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Best reason NOT to vote for Romney.

Netanyahu is making noise right now designed to upset Obama's bid for the Presidency.

Netanyahu knows that Romney will be much more cooperative, than the already EXTREMELY cooperatine Obama has been.

We don't need to be doing any more of Israel's bidding.

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romney is making mccain's 08 campaign look good


Netanyahu is a honey badger...

...he really doesn't give a shiit about any Administration unless to leave him the hell alone and let him handle his own country.


I thought this might have been a poll, lol. Since they 'issued' us Romney, they either 'want' Romney, or want Obama reelected....Place your bets!

I think the media is backing

I think the media is backing whomever starts to slip in the polls. There is a lot of money to be made by the MSM if the race is close.

I think the media is backing Romney...

CNN had a special last night back to back Romney Revealed, and Obama Revealed, the episodes were 90 minute specials each I think. They showed Romney in a really favorable light, and kind of tore Obama a new one bigtime in my opinion. Coming form the propaganda left CNN I couldn't believe it... It looked like they were proping up Romney while highlighting Obamas mistakes as POTUS. Unreal, did any of you see these tv specials?