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What will happen after the collapse?

After the worse of it is over, what will most likely happen? Will we be stuck living in a third world nation the rest of our lives? Will America eventually come back like before, similar to how it did after the Great Depression? Socialism? One world government? What do you all think? Obviously no one can really know, but I would like to hear some thoughts about it from the educated minds of the DP.

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My favorite video that shows how it all plays out


This is part 1/9
Watch them all on YouTube and you will be entertained most deffinatly!

Yay Ron Paul!!!!
Freeeeeeedom calls!!

There's no way to know that since the details depend on the

details of the nature of the collapse and how it all goes down.

There's also no way to know what people will do in response and how far it actually goes before someone steps in to set us on the right path, or if no one steps up and the collapse is total and we simply have to rebuild from scratch.

Collapse Or Not Collapse?

Whether anything extraordinary is about to occur, remains to be seen. What do you think they have in-store for us? Oh, "they" have the authority? We're at "their" mercy? Who are "they", who are "their"?

Consider: Collapse Or Not Collapse?

We have already collapsed in this sense: the "white culture" has essentially become the "black culture", we have become "like" them". The "same" immorality that they have suffered from has become "our immorality".. "drugs, living together, babies out of wedlock, poverty may be coming. Remembering a bit now, "tattoos", "piercings", a strong association with the black culture. Back ally abortions might be thrown into this mix. Voodoo: "rap", unwilling to accept it or not for what it is. Rap weakening and robbing the minds of those unaware, very most likely without their knowledge that anything whatsover is taking place "a weakoning". Mannerisms: dressing, walking, talking like this culture has somewhat become the norm. Much so related to "rap" or hiphop\rap if you prefer. For the record, being square: rock also shares simularities with rap\hiphop\voodoo, the stripping of the mind degree varies a bit.

Probably many many more examples. The "white culture" is now "looking up" to this once "distraught culture" as being superior, as in, actually worshiping, believe it or not, or very much so in appearance. Which, simply and clearly means that "the white culture" has fallen miserably, not able to regonize and deal with the internal enemies because their argument is a very weak argument which they themself cannot come to a justfiably remedy, if its being regonized at all. Scared of being called "A Racist"!

Probably many many more examples. The "white culture" is now "looking up" to this once "distraught culture" as being superior, as in, actually worshiping, believe it or not, or very much so in appearance. Which, simply and clearly means that "the white culture" has fallen miserably, not able to regonize and deal with the internal enemies because their argument is a very weak argument which they themself cannot come to a justfiably remedy, if its being regonized at all. Scared of being called "A Racist"!

Tricky subject to word: Awe, but this goes even higher directed to another culture: "the Israeli\Jewish cuture" as opposed to the Israeli culture alone. They, "the Israeli\Jewish culture" are sepate and not directly one at the same time, but so very close its hard to find a sliver between the two.

A culture war in which the "black culture" is an inheritor of the "Jewish\Israeli culture", their behavior are equal in the morality sense, it appears to at this time.

Not so much religious wars as it is cultural wars that distinguish between the peoples.

Is this racism? All cultures are racist in sense(s), to what degree and at what intellectual level is what varies! Cultures are separated, one wins while another loses.

Oh, you meant a monetary collaspe? Everyone seeks the same pot of gold.

Not to be different : - ).

What you described

is only a part of the moral decay and complacency of all the people (not just one race) which turned them into "sheeple" - the fleecing (collapse) has yet to occur by the power hungry wolves who have become unrestrained.


that must have been a comment for some other thread in some other website!


Comments like that is why it will not be understood.

What the hell?

What the hell?

I Know!

Dang, screwed the writing up, sorry. : -\

I meant

what the hell is the reasoning behind your post and logic?

Drugs, living together, babies out of wedlock, and poverty have never been isolated to any one race.


The psychopaths running things start a WORLD WAR!!!
All is destroyed!
GAIA pukes us up!!!
STARTS ANEW!!!! It's Beautiful!!!!The slime craws out of the pond.
Here We All GO again!!! Over and Over and Over my Friend.
Hug someone today!!!!

I think that's when...

the zombies attack.


Go watch Jericho. I think the writer of this series did a damn good job forecasting your question in many ways.

Im at work

and pulled up my Netflix and am watching it now, thanks.

dont forget to watch Revolution tonight

You're welcome

I can't believe I missed the series on TV, though I did find out it had a bumpy history for getting the production done and it got hurried a bit in the last half of the episodes as a result. I found it fascinating hope you do too.


Its always darkest before the

Its always darkest before the dawn. My guess is the US will fracture into smaller countries or regions. The NWO types might make a play to supposedly unite the world. blah blah. But I think it will fail as the people will be fed up. But who knows what desperate people will believe.

For sure they will try and introduce a "new world currency" to supposedly save us all. Hopefully people will be leery because of the recent currency collapse we just went through. However people are really ignorant for the most part on monetary policy and many will be desperate to make a living so may latch on to whatever the NWO crowd are selling.

Hard to say. Just prepare as best you can and be as self sufficient as you can. Better to die on your feet then live on your knees as the saying goes. Do your best and don't worry about the rest...

End The Fat
70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

Get Prepared!

It's our job

to continue to educate others just as Dr. Paul has educated so many of us.

