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Doctor Says I Have Tumor- Chemo Only Answer (update)

Hello All,

My husband, Dean, has asked me to post an update on his condition which is progressively getting worse. We've appreciated all the posts and comments in the past and hope that we might get some more of the same.

Dean has told you that he has a tumor above his collarbone and a hole. Since he has last posted, the tumor has become much more prominent and the hole is now nearly four inches wide by at least two inches. It has a thick, blistery lip around it and the walls of the hole, which the doctors call a fistula, have become thicker as the tumor has enlarged. There is a frequent discharge which the oncologist said is plasma. There is also bleeding from time to time which I think comes from the thick flesh of the wall and the blistery lip. Dean wanted me to post a photo, but I couldn’t tell how to attach one. Besides, it’s probably best not to, as the photos are too graphic.

Dean has lost a lot of weight. He lost almost 20 lbs. when we cut refined sugar out of his diet. He stopped having ice-cream shakes and chocolate syrup. We began juicing and added carrot/beet juice to his diet of protein shakes and pureed homemade soups, but his weight has suffered. Then he tried cannabis oil but he didn’t react too well to that. He vomited when he ingested it and lost even more weight and his fistula seemed to bleed more when the oil was applied topically, so he stopped using the oil, which in his mind, was his only hope. He is now at 120 lbs., literally skin and bones. He is very weak and rarely gets out of bed. He seems to have lost his appetite for the soups and vegetable juices. We’re trying to help him regain some weight and energy with high calorie peanut butter/protein shakes and fruit smoothies with B,C,D,E, zinc added. We also just began using pHenomenal , which is supposed to help get rid of the acidity in his body.

The past week has been extremely difficult. He hasn’t vomited, but he is very low in energy. He losses a little blood from the wound on occasion and he has dry heaved earlier in the week. He coughs and has a lot of phlegm. He has had fevers on and off all week, but he refuses to see a doctor, or go to the emergency room with, or without an ambulance. When I spoke to someone at the hospital about a home visit, they said Dean should go to the ER, because he could be septic (infection in the blood) due to the open wound. I’m also fearful that he could have pneumonia. When I tried to talk him into going, he got so stressed out that he began vomiting. His family also tried talking to him, but he refuses to go to the ER because he does not want to be admitted and is afraid they will give him glucose through the IV. But something is definitely going on with those temperatures coming back each day and he won’t be seen by his oncologist or ER. He thinks they can only hurt him. He would consider seeing a wound specialist. Is there such a doctor?

Thanks for reading. Dean says he has you all in his heart and appreciates you all.

Sincerely, Susan

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I am so sorry Susan to learn of Dean's illness.

I really don't have much to offer you except to say that chemo and radiation are, from recent articles I've read, not the most effective ways to treat cancer.

Chemo, in fact, completely loses it's effectiveness after the initial dose and radiation introduces more toxins into the body. Never a good thing.


There are alternatives; here just one of many: http://www.dailypaul.com/167509/cancer-cure-free-movie-6-11-...

There are many more options to be found here on the DP. Just type "cancer" in the search box.

Please keep us apprised of Dean's progress and please, wish him well for me.

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PLEASE BUY SOME GARLICIN AND SOME OIL OF OREGANO AND HAVE HIM TAKE THEN BOTH DAILY 2 TIMES A DAY. These are both SRONG natural broad spectrum antibiotic/antifungals Garlicin is designed to get into yout colon but will get nicely into your blood stream along with the oil of oregano. These will both work very effectively againt infection. Also if your body is highly acidic it will not be good. I would suggest green leafy veggies and more importantly drink lemon water to nutralize your acidic levels and balance ph in your body. Cancer thrives on an acidic envirnment. Do not eat sugar or drink alcohol or really anything on the acidic foods list. I would avoid them completely. Drink lots of lemon water and take these supplements.

