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The Smoking Gun. WTC7 taken down by CONTROLLED demolition. WTC1 and WTC2 as well. What are we to make of this?

Controlled demolition.

In case you have not seen the new documentary, where now thousands of structural engineers, architects, chemical engineers, and physicists are going on record that IT IS NOT PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE that those three buildings could have been brought down by office fires, or by even high-impact 767 crashes in regards to WTC1 and WTC2. (You can watch that documentary when you have time here:)


All...I repeat all...of the three buildings brought down that day...comprising the worst structural "failures" in world history...were done by CONTROLLED DEMOLITION.

Incontrovertible. Irrefutable.

And extremely high-tech, high energy military grade explosives which are able to melt steel in a flash, were used.

This is now, without question.

We have solved the what. Now we turn to the how...and then the WHO.

But the government's official accounts, the FEMA and the NIST reports, are so ridden with fraud, gross negligence, and pseudoscience, that those reports...are CRIME SCENES in and of themselves.

We need to start prosecuting right there and then work our way up...but I digress...

3000 innocent citizens and first responders have died! Who will speak for them?? Who will bring them justice??

And hundreds of thousands of family members and friends to the victims who carry the pain with them to this day...deserve a right to know what happened... rather than being insulted by these incompetent, taxpayer-funded government-sponsored cover-ups to the scene of the worst mass murder in American history.

WTC7 was demolished differently than the Twin Towers: All or most of its basement supports were severed at once....as evidenced by the free fall, or fall at the speed of gravity with no resistance, of the first 108 feet.

In other words, 108 feet, you know, 8 to 10 stories of the building of the lower floors, just ceased to exist in an instant.

Where did they go? Did those floors slip into a parallel universe?

Or were they blown to smithereens?

Certainly the truth...wherever it may lie...is not the, fake, forced, fraudulent model reconstruction that NIST (MIST?) tried to shove down the throats of the American taxpayer, $22 Million Dollars later!

As to the destruction of the WTC1 and WTC2 towers...two of the STRONGEST vertical structures on Earth...the entire buildings were laden with nano-thermite, with complete destruction set to begin just below the airplane impact zones, and timed to look like a "normal" gravitational collapse.

It was a brilliant execution.

[Except there is no such thing as a "normal gravitational collapse." Asymmetrical damage (the jet impacts)...can not lead to a symmetrical global collapse. Physically impossible.]

You heard the first collective shaped charge "ka-POW" of the south tower floors being blown apart just below the jet impact area, then the explosions of the other successive floors were timed and were increasingly masked by the continuous roar of the massive demolition wave which gained velocity and amplitude as it plummeted to Earth.

Very clever.

But, eyes don't deceive...and ears don't....thanks to the advent of cameras and cell phone cameras.

Complete gravitational collapse on super-highrises from office fires no matter how hot?

Doesn't happen.

Has never happened in the nearly 100 years of high-rise history.

Will never happen in the future, as long as the Laws of Physics apply....which they will forever.

Unless thermite is involved.

Which may explain the molten iron in a sheer 'waterfall' of molten metal off of the south tower as its upper 30 floor block begins to deform and rotate down, but a block no more, its angular momentum of all that incredible mass, suddenly neutralizing into dust...as the "collapse" accelerates in earnest, traveling down the former path of MOST resistance (the core) that in seconds has become--by being blown to bits--the NEW path of LEAST resistance.

Hmmm. 30 stories pulverized into powder in two seconds. Very strange.

The path of MOST resistance...becoming the path of LEAST resistance. Very strange.

Molten iron. Very strange.

What possibly could turn most of the mass of 350 vertical feet of an acre-sized building, into wisps, in a few seconds? Or melt its steel columns in the same??

Must be something...of course NOT mentioned in the taxpayer funded NIST and FEMA and 9/11 Commission Reports.

Here is the smoking gun to how the controlled demolition was set up...innocuously...with unrecognizable boxes of military-grade super-thermite sol-gel shaped charges, placed in the core areas hidden from the office tenants, against the bare columns in and around the elevator banks.

