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Doctor Says I Have Tumor- Chemo Only Answer (update)

Hello All,

My husband, Dean, has asked me to post an update on his condition which is progressively getting worse. We've appreciated all the posts and comments in the past and hope that we might get some more of the same.

Dean has told you that he has a tumor above his collarbone and a hole. Since he has last posted, the tumor has become much more prominent and the hole is now nearly four inches wide by at least two inches. It has a thick, blistery lip around it and the walls of the hole, which the doctors call a fistula, have become thicker as the tumor has enlarged. There is a frequent discharge which the oncologist said is plasma. There is also bleeding from time to time which I think comes from the thick flesh of the wall and the blistery lip. Dean wanted me to post a photo, but I couldn’t tell how to attach one. Besides, it’s probably best not to, as the photos are too graphic.

Dean has lost a lot of weight. He lost almost 20 lbs. when we cut refined sugar out of his diet. He stopped having ice-cream shakes and chocolate syrup. We began juicing and added carrot/beet juice to his diet of protein shakes and pureed homemade soups, but his weight has suffered. Then he tried cannabis oil but he didn’t react too well to that. He vomited when he ingested it and lost even more weight and his fistula seemed to bleed more when the oil was applied topically, so he stopped using the oil, which in his mind, was his only hope. He is now at 120 lbs., literally skin and bones. He is very weak and rarely gets out of bed. He seems to have lost his appetite for the soups and vegetable juices. We’re trying to help him regain some weight and energy with high calorie peanut butter/protein shakes and fruit smoothies with B,C,D,E, zinc added. We also just began using pHenomenal , which is supposed to help get rid of the acidity in his body.

The past week has been extremely difficult. He hasn’t vomited, but he is very low in energy. He losses a little blood from the wound on occasion and he has dry heaved earlier in the week. He coughs and has a lot of phlegm. He has had fevers on and off all week, but he refuses to see a doctor, or go to the emergency room with, or without an ambulance. When I spoke to someone at the hospital about a home visit, they said Dean should go to the ER, because he could be septic (infection in the blood) due to the open wound. I’m also fearful that he could have pneumonia. When I tried to talk him into going, he got so stressed out that he began vomiting. His family also tried talking to him, but he refuses to go to the ER because he does not want to be admitted and is afraid they will give him glucose through the IV. But something is definitely going on with those temperatures coming back each day and he won’t be seen by his oncologist or ER. He thinks they can only hurt him. He would consider seeing a wound specialist. Is there such a doctor?

Thanks for reading. Dean says he has you all in his heart and appreciates you all.

Sincerely, Susan

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I can help with

Colloidal and ionic silver for the wound and stop giving him all forms of sugar (carrots , beets, potatoes, grains), as far as losing weight , his body is trying to save itself , you can contact me at propagandamatrix@gmail.com


Video: David Icke - The Illuminati`s ...Toxic Agenda

to Soft Kill & Murder People
Friday, 28 September 2012 09:40


David explains how chemicals put into junk food are designed to cause cancer and how organic fruits and vegetable's of all kinds develop the abilities to fight cancer during the growing process. Also he explains how chemical farming is designed to alter the genetic makeup of fruits and vegetables which takes away their ability to fight cancer. He also explains how chemotherapy is designed to destroy the body's immune system. He speaks about how eugenics or population control works into this plan. He also mentions how government legislative attempts are contributing to the overall attempts to make organic fruits and vegetables inaccessible to the public.

-LibertyG ... 2 Corinthians 2:16-17 "To some we are a scent of death leading to death, but to others, a scent of life leading to life. And who is competent for this? For we are not like the many who make a trade(for profit) but as those with sincerity...

this is what i tell everone, ill or no.....

look at what you are eating.
i don't mean give it a glance either....i mean STARE AT IT.

if you don't understand the ingredient list, then it's probably not for you. easy as that.

i want to first (or second) say how sad it makes me to hear about your husband's problem. this is not lost on me as i have lost many friends and family to cancer and other medical issues that would most likely have not come about if a few things in their lives had been changed.

food is only one.
being happily married and finding peace with work and play is also very crucial - but those are much harder for a third party to question because it sometimes pushes those seeking help away - it is too personal and many do not SEE the connection between health of the body and of the mind.

i'll keep this short. there are many things to be done.

but one that you cannot go wrong with easily is buying ORGANIC apples and downing them, at least one a day. but this requires the seeds as well which as we know has anti cancer properties. G. Edward griffin has an old video called World Without Cancer for free online.

the three part compound laetrile contains cyanide. the poison does not ever become released from the compound until in contact with a cancerous cell. you will die of drinking too much water before you die of eating too many apple seeds.