Prayers to you both

Study: Chemotherapy May Trigger Cancer Growth

Agence France-Presse
Sun, 05 Aug 2012 11:03 CDT

© Chris Hondros/Agency France Presse/Getty Images
Cancer-busting chemotherapy can cause damage to healthy cells which triggers them to secrete a protein that sustains tumour growth and resistance to further treatment, a study said Sunday.

Researchers in the United States made the "completely unexpected" finding while seeking to explain why cancer cells are so resilient inside the human body when they are easy to kill in the lab.

read more http://www.sott.net/articles/show/249234-Study-Chemotherapy-...

I suggest Graviola. $6 a bottle off the web. Some studies have shown it to be 10,000 as effective as chemotherapy with NO side effects.

My wife is a 20 year breast cancer survivor. A couple of years ago, a mass appeared in her remaining breast. During the month between her first and second X-ray, she took Graviola. Her second X-ray was completely clear and the doctor surmised the mass in the first X-ray must have been a "shadow".

Google "tumor," "China" and "visualization". You may be able to find a video I watched about two months ago of a doctor in China demonstrating "visualization" healing to a documentary producer.
The patient was hooked up to an ultrasound machine and had a malignant tumor several centimeters high in her bladder. The ultrasound machine had a "split-screen" capability and the doctor froze the image of the tumor on the left side of the screen while
the right side of the screen continued real time imaging. Three people held hands with the patient and were told to simply visualize, without faith, the patient with a healthy bladder. I watched in amazement as the tumor shrank and disappeared before my eyes in about a minute.

I read in biographical articles of both Tina Turner and Sophia Loren that both women as little girls were unattractive. Loren was so skinny, her nickname was "the stick". Turner visualized her self with beautiful legs and Loren visualized herself with beautiful "everything". You can easily confirm my account.

Medicine, even herbal medicine, does not "heal". It only creates conditions in which we heal ourselves.

One of my friends is a Psychologist who 10 years ago charged $600/hr for his services and frequently lectured at Cambridge. He is a follower of Rupert Sheldrake, who hypothesizes that our attitudes cause disease by attracting the "morphic fields". Once scorned, Sheldrake is now highly respected, though still controversial. However, my friend also received a large grant from the Department of Agriculture for his success treating animals using techniques based on Sheldrake's original research. To benefit humanity, Dr. Kurt Ebert, donated much of his research, which can be found at

Oh, I forgot to add, one of my REALLY skeptical friends took chemotherapy a couple of years ago and said the side effects were much less severe. At the time of his treatment, he returned a book I had given him by actor Dirk Benedict, trying not to laugh at my "clumsy" attempt to convince him to use natural treatments (Benedict used diet to cure terminal testicular cancer almost 40 years ago).
This same friend hand also undergone a fairly painful recovering from minor surgery to remove a cancerous growth from his left ear. About a year ago, my skeptical friend admitted to me he another occurrence of skin cancer, this time on his right ear. Rather than repeating the surgical procedure he applied food grade hydrogen peroxide to the tumor and was astounded when the tumor fell off a few days later.

I have stage 4 melanoma and am terminal

My oncologist told me I had weeks/months in December.

Suggested I go on chemo for palliative treatment.

Rejected that idea and took up dandelion root tea.



Still around - in fact had lunch with legalize liberty last week.

Try it.

keep on fighting George

Thanks for the morning email.
Looking forward to another lunch with you my friend.

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Root contain some minerals.

Add all 60 minerals in measured doses. Go all the way!

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i knew of most of the natural treatments for cancer...but that's a new one for me. Interesting.

Dear Dean and Dean's wife, I

Dear Dean and Dean's wife,
I just did the very best thing I know how to do and sent a prayer up for you both--hope you don't mind! And now I'm trying to send all the love and warmth I can muster across the ocean to you. You're not alone!

Many of the comments below have

addressed the urgency of the situation and whether or not he should go the the hospital so I won't get into that.

