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Doctor Says I Have Tumor- Chemo Only Answer (update)

Hello All,

My husband, Dean, has asked me to post an update on his condition which is progressively getting worse. We've appreciated all the posts and comments in the past and hope that we might get some more of the same.

Dean has told you that he has a tumor above his collarbone and a hole. Since he has last posted, the tumor has become much more prominent and the hole is now nearly four inches wide by at least two inches. It has a thick, blistery lip around it and the walls of the hole, which the doctors call a fistula, have become thicker as the tumor has enlarged. There is a frequent discharge which the oncologist said is plasma. There is also bleeding from time to time which I think comes from the thick flesh of the wall and the blistery lip. Dean wanted me to post a photo, but I couldn’t tell how to attach one. Besides, it’s probably best not to, as the photos are too graphic.

Dean has lost a lot of weight. He lost almost 20 lbs. when we cut refined sugar out of his diet. He stopped having ice-cream shakes and chocolate syrup. We began juicing and added carrot/beet juice to his diet of protein shakes and pureed homemade soups, but his weight has suffered. Then he tried cannabis oil but he didn’t react too well to that. He vomited when he ingested it and lost even more weight and his fistula seemed to bleed more when the oil was applied topically, so he stopped using the oil, which in his mind, was his only hope. He is now at 120 lbs., literally skin and bones. He is very weak and rarely gets out of bed. He seems to have lost his appetite for the soups and vegetable juices. We’re trying to help him regain some weight and energy with high calorie peanut butter/protein shakes and fruit smoothies with B,C,D,E, zinc added. We also just began using pHenomenal , which is supposed to help get rid of the acidity in his body.

The past week has been extremely difficult. He hasn’t vomited, but he is very low in energy. He losses a little blood from the wound on occasion and he has dry heaved earlier in the week. He coughs and has a lot of phlegm. He has had fevers on and off all week, but he refuses to see a doctor, or go to the emergency room with, or without an ambulance. When I spoke to someone at the hospital about a home visit, they said Dean should go to the ER, because he could be septic (infection in the blood) due to the open wound. I’m also fearful that he could have pneumonia. When I tried to talk him into going, he got so stressed out that he began vomiting. His family also tried talking to him, but he refuses to go to the ER because he does not want to be admitted and is afraid they will give him glucose through the IV. But something is definitely going on with those temperatures coming back each day and he won’t be seen by his oncologist or ER. He thinks they can only hurt him. He would consider seeing a wound specialist. Is there such a doctor?

Thanks for reading. Dean says he has you all in his heart and appreciates you all.

Sincerely, Susan

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The autopsy showed she died from Medicare?

I never heard of that.

reedr3v's picture

Common sense is not necessarily adequate

in a time of corrupt monopolies. Have you watched the Byrzinski movie I linked below? If not do yourself and those you love a great favor by becoming more informed.

Being "informed" and having back up funds to pull

off an emergency trip to the Byrnski institute is great.

Alt-Prevention is great! I was a raw foodist for years.

What I'm talking about is suggesting that someone who is desparate convince a dying loved one to take a 1000 mile miracle journey (or else die) might not be "compassionate advice" UNLESS you start a fund for said person and raise the money to make it happen.

I have a friend who, having plenty of time to search out alt-therapies, took his wife to Mexico for B17 treatments and she goes back every year for a few weeks or months and is in permanent "partial" recovery -- for 17 years!!

But he had the time, her cancer was not that serious -- stage two and worsening, but there was time.

The couple on this thread may or may not have that kind of time.

In some instances, with insurance companies, if you do not follow their protocol they might not cover you in the future for related complications.

The latter was true for my nephew who had cancer -- they told him if he jumped off protocol they would pull coverage.

I do not have an opinion on saving people in the short-run -- it's dangerous to speculate -- I mean which one of the Alt-Therapies on this page should they do?

If the person has weeks or just a month to live sometimes the best thing to do is to make them comfortable and prepare.

The "time" to seek out alt-therapies is before one gets cancer or when it's only in the early phases (non-life threatening) OR after the medical protocols fail and the only fate left is hospice.

Do you know how many people go through Chemo and live now -- same with radiation. They are getting really good at using that tech now.

Like I said -- if there's time to try alt-therapies and if those recommending them created a fund to support the people through it -- then recommend away; but if the "bloggers" are not funding and the time frame is short, maybe not such a good time.

