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Check out this .pdf of all the sanctions we have on Iran

We have essentially banned any country and any corporation from doing business with Iran. Sanctions of this magnitude are...like RP has said...a clear act of war.

I just don't understand how we can tell every country and every bank and every corporation what to do? Maybe some people are right...1 world government may already exsist and it's just another illusion I've got to see through.

The .pdf below is 85 pages but boy it's an interesting read.

Notice how there are waviers and exceptions that can be granted by the president when the mood strikes him or if he wants to make some money. Again, if he can make exceptions on a whim...why do all the other countries of the world not grant themselves exceptions? The whole world must be scared of being bombed or having drones shoot stinger missles at them.

Oh the pride of being an Amerikan...ideas so good they have to forced on everyone at gun point!


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How? Because the U.S. IS the Evil Empire

with more guns and firepower than all of the other mean bullies put together.