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Consider Energy

The U.S. is on the road to becoming a net exporter of energy within a decade, likely much sooner. We are far ahead of the rest of the world in technology and infrastructure for producing, transporting, consuming, and exporting.
It's just one factor, which doesn't account for politics, war, and moral fiber, but it is an essential factor in considering what may happen after a "collapse" (I think we will experience some sort of monetary reset rather than collapse).

Undo what Wilson did

How do you

expect to have a monetary reset without a collapse?

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Controlled demolition.

The only real difference is societal response; chaos vs acceptance. I just figure TPTB will intervene prior to an outright collapse for the sake of their own power.

Undo what Wilson did

I don't think

that TPTB can intervene. Having some power isn't the same as having power to do anything. Nobody can completely control the economy, because that means controlling what all people do.

Who has the power to do that? The Fed is currently using every trick in the bag to try and revive the economy. Guess what: it's not working. And it was predicted it wouldn't work long, long ago.

In the broad sense

I agree with Dr. Paul who says he is optimistic about the future of the U.S. in the long term, but believes we will go through a bankruptcy (liquidation of debt) first.

The reason I agree with him is because of the system of government we in the U.S. have. It's the best system on earth. The power actually belongs to the people, should they choose to exercise it.

People literally die to get into the U.S. because of the famed opportunity for life we have. This is not due only to our economic prosperity. Our system really is better. Our economic prosperity did not come inherently from our money, the U.S. dollar. Of course some of it has. We've had some false prosperity. But what I mean is the fundamental design for our prosperity comes from the Constitution. The money we use is just the tool to facilitate it. Right now we're using the wrong money. This will soon be changed as the dollar system implodes.

I'm hopeful we will then be able to adopt more suitable currencies, ones that are more similar to gold in non-inflationary characteristics (and not based on debt). That would mean the sky is the limit for our country as we could have true prosperity.

In the more day to day sense I agree with this quote from truxtonc


"Self sufficiency will be important as well as buying and producing locally. It will be an extinction event for many of the large multinationals as they can't exist without big central governments fiat currency. Local producers, community alliances and the local sheriff departments will become more important as the system reboots."

I also highly recommend people read the blog from Ferfal as was mentioned below. I think we will be slightly different from Argentina, but the overall heightened awareness of environment will be the same IMO:


Ferfal's insights are absolute genius in my opinion. You might want to start here

If someone

is downvoting why not post a reply with what you disagree with? That gives a person a chance to respond.

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Life will go on

There is no way to know exactly what form it will take, but life and society will go on.

For some clues as to what it might be like, you can study societies that have gone through similar collapses (though nothing is exactly the same as what we're going through).

Look at post-WWI Germany. They had a hyperinflation that killed the currency, then they had a false prosperity based on fascism that brought them to WWII. After WWII they became the most prosperous country in Europe. They had many decades of good times. And now they're squandering it, attempting an impossible task in trying to save the Euro.

Look at post WWII Japan. Similar story to Germany. It was a very prosperous nation, a huge middle class, peace, harmony, etc. Now they're squandering it in an attempt to create 'growth.'

If you live in Taiwan, as I have, you'll notice that the currency is called the "New Taiwan Dollar." I've always wondered, but never found out, what happened to the old Taiwan dollar. Most likely destroyed in a hyperinflationary collapse.

Argentina recently went through an economic collapse. What are things like there now? Do you know anyone who lives there, or who has been there? They can give you some clues.

My point in all of this is this: Don't get too worried or stressed about it. A lot of people have an interest in making you scared and full of worry, but that doesn't help much of anything. Stress makes you sick, and worry is interest paid on trouble that hasn't happened yet. These collapses are natural human events, that recur throughout history. They are like winter.

All this being said, just because you shouldn't worry does not mean you shouldn't prepare. There is currently a bifurcation going on in America: The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. It has been going for my entire life, and it continues to get worse. In order to prepare properly, you need financial resources.

But in the PAW (the Post Apocalyptic World), you'll need more than just money. You need your wits, intelligence, and most importantly social capital: i.e. friends, neighbors and family that you can rely on, and who can rely on you.

I hope that is a little helpful. It is a big topic.

He's the man.

Worry is interest paid on trouble that hasn't happened yet.

I like that, great quote Michael

The RP folks will leave the Republican party

since that strategy will have ended.

We will revert to a limited government as per the Articles of Confederation.


The delegates from the 2010 Continental Congress will be our representatives, is that right?

Well ...

Not sure what will happen After the collapse.

But after the staged 'alien invasion' this world will never be the same ...

The slogan press on has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race. No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.

- Calvin Coolidge

A.D. After Disclosure

The staged "alien invasion" will happen just before "disclosure". It is the next "ism" we will be threatened with. AS per Shirley Maclaine.

The best way to know what we will face after the collapse is to

look at what happened in Argentina after their collapse in 2001. I recommend you get a copy of "Surviving the Economic Collapse". It is written by someone who went through the collapse and survived. Here is a link to his blog:

The links on the left side of the page are very informative. For example, click "money" and you will find good, practical information on how much cash to have on hand, what happened to credit cards after the collapse and the role of precious metals in everyday life.

One point of controversy with this book is that in the author's experience, people in Argentina who lived in remote locations were at greater risk for violent assault and torture than people who lived in towns with nearby neighbors. Many preppers take exception to this, and plan to "bug-out" in very remote locations.

Anyway, I highly recommend the book.

Thanks for the recommendation

I'll buy that next month