Super-thermite melts steel with incredible temperature and exrtreme levels of energy.. and pulverizes the concrete and the non-steel contents in mid-air, as Towers 1 and 2 come down.

Literally all of the floor concrete, gypsum wallboard, and FF&E, including elevators and HVAC equipment... for 110 stories of each building, an enormous weight, was pulverized to a toxic powder as fine as talcum, in mid air in seconds...and it spread out like a volcanic pyroclastic flow, over lower Manhattan...while the melted and distorted steel frames, collapse in a heap below.

Watch another the 18 minute presentation here.


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fireant's picture

It wasn't symmetrical.

It twisted as an early motion (hard to see, but it looks like about 10-15 degrees counter clockwise viewed from the north), and it collapsed toward the south, showing about 110 to 120 degrees and more for the last 15 or so floors. The top stories ended up all the way across the street.

Undo what Wilson did

Instead of this bickering back and forth

Why don't you listen to the experts on this matter. Unless you are an architect or an engineer. Are you??


Demolition expert have come out to say that this is no doubt controlled demolition. What more do you want man?!?!?

False Flag Operations

How many false flag operation have there been around the world? They have frequently been used as a tool to hide the actual culprits, incite the masses to rise up against a 'foreign' foe or to buttress support for a floundering government.

US - Boston tea party, Gulf of Tonkin Resolution (Vietnam war) Other similar events used to incite war passions: Sinking of the Lusitania (sailing an arms laden passenger vessel into a war zone) and Pearl Harbor (the US had Japanese codes and pushed Japan into the war.)

Nazi Germany - The Nazi false flag operation of dressing as Polish soldiers and attacking Germany was used to incite an invasion into Poland. Burning the Reichstag (equivalent to congress) and blaming it on the communists was used by the Nazi's as a ploy to take over control of the government and restrict personal liberties.

Why wouldn't the US use a false flag operation as a means to institute multiple wars, trillions of profits and the supression of a population through Total Information Awareness.

http://riseforliberty.com/ For May 17 Money Bomb!

I just want to answer your last question: "How could I have been

blind for so long?". The answer is because you are a f*ucking moron, as*hole, and suck up all the govt propaganda you can shovel.
There is probably more written, lectured, videoed and photographed regarding the WTC attack than even World War II. There must be at least 50 effin movie length documentaries all exposing the truth of what happened on the most horrible day in our country, another 200 short films of the WTC, and countless lectures.
Sorry, but I can't help showing my disdain for anyone who took eleven years to find out the truth, when it must have been suggested to you hundreds of times in that period; and if it was not, I strongly urge you change your friends and contacts as your world is rife with sleep walkers, who will do you no good in life, especially family if you are a younger member - because that's life.
What happened at the WTC in '94 - govt/FBI did it; what happened in Oklahoma City - govt did it. Don't look now but guess who whacked all three Kennedys - govt did it. There is a mountain of proof but it's all covered up.
WTC is the only attack where people are willing to step up, organize and press for disclosure. The evidence to prove Demolition is so obvious it is a wonder it took eleven years to reach you. And just because it's on DP does not mean something will be done to further the cause for truth. I can tell you right now the truth has already been told, but full disclosure and accountability will not happen until after the Revolution, so we got another three years.
I can't apologize for my rant. The 9/11 tragedy has alienated me from my entire family. I'm angry with any American who does not know the truth of that day, and 99.999% of those I speak with do not know what happened - it makes me sick to my stomach, literally; these btw, are the same people who will vote for Romney because he's the "lesser of two evils" as if voting for evil was a good thing, even in the face of a Constitutionalist like Gary Johnson.
For years I tried to convince brothers and sisters to see what really happened, even copying documentaries with links for them to merely press the damn button to view. No takers, morons can only watch two or three minutes before their head begins hurting due to awakening brain cells which they successfully fight off. Glad you woke up - now you will begin to drop friends. Welcome to the club.

sharkhearted's picture

Hey...at least you tried. Thanks for trying to wake people up.