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I agree with most of what you say above,

except our sources differ on the effectiveness of Chemo. I've read far too many horror stories of suffering people made to suffer more before dying. And the long-term survival rates are not good from my research.

But I agree one can't at a late stage just start healthy living and expect a miracle short term. Further into the thread I suggested, not trotting off immediately to one physician or another, but consulting Ralph Moss who has a knowledge of both conventional and alternative therapies for cancer and has been consulting patients facing cancer therapy decisions, for many years.

I'm aware of my own amateur status and would not think of recommending one particular choice. Each patient and situation is distinct. I recommended the Burzynski film only to caution against assuming chemo docs necessarily are purely motivated.

Dr. Burzynsky?

So what is the verdict on Dr. Burzynsky? Is he for real?


This is what Dr.Mercola says

This is what Dr.Mercola says about Burzynski and I agree with it 100%:

"I recently interviewed Dr. Burzynski about his cancer treatment—a gene-targeted approach using non-toxic peptides and amino acids, known as antineoplastons. Here, I will follow up with a review of his recently released documentary, Burzynski, The Movie.

It's an absolute jaw-dropper...

For anyone who has ever been affected by cancer, either directly or indirectly, the facts presented in this film will hit you like a rude slap in the face.

You will learn that not only did the US Federal government spend 14 years actively suppressing a cancer treatment that had a FAR greater success rate than any other treatment available, they also spent well over $60 million of US taxpayer dollars trying to put the inventor of the treatment in jail in order to steal his patents and either suppress or cash in on his discovery.
This film is an absolute MUST-SEE!!!"

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This compelling movie tells the heroic story

of Burzynsky and his patients fighting for health freedom against the horrendously corrupt FDA-AMA-Pharma-complex:

Cannaibis OIL

He need to start putting the oil directly on the tumor and in his system. He should also follow up with dixie Xscrips made from the hemp plant for extra CBD's. I do have a number for you if you e-mail me. In the mean time look up DR. Robert Melamede.

Please look into

Dimethylglycine (DMG)

Here's a starting point, with many studies in the footnotes --


I am using it, along with good diet, to control diabetes - and especially to suppress (diabetes-related) infections, which tend to occur whenever I fall off the diet wagon. However, I recommend researching studies on DMG regarding these topics: immune modulation, increase immune response, anti-tumor properties, prevent metastasis, repair DNA. Just add 'DMG' or 'dimethylglycine' to these phrases to search.

"Dimethyl Glycine (DMG) Research studies have shown that dmg can have a dramatic effect on the immune system. This ability is called immune modulation, which means that this substance can restore or increase the response of the immune system. Russian researchers have claimed that dmg could restore the immune system in persons whose immune system had been destroyed by full body radiation. The substance has been found to be completely safe. Who might benefit from this therapy? • Patients with HIV infection • Persons exposed to radiation poisoning."
- James A. Howenstine, A Physician's Guide to Natural Health Products That Work

Another link that points to studies:

Best bulk pricing I've found:

Topically, the best infection-fighting results I've gotten have been by mixing 1-2 drops tea tree oil per tablespoon of coconut oil. (Avoid applying to any areas that are bleeding.)

Green smoothies with spirulina added (spirulina is alkalizing and contains all essential amino acids).

I'm also a big fan of Youngevity's Tangy Tangerine, as others have recommended.

Sending healing thoughts Dean's way!

Have you tried Sweet-Eze?

Diabetes cannot be cured without chromium and vanadium, proven in animals in 1957. Proven in man in 1964.

Falling off the "diet" is often a sign of mineral cravings. When the body is missing minerals it sends a signal to eat.

Same when blood sugar crashes the body goes into emergency eating mode hoping to raise blood sugars.

The body always wins a struggle for survival.

Have you heard of Dr Richard Bernstein. A Type I diabetic for 50 years started producing insulin again.

He keeps his blood sugars as low as possible. When he strengthened his immune system he started producing insulin again after 50 without.

Btt provides all 60 minerals needed for a healthy immune system.

All 60 minerals are lost in sweat (bad ones like mercury and lead also). High sugar urine carries away minerals to maintain the bodies electrical balance. One negative sugar with one positive mineral is an unbreakable natural law.

My son was diagnosed diabetic in 2006. While I have been researching cures the Doctors have been teaching him that he'll be dead a 60, that he failed to control his diet, or take the meds blah blah blah.

I made the mistake 30 years ago. I didn't see that his vanadium was deficient. I just saw it as ADD and the teachers wanted to send him to the U where they diagnosed it as a Ritalin/desiprmine deficiency. I said No.

