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More hard evidence of fraud? Huge disparity of Paul votes vs. delegate votes in Lake County, IL - 2008 & 2012

This should really be looked at very carefully. The percentages do not make sense, unless there was rampant fraud.

For the presidential primaries, 2012, Illinois, when carefully charted, showed the greatest evidence of mass rigging of any state. Regardless, fraud and corruption in the vote count in Cook County, for instance, is extensively established.

There is glaring proof of widespread election rigging against Dr. Paul in both 2008 and 2012. This should be no surprise, since the caucuses and national convention were rigged.

This fraud is revealed through the analysis of the candidates versus delegates votes.

There can be no logical explanation why Dr. Paul is the primary victim of the discrepancy, along with another “non-favorite,” Newt Gingrich in 2012. In 2008 there was great angst against Ron Paul and so the analysis shows that he was he alone was the key victim of the rigging.

In 2012 Romney was exempted from this anomaly, as was to a lesser degree Santorum. In other words, Romney and Santorum did not suffer a decline in the popular vote as compared to the delegates. In 2008, however, the main beneficiary was regime favorite McCain, while Paul was, again, hit hard.

Regarding 2008 Dr. Paul scored 3800 times worse than McCain in the percentage ratio of candidate votes to delegates for national delegates, while scoring an incredible 18,400 times worse for alternates. In 2012, where Romney was the regime darling Paul scored 5300 and 5800 times worse for delegates and alternatives, respectively.

These numbers are calculated by dividing McCain’s and Romney’s percentages in each of these years into Paul’s. In 2012 Gingrich was hit even harder than Dr. Paul, scoring a percentage difference of 8700 and 8200 for delegates and alternates.

This shows that there is no possibility that this anomaly could occur randomly. It had to be the result of rigging or, possibly, incompetence in the method of electronic counting or the nature of the ballot, as it is read by the machine.

Yet, only a naive person would believe it was accidental, since in both election cycles the regime enemy was stricken hard, while the favorites were exempted.

The Lake County Board of Elections is being contacted and asked to account for this. They must be asked, “Why is in two election cycles in a row only Ron Paul the victim of this versus the two favorite candidates, McCain and Romney? Are Ron Paul’s voters alone the only ones who will vote for delegates, while neglected to vote for the candidate?”

All Ron Paul voters know this is an impossibility. After all, which campaign alone actually had a strategy, specifically a delegate strategy both in 2008 and 2012? It was only the RP people who did so.

Here are the key questions to ask all Illinois Ron Paul voters. How many of you voted in 2008 and 2012 for Dr. Paul? How many of you also voted for his delegates in those years? How many of you didn’t know about delegates and thus only voted for the candidate?

This is a call to action for anyone in Illinois who wishes to fight the vote rigging. This is through confirming the votes through telemarketing and precinct walking. Anyone who wants to do so or who wishes to discuss this effort please send a PM stating to this fact.

It will take work. However, the data shows fraud in both the total vote count for Dr. Paul in a wide range of precincts. That should be easy to confirm by calling and walking precincts.

Read more (includes data compiled in Excell spread sheets):


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