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Ed and Ethan 2X06 September 16, 2012


The Voice of Liberty in Canada!

Canada has cut diplomatic ties with Iran. The Middle Eastern country may be known to have a dismal human rights record, but Canada's move appears to have come at a peculiar time. Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird calls Iran "the most significant threat to global peace and security." Is this a pretext to war or even a declaration of war?

A Winnipeg father has pled guilty to unimaginable sexual abuses of his two daughters. Our hosts struggle with the morality of dealing with this sort of criminal and attempt to balance strong personal emotions with a sense of technical justice.

Toronto makes a move to license cyclists. What is the rationale behind slapping license plates on bikes? Does this in any way protect the public from anything or is this just more red tape for people out getting a good day of exercise.

Ed and Ethan chat with Robert Kurzban, associate professor with the University of Pennsylvania's department of psychology, about a study he recently co-authored, which challenges common ideas about how human beings choose a mating strategy and how morality may be a result of that strategy rather than a cause of it.

To end things off, Ed gives us all an Ed-ucation on immigration and the bureaucracy that lords over the act of moving around in Canada. Is it moral and just to tell immigrants to Canada where it is that they can or can not live?

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