Teachers would reward with candies. A vanadium shortage allowed his blood sugars to crash. The body panics and searches wildly for food. It's either that or pass out.

If the body has a regular supply of all essential vitamins and minerals it can make everything it needs.

In Star Trek, Bones gives the lady a pill and she regrows her kidney. I think that it could be true for the pancreas if the Mighty 90 are provided to prevent any shortages for 180 days.

The 60 minerals are the tools our body uses to build replacement parts from vitamins and nutrients.

Iodine makes thyroid and insulin. An Iron makes hemoglobin. A Molybdenum powers every mitochondria. Magnesium is used in 300 known enzymatic reactions. Sodium and Potassium are plugs that cells use to allow water in or out. Copper is needed to turn hair from white to its natural color. Without copper, tendons lose elasticity.

The problem is we lose our tools every day we lose mineral all the time.

We can plan on living by planning on replacing our tools.

I enjoyed spirulina! Maybe I'll have to pick some up again. Always a treat to get some green in the dark winter months.

Very interesting news about DMG. Thanks!

Free includes debt-free!

My grandmother died of cancer

My grandmother died of cancer and related complications on February 16, 2012. Before she even admitted she was sick, she started using various Aloe Vera products. One of them was something called AloeCure. It's not cheap, the company is not easy to work with, but I think the product is good. I don't claim that it will cure anything, but it does seem to be very good for stomach and intestinal problems (nausea and IBS). I wouldn't give it such a review had it not given me some help. Give it a shot or better yet try to find some "generic" form of it which would be undoubtedly cheaper.

"The founders would be ashamed of us for what we're putting up with." Ron Paul

"For the country to get better, it needs more than just politicians. Politicians aren't enough. It needs a resurgence through churches, through revivals, through a spiritual

In Florida - Hippocrates Institute

it's a live in style center, like a resort but they treat everything and have an excellent success rate.

Best of luck to you.

RP R3VOLution

I know this sounds silly

but probably infected, my buddy owns a dairy farm, he just goes to the local MFA store and buys anti-biotics everything from All the cillins to Tetracycline. No prescription needed, it's for cattle, but exactly same manufacturer, strength, size as for humans, same stuff but cheaper, he takes it when needed. Saves money, no doctors visits.

Try Good Alternative Medicine Doctor

Don't know any offhand. Have read several statements that having your body's PH be alkaline inhibits and fights cancer and infection. I would look into it. Check out Dr Mark Starr - thryoid therapist and Dr John McDougall who advocates a high starch diets - they have books on Amazon and have been on Coast to Coast AM.

This is true. Cancer cells

This is true. Cancer cells are known to be weak, damaged cells that cannot survive in an alkaline environment. How to get your PH to alkaline is easy to find out on the web. Lemon is the best for turning acid to alkaline. Watermelon is number 2. Cancer cells also should be starved of nutrients such as protein and sugar.


Ohhh, man,

my heart goes out to you during these painful times. Have you seen this video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-iU9QN0fEM

Try Betadine, Povidone Iodine for wound

Try Betadine, Povidone Iodine for wound healing and then try mixing it with white table sugar. (Sugar on wounds speeds up healing and infection). And get him some anti-biotics somehow, it sounds like he definitely has an infection.

Plus he needs to smoke the cannabis to help with his appetite, or eat it made from canna butter and baked into cookies, etc. They now have a cannabis oral spray too. Get him a medical marijuana license to buy it already made, that can be delivered.

Betadine yes.

I would use coconut oil. Fights infection and is soft on the skin.

The lauric, myristic and palmitic saturated fatty acids are important cell fodds and building blocks.

Palmitic oil is needed to create enough lung surfactant to clear dust and debris and to prevent asthma. Palmitic oil is the preferred fuel of heart cells.

Saturated fats are our friends.

Free includes debt-free!

Hello Susan and Dean

I would like to know his age and any other symptoms that were previous to the cancer (which might not be what the doctors say it is). Was ice cream and chocolate syrup a staple?

I would also like to know if Dean has had an injury to his neck/collarbone area during his life? Did/does smoke? Has he had surgery in that area?

You wrote that you have cut out sugar yet carrots and beets are very high in sugar. I would avoid sugars of all kinds. They taste great and are bad for the body.

I would avoid peanut butter as it is hard to digest and especially if we are not well.

Vomiting is the body trying to discharge something.