the apple will help, but it's obviously only meant for maintenance, not for measured healing. apricot pits, and apple seeds can be purchased online in bulk. do not cook them ever. add seed and pit grounds to the prepared food - usually a smoothie or something no hotter than lukewarm. the amount is not known to me, but my mind tells me that between 10 to 15 apricot pits per day is perfect. remember to shell the pits! like cracking a pecan.

we removed basal skin cancer from my wife's arm back in 2007.

no alcohol.
NO SUGAR - as this only invites cancer.
no white flour.
no GMO corn.
no fruits and vegetables save those organic.
no chemically laced cleaning products - bleach, detergent, soap, lotions, sunscreen......all of it.

keep not wishes, not hope, but optimism for the best outcome to this situation as you remain vigilant, flexible, and COMPLETELY proactive.

If u need any THC or CBD extracts I will provide 4 u, gratis!

My heart goes out to you and your loved ones. Keep an open mind. Don't rule out western medicine entirely. If you find that you need any THC or CBD in any form. I will provide this for you @ my expense.You can find my email in my profile. Science be with you!

Aaron Russo, Nikola Tesla, Ron Paul, I'm jus' sayin'

You need a complete protocol

on gary Null's website you can find concentrated Cruciferous stuff loaded with I3C.

Do you have a prognosis? If it is terminal Gary Null will help directly. But have it in writing.

10,000 time better than chemo


Also I3C (indol 3 carbinol From cruciferous vegetables like Broccoli

But contact Gary Null he is the cancer expert. www.garynull.com

GoodSamaritan's picture

Have you considered IP6 ?

Search the Internet for "IP6 anti-cancer" to get more info.

It have several names: IP-6, Phytic Acid, Inositol Hexaphosphate, inositol hexakisphosphate, and others.

I buy it from Puritan's Pride.

Here is a medical pub abstract to get you started if you're interested: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9244360

Here is an article about it: http://www.lewrockwell.com/sardi/sardi39.html

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Chemo only answer

I am a retired Holistic Veterinarian and can tell you alt med does not cure everything. If you do not have a definitive diagnosis then I would recommend you get one. While in the process of getting the diagnosis I would get a copy of the book "Cancer, Step Outside The Box" and start reading the book.Chemo may be your best bet to slow down the tumor and give Alt Med some time to work. Many times using Alt Med with chemo will enhance the effectiveness of Chemo and considerably reduce the side effects. Once you get the diagnosis and with your knowledge from the book you can make a decision as to the course of treatment you wish to follow. Going to the doctor and getting a diagnosis does not mean you must do as they say. They cannot force you to go to the hospital even though they will probably try bullying you into staying. Stay strong and control your own treatment. If chemo is the best option you may wish to find someone who does Insulin Potentiated Therapy and does a chemo sensitivity test before doing chemo. I have experience with the IPT because my wife was treated for CLL with IPT and various other infusions. The IPT did not put her in complete remission so she decided to opt for conventional Chemo and after one treatment she is in remission. Her conventional oncologist is stunned at her response and I am sure she would not have responded as she has without the other therapy first. There are multiple IPT clinics in Reno, Nevada and some around Chicago. Hope this helps and I wish you both the best.

I've just come across

a link about wound healing that you might find useful.

Wound Healing/ Infection - AnnieAppleseedProject.org
Scroll down to see their list of related links.

Temperatures are not always infections.

Babies often run a fever when cutting teeth.

A blood test will confirm blood poisoning.

Loss of mineral in vomitus can be a worry.

Pedilyte(?) might be helpful even essential.

Epsom Salt bath. For magnesium.

Reduce sodium and favor of potassium salts.

Call a vet. It's free. It's a lark!

Free includes debt-free!

I don't want to seem too out there, but Dean may actually be

getting better.

I don't know how long he has been on the new healthy diet, but detoxification after one has been on a poor diet for most of one's life is normal. The body is expelling all the garbage and flushing the system.

Many naturopaths say getting sick first is the way to getting well. He needs plenty of healthy ph 7 or higher water to keep flushing the stuff out of his cells.

Don't take my word for it. Please check this detox thing out for yourself.


Healing reactions hurt.Lots of water and potassium tabs 99mg..

Especially if kidney let's you knows it's there. Ouch. Take a potassium and a cup of water.

You need a positive to carry out the negative toxins. Sodium +1, potassium +1, magnesium is +2.

One negative toxin and one positive potassium are essential to pass the trash through the kidney with the water.

When trace minerals also go and aren't replenished it could allow new immune system problem to occur. If you loss all your tin the old male pattern baldness gene can turn on.

