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- Lawyer James Koutoulas Tells Rick Santelli: 'We Plan To Pursue Criminal Charges Against Jon Corzine In All 50 States'

Lawyer James Koutoulas with Rick Santelli on CNBC yesterday.

As I wrote yesterday and as discussed by Santelli in the clip, Edith O'Brien is the key and Eric Holder won't offer her immunity because the Covington & Burling Department of Justice Criminal Defense has absolutely zero interest in hearing her implicate Obama bundler Jon Corzine for multiple felonies.

Best quotes from Koutoulas:
■"Crimes were unequivocally committed and I will do whatever I can to continue to do the government’s job for it and help see justice done."
■"MF Global had a choice. Do we cheat or go out of business. And they cheated. They broke the law. And these took these customer funds to cover margin calls."
■"Attorney General Eric Holder's Department of Justice is the biggest enabler of financial crime in U.S. history."

And the kill shot:
■"I will take this to all 50 states. And we will win. We will get a conviction of Jon Corzine. And the next time a sociopath CEO says 'Do I go out of business or do I cheat,' he's gonna think about President Obama's biggest fundraiser in an orange jumpsuit in state prison."


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Woa. Well, I wish him the very best.


Well, I wish him the very best. This is Koutoulas' COURAGE, for sure !

That's not going to be easy considering the type of crooks one can find on the other side.

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Love it

Love it

Winning Issue

Prosecuting banker fraud is the issue that can win the upcoming election. This issue attracts some of the Tea Party and most of Occupy Wall Street. Since the Ds and Rs refuse to talk about it, they are leaving this winning issue for Gary Johnson and Judge Gray. If they pick up this issue and repeatedly explain how they will:
they will get into the debates and be contenders. Which candidate will pick up this issue and run with it?

I hope he is successful.

I hope he is successful. Unfortunately, I have yet to see any justice served at the higher level in this country. If a nobody is caught with one pot seed or some petty crime he and his family are ruined for life. When someone on Wall Street or the government commits acts that defraud or kill countless people, nothing is ever done about it and the perp just continues to amass wealth and power. Our world is shamefully upside down.



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