still also like the idea of having a rifle and gun where I live, and Raid Hornet Spray as well. Works on bears or wolves. They are not likely to return for a second visit.

Isn't the point of

Isn't the point of right-libertarianism to have less regulation and not to force anything on people (like training)?

Support Rand, Amash & other liberty candidates? Check out:

I know what you are saying.

For myself I am glad of the training; a 12 hour course with written and practical exam. The training and regulation is more along the lines of the Swiss government, which Ron Paul approves of. I can also own a handgun, but no semi-automatic that fires more than 5 shots at a time. Military weapons are prohibited.

It works in Canada. There are heavy fines and penalties for unsafe handling of a firearm; even imprisonment. You cannot buy or own a gun if you do not have a certificate saying you took the training and passed the safety test.

I guess it is similar to the need for training and a test before you can get a driver's license and drive a car.

BUT if any government or UN tries to disarm the people of the world, it will not happen. No one will cooperate with the UN arming terrorist of the world while disarming the people of the world. NO way.

I think Ron Paul supports

I think Ron Paul supports Switzerland more for it's rejection of the EU, NATO and the UN (until 2002), it's non-interventionist foreign policy and the link between gold and the Swiss Franc.

Ron Paul is clearly opposed to any draft or mandatory military service system.

A lot of libertarians oppose the driving license too.

Support Rand, Amash & other liberty candidates? Check out:

Perhaps a driver TRAINING certificate

would be more appropriate than a driver's license?

I think you need some training before you being allowed to drive a car or handle a firearm, or do other potentially dangerous things. There should be proof of that training before you can buy a car or drive it.

All things in moderation. There is a difference between being TRAINED in safe handling as opposed to REGULATION. We ARE regulated to death and like you I would hate to see that bureaucracy and authority increase!

I am not giving up my guns and all the people who live in isolation around me would not give up their guns. Where I live every woman is trained in gun safety and also armed. By the way Canada gave up on the gun registration! It's gone. Too expensive. Too much trouble.

Like Ron Paul I am absolutely opposed to any draft or military service. WARS are not necessary and are only for political gain. That is all they ever were; power and control for the governing rulers.

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Your basic point is a good one --

arming authoritarins and disarming peaceable citizens is max. hypocrisy and elite manipulation; but regulation of citizens by any government is a dangerous slippery slope.


"regulation of citizens by any government is a dangerous slippery slope."

But we are regulated in having to be licensed to drive a car and are regulated in paying taxes to name a few. I get sick of the regulations too!

The 2nd amendment is touchy and I agree that it should not be taken from Americans. Nor do I want to give up MY RIGHT to bear arms! Most people are responsible citizens. It is the unstable and criminals that are the problem. And they are all over the world!

In regard to the the rifle and hand gun I am buying, for me I am glad to have been taught how to use it safely, for my own sake and everyone else around me. I regard the license to own the gun like my license to drive a car, for safety sake.


But that is Canada....Still happy to supporters around the world