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Liberty Party

Lee Iacocca said "Lead, follow or get out of the way".

Andrew Johnson - War Party
Millard Fillmore, Zachary Taylor, William Harrison, John Tyler - Whig Party
John Adams - Federalist

^ All were presidents of the United States.

Ever since Grant (R), we have been playing volley ball with D and R. And things have been on decline ever since.

Considering everything that has happened leading to Tampa, and the rule changes that set us further back until at least 2020 (rules go into affect 2016), should we discuss and potentially prepare for running a candidate "full force" in a new party, potentially one named The Liberty Party?

Preparation for any run should begin now. Not in two years or four.

We have the power of the r3VOLution. We know that our numbers have grown since 2008, and continue to do so now. It will take work. But at least we will not be stifled by the gop/rnc. Ron Paul himself stated that neither party is his. I take this as a well-informed queue.

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With the numbers that we have in the r3volution, I believe in my heart that this can be done.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

No need to wait

I've already joined the Liberty Party. Howbout this remain a non-organization with no membership info recorded. As soon as the Liberty Party becomes an institution with lists of names to sell to the NSA, CIA moles, FBI moles, Delphi technique control, judas goat infiltrators, media co-opting and false-branding, all the corruption that comes automatically with being an "organization"... then it becomes that which it opposes...

Join the Liberty Party today

It would be easier now

than at any time in history.

Right Now

Nationwide, Independants have the most people registered to vote. Dems are second and Republicans third (and on the decline every year). If anybody has the know how to organize this movemment around a new Party, I would coonsider calling it the Independence or Independant Party since many voters would autommatically assume they were already a member of it!


Quit twisting Ron Paul's words. He said the Republican party is not MY party, in that he doesn'e OWN the party, the party is owned by the people, Fiscal Conservatives, Religious Right, Tea Partiers, Palin Earthquakers, and Ron Paul rEVOLutionaries.

It's My Party

And I'll cry if I want to.

Well if you want to get that technical I can edit the thread.

05:00 minutes:


Win or lose, your guy romney is an utter failure. Fact. So is obama. But then, they are both the same. Another fact.


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Actually your guy Obama is the failure

The RNC is going to pay damages to the GOP for Romney's nomination because we are going to be holding them to the Constitution.. The GOP has had enough. While your party LOVES to blame, lie, cheat, coerce, threaten force, manipulate,... it's a shame what your party did to Obama. You don't even respect the man the people elected, instead you turn him into a chump for the Neoliberal agenda. SHAME ON YOU, that's why people are leaving the Democratic Party in droves, voter registration is flat, while we gain, and why you're so worried about Ron Paul Republicans.

The parties are not the same. The GOP has Ron Paul Republicans, the Democratic Party has NO ONE holding Obama to the constitution. Obama got played by his own party, where Romney is a gamer, but the GOP saw the RNC and enough is enough.. the GOP is changing THANK YOU RON PAUL!

I have been using some division terminology with the party.

Dr. Paul, and us, the Ron Paul Republicans, and anyone else who has seen the light, are the American Republicans. Those in the party who are still zombie-ing in the dark, are the GOP Soviets.

I just talked to another committee person yesterday. I don't think he caught on yet when I kept referring to his views, and his party talk, as GOP, and when I speak the Liberty perspective, I refer to it as Republican.

The party is fun ...

Whoa, Granger!

Your feathers are ruffled!

"The parties are not the same"

Actually, I am with Ron Paul. I don't like either party either. Both are Keynesian. Both are to blame. Both are corrupt. Neither uphold the Constitution. And neither can be fixed (well, maybe 'theoretically' one of them can).

Thus this thread :-)

And you didn't even bother to vote it up :-(

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Ron Paul is a Republican

I'm sure if Ron Paul did not like the GOP he would leave. He won't.

I don't bother to vote up or down on 99% of the threads.. about the only time I vote is UP to posts I don't respond directed at me, and posts I really like.

That's where he started

He got smart. Why don't you?

Ah,... the Genius speaks

Ah,... the Genius speaks again, Granger the Romney banger, hows the GOP treating you?

Ron Paul: "Libertarianism is the enemy of all racism"

he states Libertarianism and repeatedly states "We" showing he considers him self a Libertarian this is in 2008

Ron Paul on His 1988 Libertarian Party Presidential Run

GOP is treating me much better since the RNC

My chair said the RNC was WRONG with what they did to Ron Paul and the deklegates. He seems very dissappointed, upset and embarrassed about it. Could be that he is concerned for his own seat with all the Tea Party, Palin Earthquakers and Ron Paul seats who now oitnumber the Neocons who don't bother to show up.


perhaps to avoid confusion we could start the Classical party

for Classical American conservatives and liberals with a clear distinction between us and the Koch brand "libertarianism" represented by such as Paul Ryan and GJ

I'm in

I'd love to see an organized serious 3rd party rise up. I wonder if liberty party would be to close to lib party.

Not really sure.

I will admit that I am a little moist behind the ears as far as these things go. But if we in the r3VOLution take the bull by the horns and start it from scratch, we could do it our way and invite all other Liberty minded people in. Crashing parties is fun, but hosting your own is usually a better option. It'd be kinda hard to kick ourselves out, and we would set the rules :-)

It's been done before with far less. As big as the r3VOLution is I don't see why it couldn't happen. As I eluded to in this thread, I don't see options for 2016 otherwise. They got things locked tight at least until 2020, and I would imagine it will just get worse.

Could you give it a vote up for more exposure?

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul