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If we are all considered Banks of the Federal Reserve...

Why can’t we set up our own corporation called the Federal Gold Reserve. We can offer membership to our corporation which makes each member an employee of the Federal Gold Reserve. When entering the corporation we transfer assets to the corporation and become legal managers of those assets transferred by proxy. Basically the corporation gives you legal proxy for those assets. On our certificates we specify that our notes are only for barter of proxy-assets or services with employees of the Federal Gold Reserve corporation. For each note printed we allocate a set amount of gold to be given on demand. In the Federal Gold Reserve corporation we allow for the transfer of proxy-assets (like the home you live in and manage) by way of transferring an amount of our certificates to other employees, in effect giving that employee the legal authority of that asset of the Federal Gold Reserve.

This is not “money” but a certificate of deposited gold in the corporation and only those who wish to enter into our contract can use our certificates to barter for assets and services that others who are employees of the Federal Gold Reserve are proxy of.

So basically all our assets would technically be owned by the Federal Gold Reserve corporation and with our certificates we can transfer the proxy management of those assets. Our services rendered for other employee are actually just a transfer of certificates within the corporation for a service within a company.

Say you need graphic design services for your business which is actually owned by the FGR and you are the manager or proxy of said business. You can transfer the corporate gold certificates to another employee (a graphic designer who is an employee of the FGR) for services rendered.

Our corporation would be non-profit and as such does not require us to make any “money” and since the corporation does not actually make any money it could only be taxed by the government on assets of the corporation not individual members.

In fact our assets do not even have to be owned in the U.S. but our proxies have legal authority to manage corporate assets. You don’t have to be a citizen of the U.S. either, we accept any human being to become an employee of the FGR.

We could set up BYLAWS for Federal Gold Reserve corporation based on the Constitution of the United States of America.

I’m not a legal scholar or economist. But it seems to me that as a corporation you can legally set up a certificate system for employees of your corporation and your own BYLAWS that govern the employees of said corporation.

This is really only a intellectual exercise and I’d love to know what you guys think of this idea. Let me know why it could work or why it has no chance in hell. Just trying to think outside the box.

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