Free includes debt-free!

hemp oil also.

hemp oil also. http://organic-health.us/cancer/cannabis-hemp-oil.shtml

but I am not sure if it is the same as what you get at whole foods.

go here www.apricotpower.com

go here www.apricotpower.com immediately and order it. My friend's Dad was cured of cancer by taking this. It is viatmin B17. Also, for proof our favorite G. Edward griffin who exposes the fed in "The Creature from Jekyll Island" book, and also produces "What in the World are they Spraying" about chemtrails, did a documentary in the 1980's on B17, which comes from apricot kernels. the FDA covered it up! Get that stuff right now!


Please go to the doctor.

See an otheopathic doctor if you do not trust M.D.'s. Osteopath's are trained to utilize natural medicine before any invasive procedures. Please get yourself to a doctor before this gets seriously worse! I don't trust big pharma either, but not all doctors are bad. To be honest, it sounds like he will die otherwise in short order from sepsis and infection otherwise. He probably needs a round of antibiotics now just to treat possible staph infection in the blood. - BTW, my wife is a registered nurse and I was a pre-med major in college. This is not something to screw with, you need to know whether you have a malignent tumor or something more serious.

Peace, Freedom and Prosperity. Not War, Welfare and Bankruptcy.


Just go smoke a whole lot of dope

Then for your heart trouble, snort a bunch of crack.

Fight the Ron Paul blackout on the Daily Paul (now 'P AU L'), put his removed poster back as your avatar:

doesn't deserve a reply but

yes. that would be what many sheeple would do.

Just saw this on dailypaul.

Just saw this on dailypaul. More exciting possible benefits. I wish I had this information years ago when family and friends suffered and passed from the disease.


I'm not clear on the background

or whether a diagnosis has been performed by a specialist, but if not, this should be done asap. Collect as much information about his condition as possible in order to initiate adequate treatments.

As for the weight loss problem, you might achieve positive results with cannabis edibles (rather than just oil). Others have found recipes online and create cookies or brownies. If done properly it can work seeming miracles for appetite and weight gain as well as alleviate physical and psychological distress for a lot of people. About an hour after ingestion the process becomes noticeable and the effects increase gradually until it's strongest manifestation and then gradually decreases, which overall can last 5-8 hrs, easily. Absorbing cannabis into the body this way utilizes different receptors and is much slower paced, even more powerful, than the smoking experience. A common side-effect from ingesting is a fueled hunger to eat and with satisfaction. (Of course, this is not FDA approved)

If you haven't tried this then it may be an option for you to consider, especially in trying to manage his appetite and weight issues. I don't know what your experience with cannabis is but I suggest beginning with smaller doses until becoming accustomed to the process, so as to reduce any anxiety that may be related to a new psychotropic experience.

I hope you find an effective treatment that you feel good about.

From what I've been able to discern thus far, I assume your.....

husband has yet to be definitively diagnosed. Tumors with associated weight-loss are sometimes associated with a malignant tumor, however, not always and in other cases the tumor is beningn. Until your husbamd receives a series of the tests required to make a definitive diagnosis (tests to include MRI Scan and/or CT Scan, blood work, ultrasound and even perhaps biopsy. Please consider ALL of your options when considering viable treatments in all of their possibilities. There are approaches such as: Electricical therapy (Robert Beck, DsC.), Electrical therapy by Raymond Royal Rife, Chelation Therapy using EDTA, Chesium Chloride, Graviola, Japanese mushrooms (cannot recall their name(s), and dozens of other possibilities. Everything mentioned in the aforementioned is a part of an alternative medicinal approach if one were to consider this possible avenue. There are obviously many more choices insofar as possible treatment (if ever needed). One may consider a conventional approach to treat.ing a cerebral tumor whether it be malignant or beningn. May God be with you through any and all challanging times in your and your loved ones lives.

look at www.drrausway.com.

look at www.drrausway.com. He's a biological doctor and really believes that a doctor should 'do no harm.' His results are amazing--not only with cancer. You would have to go there. I don't know a comparable doctor in America, alas.


Whatever else Dean does, have him eat organic.

He is in a battle for his life, he needs every edge. The LAST thing he needs is GMO food or preservatives or additives in his already over-taxed system.
I know people who cured cancer with IV vitamin C and with marijuana. Oh, wait, it was not cured, the FDA would never allow that. It just is so much better they think they are cured. Good luck.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.



Dr Mark Sircus This is affordable

Many thoughts and prayers for

Many thoughts and prayers for you and Dean.

Holistic and natural foods are powerful. However, they work best as a preventative measure. It is possible to cure almost anything with diet alone, but in some cases it just does not work.

