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Maryland Installs Cameras to Watch other Cameras

Maryland has had such a bad problem with people destroying or vandalizing traffic cameras they are now installing new cameras to other cameras.

I believe our country is well on its way to becoming the heaviest surveillance country in the world. With the recent Trapwire leak by anonymous, the new FBI Facial reconition system, and many other developments the average American is left clueless to these developments.

I also believe a reason whistleblowers such as Assange will not be allowed to exist anymore is because the average american refuses to hear the whistle blowing. They are kept too comfortable in their day to day lives.


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I still think we need to have

I still think we need to have cameras placed in the offices of our government employees, like politicians, city halls, judges, police officers, just about anyone that works for government needs a camera in their offices, hallways, parking lots, courtrooms...all with web cams so we, their employers, can keep a good eye on them.

I like your thinking, let

I like your thinking, let them know how it feels on the flipside :)

All government knows how to

All government knows how to do is more of the same. The thought that the public hates these cameras and getting rid of them is not a possibility in their minds, they think they just need more... Just another outline of the fallacy of government

Soon law enforcement will be assigned

to watch the surveillance cameras guarding the traffic cameras, but since there are individuals within law enforcement who are less than honest, they'll need to hire others in law enforcement to keep tabs on the camera watchers. No problem. I'm sure the Maryland taxpayers have nothing better to spend their money on.

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So who is watching the camera

So who is watching the camera that is watching the camera? Wont the people vandilizing these now just wear masks?

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LOL you beat me to it.

I was coming here to say that exact thing.

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All the evil camera killers have to do is destroy the camera that is watching the other camera's first. These camera's can't go on perpetually. LOL

Great, soon we will have a one giant camera

Circle J__K.

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And then it will be a

And then it will be a threesome! A camera, watching the camera who watches the camera!

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Traffic Cameras

Honestly my first thought is as a small business owner it is outrageous that cities like my hometown of Murfreesboro, TN spend ~100k per traffic camera for these traffic tickets.

Then my second thought comes in to remind me that these cameras, at least in my hometown for example, are not even paid for by taxpayers. The company selling the setup struck a deal with towns like my own and paid the expense in exchange for a very large percentage of the proceeds. This is even more outrageous for a private company to be capitalizing on petty crimes. But hell, I guess they've already fully capitilized on other crimes so it only makes sense.

What do you mean, "crimes"?

What do you mean, "crimes"? Where is the victim?

Glad to hear from you again. I just wrote on this subject today.

Saw you were signed in at our inn. Thought I would leave this note for you at the front desk. Hope you get it.

I agree with you comment. Usually do. Regards,

Giving up victim-less crimes will eliminate crimes.

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