As far as a cancer therapy goes, one thing that will be a major factor in what method you choose is what your monthly budget is. CancerTutor.com mentions that you want to be careful that you don't blow your whole budget on a alt. health clinic for a two weeks stay and then have nothing to spend on a long term alt. cancer therapy once you get home. That's not to say that a good health clinic isn't essential at times but it's something to keep in mind.

I don't know if this method works but CancerTutor.com has an article that might help with the costs of a therapy.
How To Fund Your Cancer Treatment Without a Loan

Another thing that they mention is to work with a health practitioner as you go through whatever program you choose.

Also, some alt. cancer therapies have different modes of operation and even interfere with each other when combined.
(Ex. I've read that you shouldn't take strong immune boosters while taking Protocel because Portocel's mode of action is to reduce the cell's energy until it breaks apart and immune boosters ramp up the energy so they work against each other.)

I am a cancer survivor

from alternative methods. ( IV vit C) I did have my tumor removed.

I agree your hubby needs immediate medical care to remove the tumor. You can fight the cancer after that.

Live this diet exactly as they say:


Contact www.cancerdecisions.com for advice and recommendations of great docs in your area.

Blessings to you both.

There are wound care specialists as they are needed to

treat diabetics who can have problems with wound healing.

FIJI water has high PH. No purified water---the article below tells why you need water with proper minerals to stay hydrated AND to get the nourishment into the cells:



Get to a hospital

Your husband is in dire straits and is in need of immediate medical attention. It's a losing naturopathic battle if his body is in a crashing downward spiral. At this point, the usefulness of allopathy is to save him from the trauma and get him stabilized. Fighting sepsis at home could end up being a Sisyphean feat.

After he has recovered, I'm sure you will receive a strong "talking to" about treating the tumor. Opt for surgery, refuse chemo. Chemo won't do squat for a sizable tumor. Just get it out of him! Fighting a sizable tumor nutritionally to get it to the point of necrosis is difficult.

With the tumor out, you will need to deal with the remaining cancer that has likely spread due to the weakening of the immune system. Though he would have been loaded up with antibiotics in fighting the sepsis, that is not the same as boosting the immune system. Get some vitamin D...lots of it. I take 10,000 IUs myself because I never see daylight (graveyard shift), so your husband will need to probably take double to triple that amount.

Raw honey and extra virgin coconut oil will aid the body in keeping it from infection, therefore allowing the immune boosting vitamin D focus more on the cancerous cells.

Cutting out refined sugars is fine, but also remember that fruits and vegetables also contain sugar, so keep in mind to limit those as well. Get a good multivitamin that doesn't have iron. He will need the nutrients that he would be lacking in his diet.

Chelate iron from the body. IP6 is a natural heavy metals chelator, but has also been negatively been portrayed as an anti-nutrient. This makes it important that the multivitamin you get is more abundant than normal.

But all of the cancer fighting stuff is pointless if your husband doesn't stabilize. Get him to a hospital!

At this point, the usefulness of allopathy

Unproven conjecture. There are no clinical studies to prove this belief.

Free includes debt-free!

And yet we do see allopathic

And yet we do see allopathic doctors actually helping in trauma situations, don't we? Are you to suggest that because there is no clinical studies that they are not useful in emergency trauma situations?

Mind you, I don't contend for the usefulness of allopathy in disease control. I believe that to be a sham, even if their "clinical studies" say they are legit.

6% of care is trauma.

I am concerned about punk also.

Free includes debt-free!

I don't see what you are

I don't see what you are trying to contend here. Out of that 6%, how many are done by naturopaths using naturopathic methods?

6% of care is trauma.

Allioetropic care is effective there.

AMA only cuts, poisons and radiates. They are a bunch of hacks for anything but trauma.

Mend a broken arm. yes. But they don't replace the minerals so people end up at the dentist a couple of months later.