I recommend plenty of high quality fats ie: coconut oil, butter and pork fat, moderate protein from animals and low, low carbs. The fats will help chelate out the bad stuff and do it gently. Protein is required for cell rebuilding and sugar is bad news.

Resting ("he rarely gets out of bed") is good and try to forget about being "productive". Phlegm is discharging more junk. X-rays, fluoride, mercury, lead and toxins of all kinds.

Some other ideas:
www.wapf.org though this has become more political

Basically the theory is that all health issues we have is the body trying to clean up. The doctors tell us we need medication and that only worsens the problem as the drugs are more toxins. As humans we digest and use unadulterated natural foods as medicine. I would avoid processed foods and maybe use a small amount of brown rice as carb replacement until you can get fully on.

I hope this helps and the best to you two.



Alas. Protein feeds cancer

Alas. Protein feeds cancer cells.


vitamin b17 learn about it

If he will not go the doctors, good. But he must supplicate his cause before the Lord. Nothing is to great for the Lord God Almighty. Sounds like a cliche until you see his power for yourself. Read about Naaman the Syrian.

Just get him to an EXPERIENCED Naturopathic Doctor this is

not to be confused with a Medical Doctor who says he is "holistic". M.Ds simply are NOT given the training in medical school to have a clue about chronic and degenerative diseases. Naturopathic Doctors, N.Ds and N.M.D. who SPECIALIZE in Naturopathic medicine are the ONLY doctors who do.

You may have to cross state lines or go to another part of the country to find someone good. The good news is if you have the current medical records you can fax them to the doctor and do a phone appt. You don't need to be there in person.

I would say, not being a doctor but having used and studied Naturopathic Medicine for 20 years without getting a formal degree, you are headed in the right direction with the juicing.( My naturopath has 35 years of curing so called "incurable" diseases.)However your husband needs to cut out ALL refined wheat (cookies, cakes, crackers, bread unless it is buckwheat bread, pasta) and replace any breads with those made with rice flour, corn flour or buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth. This goes for pasta too. If he eats a lot of meat that needs to be cut down to just a trace of what he's used to and same with fish and poultry. Don't overdo the soy either. The fish and meat should probably not be more than a single 4 oz serving 3 times a week. Contrary to popular belief there is more than enough protein in vegetables. Alcohol counts as sugar and that needs to be cut down and out. Increase the detox teas and the water intake. Exercise to oxygenate the blood.

Also besides sugar and chocolate, while healing he can't have any of the sweet fruits. I would stick to the Granny Smith Apples and berries only.

Also EVERYTHING needs to be ORGANIC.

Your husband needs to starve the cancer cells by depriving them of what they eat and thrive in which is an anaerobic (without oxygen) acidic environment and replace it with an alkaline environment teeming with oxygen and life force.

He needs to DETOX big time as well as fortify his system with live enzymes. Green drinks will help with that.

To listen to the naturopaths I use, if you go to whjj920.com and keep clicking until you click on the podcasts of certain past shows and scroll down to Holistic Healthline shows, you'll hear how knowledgeable they are and can get their contact info from listening to a past show. This show is broadcast in the Providence/Boston vicinity live and streams live worldwide on the internet Sat AMs.

Michio Kushi and Macrobiotics is another approach he could take. Read THE CANCER PREVENTION DIET. Plenty of people have reversed and eliminated their cancers using Macrobiotics and nothing else. Dirk Benedict (who was in "Battle Star Galactica") was one of them who did it.

Gerson Therapy is another. Sometimes a combination is good. I would AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE until you've tried all the natural methods doing more conventional. It will only ruin his immune system which he BADLY NEEDS right now.

Watch the free documentary on YouTube "FAT, SICK and NEARLY DEAD" to see the transformation people get with juicing. Even Jay Kordich cured his cancer he was diagnosed with in college via juicing. He used the Max Gerson juicing therapy method and is around 60 years later to prove that it worked. He's the spokesman for the Juiceman juicer or whatever the latest juicer is they are pushing now in infomercials.

You may not need to do anti-neonplaston therapy with Dr Byrzinsky in TExas. His method is expensive and best helps brain cancer patients.

There is SO MUCH out there. Don't give up hope and don't limit yourself to JUST conventional.