In this scenario, it's best to listen to the Docs and let them treat Dean. Let them use chemo and whatever else they can...And once he is cured switch to a diet of only WHOLE foods based entirely upon fruits and vegetables to greatly reduce the possibility of recurrence.

I will keep you both in my prayers.

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reedr3v's picture

There is no guarantee for any protocol.

But the track records of chemo and radiation are dismal. Recurrence of tumors is common with these treatments even when they are at all effective. Only fundamental correction of diet and lifestyle offers significant long term survival rates.

I do agree with expert counsel, but not by those limited to AMA propaganda. Ralph Moss is one of the experts who specializes in consultation on cancer therapies with broad knowledge and long experience in all types of cancers. http://cancerdecisions.com/index.php

my heart goes out to you and

my heart goes out to you and your husband. ive personally never heard of such a tumor and i dont know what i would do in your situation. I can completely sympathize however with flat out denying chemo. having said that, if you have the insurance or means to do so, please seek out whatever doctor you can find that will listen to you and wont just say 'chemo' right off the bat. if hes developing other illnesses because of a weakened immune system that is more in the realm of things i would trust to medical professionals to help treat.

Follow the advice of specialists and your doctors!

Yes they are hampered by the "evil-they" and regulations are blocking "alt-therapies" -- but that does not mean they wish pain, suffering, and death as a business practice or as part of their oath-of-service.

They want him to get better.

The #1 Thing you can Do -- Is give him the space and "energy" to die in dignity (if that is what all the experts are saying will happen) AND to not give him false-hope in Alt-Therapies (don't do that to yourself or to him).

Again -- If the doctors say he has a 20% likelihood chance of survival -- or less -- then make him comfortable, let him know you will be fine, that he is loved, that he has been a good man, that the kids will be fine etc etc.

If he is like a bull wanting to fight, then support that as well -- watch his energy levels; does it look like he wants to surrender (if so then you have to gauge when that outcome is likely or if he needs a kick in the pants).

Also -- Don't do this on your own -- get a "buddy" to go through this with you; you are not made of steel.

Be very leary of the 100 cures on this page, given by people who probably to the one are NOT research scientists (so they cannot vette the work of others).

I am 1000% empathetic -- I went through this with my mother and my wife was close to death last year.

When its right to fight -- fight like hell -- when its right to let go then create a space of peace and contentment.

If he has "fears" of things not getting done or insurance issues after he is gone (try to work these things out in the background to alleviate them as best you can).

In mass medicine, 'death as a

In mass medicine, 'death as a business practice' is the name of the game. And what do you mean by 'don't give him false hope'. Just because you have decided that mainstream medicine is somehow more reliable than mainstream media that does not mean that hope is false. Hope, in children's cancer--where the patient is more open to the power of positive thoughts--is almost a cure in itself. You sound very like the doctors who gave my mother a drip, without quite telling us what was going on, and then sent in a non-denominational minister to dot the i's and cross the t's as part of the death-as-a-business-practice routine. (Trust in them? As in an adder fanged.)


None of you people (with the 100 different cures)

recommended on this page ARE research-scientists #1

None of you are footing his/her bills #2a
---Some of them would require considerable costs #2b

None of those Alt-Therapies listed provide adequate peer review #3

None of the those Alt-Therapies offer up the "failures" #4a
---Only the success and again NOT peer-reviewed #4b

Which one of those 20 to 100 Alt-Therpies LISTED on this Op-Thread are the best ones (given his time and insurance and financial considerations)? #5

I DO NOT sound like the doctors giving your mother a "drip" -- Because I am not a doctor and that is my point.

My mother died from cancer as well -- It all happened too fast to try one of this Alt-Therapies and I would not have been able to convince my Dad nor his doctors to fly her to Mexico or wherever to get B17 or Byrnski therapy -- not in the few short weeks from entering the hospital to getting the diagnosis to bringing her home for hospice.

What I WAS able to do was to make her comfortable, have some last conversations, and pass at home where she wanted to be.

Show me the statistics (peer reviewed) where any of these Alt-Therapies work better than a regular hospital.

Now Alt-Prevention I agree whole-heartedly.

How much money did you send these people -- this is a blog and not even a research-scientific blog -- it's a political blog.

Doing a Youtube search with no idea of costs or timeline and making recommendations based on NO personal understanding in an effort to build hope, when experts say otherwise, is cruel.

The same doctors who could not save my mother in the end were able to extend her life (from sure death) for 4 extra years.

I would have loved to take her to the Byrnski institute, but when she fell ill it all went too fast, there was no time for google searches or un-founded blogger opinion polls.

My mother did not die of

My mother did not die of cancer. She died (assisted) from being 96 dependent on Medicaree and Medicaid.