Save people from a burst appendix and peritonitis, yes. But a week of recovery and not a single supportive mineral or vitamin, just salty (NaCL) and sugar water. You can get all the vitamins from your food, they say! Well she went a week without eating. I have little to no respect for many doctors I've met. In fact several I have dreamt about socking some on the nose so hard the would be out for hours. Their payment for being morons and pretending not to be.

Vets with either cure livestock on the cheap or they don't have a job.

Free includes debt-free!

LOL Well, then you and are in

LOL Well, then you and are in agreement. Allopaths do have their niche (6% as it is), which is my point for having Dean get to the hospital. The care after that, he's much better off with naturopathy.

Please tell "Punkskaguy" I was just thinking about him -

and hoping he was doing better. He has a rapier wit - he has always made me LOL without fail! He's one of a kind.

Here is something I have learned (the hard way) - please share it with him: When it is your time to go, no doctor can save you. And when it is your time to stay, no doctor can kill you. He doesn't need to fear - or make decisions based on fear. No matter what he decides, no matter what happens, no matter where he finds himself, he'll be alright and just where he's meant to be.

I'm going to be praying for you two. Bless you both.

Rick Simpson obviously..hemp oil...

Why has this not been mentioned already?

I can't offer any medical

I can't offer any medical advice but I will pray for your husband.

Know your stuff, learn real history and economics @LibertyClassroom.com

That too!


Free includes debt-free!

I am a 4 year Cancer Survivor

I had 3 surgeries and chemo in less than a year. That was 2008/9. Chemo is horrid. Cancer is horrid too though. It is hard to know what to do. I went the conventional route. I am sorry your husband and you are going thru this.

Alkalise the tumor


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First, contact a holistic doctor right away.

Eat only unprocessed foods - lots of juiced vegetables - not fruits. Green leafy vegetables are very oxygenating to the body. (No white sugar, flour, soda, commercial salad dressings, hydrogenated peanut butters, etc.) Dr. Lorraine Day cured herself of breast cancer. You might look up some information on her. She had a lumpectomy and ate mostly raw vegetable juices. She refused to do chemotherapy or radiation. Best of luck.

No vegetable oils (soy, safflower, sunflower, corn etc)

No peanut butter or legumes.

Free includes debt-free!


but it wont cure the cancer in the short term..

Sounds like

he should see a doctor....like immediately..and i'm by no means big on conventional medicine, I can't stand it. But when there is a possibility of sepsis, that's incredibly dangerous. Get him to see a doctor, or find someone that can at least check his blood to see if sepsis is a problem. Infectious disease specialist would be someone who could oversee the wound but you might have to wait to get in to see one....an urgent care could check for sepsis.

As for the cancer, i'd still suggest seeing a doctor. This sounds really bad and I hate to say it but there probably aren't a lot of people on dailypaul that have extensive experience with late stage cancer treatment. If he's going to die before he see's a conventional doctor and there is no way to talk him out of it then you could consider Dr Burzynski who is an MD but treats cancer using antineoplastins:


He actually has a lot of experience with cancer and there have been controlled studies done using his treatment method. I believe he is in Houston. There are many alternative cancer treatments...rife machines, gerson, artemisinin, fasting, mari oil...andi know there is merit in these treatments but there hasn't been any controlled testing...and for someone in his shape i don't know if you want to play around with that because of time issues.....i would personally go where there is a proven track record of saving lives. Dr. Burzynski is the only one i'm aware of with controlled studies...although I don't know if he treats all types of cancers or not. I'd still get him in to get his blood checked..like immediately.

There are newer cancer treatments that utilize chemo, but treat by starving the body of sugar....then the chemo drug is actually coupled with sugar and it goes directly to the cancer site allowing the patient to have extremely lowered doses of chemo as compared to normal treatment which mitigates many of the side effects. I don't know who is doing these types of treatments...but i do know there is a lot of research in this area.

good advise

Burzynski is good but... has low cure rates. He does take on the tougher cases. if you can do his treatment BEFORE chemo... you probably have a good shot.