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Email complaint sent to FCC re: Fox News Channel/News Corp's editing of Ron Paul in re-aired broadcast of the debate

To whom it may concern,

News Corporation, which owns Fox News Channel, had opted to edit the entire segment with moderator Carl Cameron asking Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul the viability of his electability and Dr Paul's answer, in the South Carolina debate aired live on January 10th, in its re-broadcast.

Please investigate that the deliberate editing to remove the electability question and answer in order to minimize News Corporation's embarrassment and also minimize Paul's participatory role in the debate, violate the guideline regarding the fair and even-handed political forum as televised. It is not fair for the viewing public to view the re-broadcast which exclude the session to form their opinion based on the edited version of the re-aired political forum.

The deliberate editing of the segment of the televised forum in re-broadcast indicate the biased agenda on the behalf of its owner and the board of directors with their interest at stake to favor the preferred candidate while excluding the candidate they dislike the most due to varying political views.

Thank you for your attention.

[name & residence redacted]

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Stop the rumor

This appears to be a hoax. No one has been able to provide a video of the re-aired broadcast where this happens. Some people on here have said they viewed the re-broadcast and it was not edited out. Until it's proven that it was edited out, I don't think it would be wise to subscribe to the mob mentality and keep perpetuating this.