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Ron Paul Name Game!

Hello everyone, I'd like to say that this is the first time I have ever logged/signed in to this website even though I have been reading DailyPaul.com on a daily basis since March of last year. I had a really great idea just recently in order to promote overall awareness of Ron Paul. I call it, the Ron Paul Name Game! Although I'd like to say first that some people might not like it because of the interaction involved, but it should be fun. So this is what you do; when you are out in public when you feel it is the right time, you say "Ron Paul" to a complete stranger (person). The catch is, you can say "Ron Paul" 1-3 times. You can just walk by and say it (don't stop!) if you want to. f you do get the chance to talk to the person, tell them to do the same. Walk up to someone who looks friendly and say "Ron Paul" 1-3 times. If that person who is saying Ron Paul's name that you just spoke to knows nothing about Ron, they can just walk up to another stranger (person) say his name once and walk away. Kinda like a phantom. People will be like "Did they just say Ron Paul"? and it will psychologically raise awareness of that name. The idea isn't too great but most of you can catch the drift on what I'm saying. Just go out and say his name to people anywhere in public. Just say his name out loud; do what you want. Live voice is the most powerful tool of suggestion. Get creative.