Tell Dean to Keep Fighting - He Can Prevail

Hello Susan: Here's a website that sells a very powerful cancer killer called - Cansema aka as Blood Root - Black Salve. You maybe be able to locate a person in your area who is experienced at using this product


I to had a very large tumor that was cut out of my chest just below my neck. After cutting I went thru 6 weeks of chemo treatment - the tumor site grew to be larger then a 50 cent piece and oozed blood , pus , yellow crap etc

I had ordered the Salve - ( I ordered both types - one for deep tissue extraction and one for topical )

So I decided to treat myself instead of going back to the doctor to be cut on again and poisoned some more , now this approach is not for everyone and if I would of been fortunate enough to have had a doctor who was competent, I probably would not of gone with the Cansema. Anyways I applied the Cansema & endured an awful lot of intense non relenting throbbing constant pain for about 1 week and then the pain started to lighten up.The tumor formed a very large eschar, that was drawn out from the open wound. After this dropped off, I used the pure oxygen salve from - http://www.altcancer.com/
to quicken the healing.

There is alot of good info on their website. If I ever have to use the Cansema again, I would make sure that I had a doctor write a script for heavy pain meds and also would seek out a Natural / Herbal Doctor to help in the process. I have been cancer free for over 5 years now and have no ill effects in anyway.

Stay Strong Susan, make sure you take care of yourself

I hope this can help Dean


"You Cannot Stop An Idea Whose Time Has Come"

Try to contact Dr.Burzynski.

Try to contact Dr.Burzynski. He has cured many cancer patients that were given only weeks to live or were told nothing can be done.

Dr. Burzinsky

Check out Dr. Burzinsky of Houston,Tx. There are numerous vids on Utube about his success's in antiplaston research. Please give him a look! His treatments have saved many lives after conventional medical treatments have failed.

Cause of cancer

The Cause of cancer is too little oxygen to the cells, Dr. Warburg got the noble price for this discovery. Healing then sets in with taking away toxins in the body that block the oxygen from the blood to reach the cells. Next to toxins also stress can block the oxygen due to restriction in mussles.
When cells don't get enoug oxygen as a last resort they start duplicating in stead of differentiating (into complex organs and tissues). In other words the cells start multiplying like musrooms multiply.

Oncoloog, Dr. Simoncini comes to the same understanding after 5000 cancer operations, that cancer is a fungus. See his website http://www.cancerisafungus.com/

Ozone therapy is a powerfull therapy to bring oxygen back to deep levels in the body. Best is ozone sauna therapy. Then the cancer/fungus is not only attacked by the activated oxygen (=ozone = 6 times a powerfull as normal oxygen due to electrocharging it) but also by heat.

When you heat up food, the first element that leaves the food is oxygen. That is why our whole life we are poisoning actually ourselves by eating adulterated food (cooked, fried, canned etc etc)
So eating raw food is very benificiary for the body. See www.wewant2live.com

Putting more toxins into your body through chemotherapy is only to make the oxygen levels at the cells even less.

Truth is shocking, and it can hurt, but then it heals

Best and that your health may return

"And remember, a half-truth is far more dangerous then a complete lie, because the complete lie is going to be discovered sooner or later - just a little intelligence is needed. But the half-truth is very dangerous, even intelligent people, very intellige

breathing in ozone dangerous

causes water in the lungss. ozonated water... is safe.

I've recently been looking at

Dr. Harry Whelan's research into near infrared light emmited by LEDs. I haven't fully explored this subject yet but here is a good article from the Budwig Center about it.
Deep Photon Infrared LED Light


Using powerful light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, originally designed for commercial plant growth research in space, scientists have found a way to help patients here on Earth.

Doctors are examining how this special lighting technology helps hard-to-heal wounds, such as diabetic skin ulcers, serious burns, and severe oral sores caused by chemotherapy and radiation. The project includes laboratory and human trials, approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration...

Dr. Whelan's NASA-funded research has already seen remarkable results using the light-emitting diodes to promote healing of painful mouth ulcers caused by cancer therapies such as radiation and chemotherapy. The treatment is quick and painless.

Here are a few more links. *Edit*

Science Fair: Can Light Heal? - "From an interview with Dr. Harry Whelan on WUWM public radio July 2010"

NASA Researcher Harry Whelan Podcast on Near Infrared - "Dr. Harry Whelan is the leading research expert on how near infrared aids energy production in the mitochondria. Here he is in an interview about near infrared light therapy:" (This site talks about near infrared saunas but I don't recall Dr. Whelan addressing the LED application in saunas specifically. I beliewe he uses LED devices to focus light directly on the area of injury.)

LED Technology Helps Wound Patients - Article from Wounds1.com

Short video of Dr. Whelan