And for the record...I have always been suspicious of the 9/11 event....from day one.

But only after I got some conclusive proof from these scientific studies that have been coming out in droves....did I become a full-fledged 9-11 truther.

And now we are going to see people prosecuted. I want to organize citizens tribunals...and I an't waiting three years to do it. We have the evidence now, and this would win in court.

The NIST report is the smoking gun to begin prosecution of the coverup.

Oh and by the way...you don't have to call me insulting epithets.

That is totally uncalled for..and no I am not a moron.

Reasonably smart guy here...and I don't tolerate bullies of any type.

So you can either be a bully...or be my friend...and lets fight this battle together.


Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

Yes, my insulting epithet was definitely uncalled for.

I apologize. Please forgive me.

Mention of 9/11 for me has become like Abbot & Costello's Susquahanna Hat Company: "... slowly I turned, inch by inch ...." So sorry.

sharkhearted's picture

Friends! And I understand dude, your passion...and rage.

I am right there with you.

Take heart.

As more and more people wake up, a mighty peaceful civilian army will form.

Please understand, the people that took a LONG time to wake up, like me, were under a spell. F*u*c*k*i*n*g mind control or some PTSD sh*t like that.

They knew this when they planned this event. They knew that it would take alot of people a long time to emerge from their slumber.

But better late than never. And everybody...EVERYBODY...I talk to...young and old, liberal and conservative...once you present the evidence to them, especially with the AE911truth documentary...they are sold.

Ecxept for some: People like fireant on here are paid disinformation operatives to do subtle psy-ops...or they are just clueless, I don't know. But you will never convince them.

Work on presenting the evidence to reasonable rational people and they will arrive on the truth.

And truth is stranger than fiction but they have the natural right to arrive on the truth when they do, and we can't force it on him.

But this short documentary could try a case in court, and should be used in court...against NIST, FEMA, the American Society of Engineers...to prosecute them for their coverup.


Then we work up the chain of command from there.

We are going to get these NWO slime-ball c*ck-suckers and they are going down!

Take heart. Justice will prevail.

Your friend,

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

Ahhhh the reasons why we will never win


sharkhearted's picture

So are you calling 1700 architects, engineers, physicists,

, demolitions experts, idiots??


Or are you just going to be a good little troll and sit there and make pot shots without examining the evidence??

You watch this and determine what is idiocy and what is not?

And if you can't see the truth for what it is, then you are blinded by your own prejudices.

Watch here:


Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

Smoking Gun the Government was NOT behind 9/11

It was successful

sharkhearted's picture


That was a good one.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

fireant's picture

Wonders never cease...

We agree on something!

Undo what Wilson did

Interesting to see those people

who won't even consider the possibility that at the very least the 'official story' has some holes in it. They must be cowards, deathly afraid of what they might learn by considering other possibilities when studying all the facets of this crime. It must be so much easier for their infantile minds to accept the 'official story'.

fireant's picture

And just who might "those people" be? If you call them cowards,

you imply you are not. Naming them would seem appropriate.
Actually though, I haven't seen anyone here deny the "official story" has serious holes in it.
What I'm getting from all this, since no one will actually deal with the facts, is perhaps the fear of being wrong is dominant among believers in the "official story" presented in this thread.

Undo what Wilson did

sharkhearted's picture

Kevin Ryan, former NIST official...excoriates the NIST report


Where to start prosecuting?

With NIST, of course. Then you work your way up the chain of command, from there.

The report itself is so riddled with errors, omissions, fraud, and pseudoscience, that it is a CRIME SCENE in and of itself!

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

fireant's picture

All you have is smoke...no smoking gun.

Read my post below in response to Tuskeegee. Ryan's "science" is in the same league as NIST. You said it well, riddled with errors, omissions, fraud, and pseudoscience.

Undo what Wilson did

sharkhearted's picture

Actually your post below to Tuskeegee...is also riddled...

with errors, omissions, boldface lies, and pseudoscience so basic and ridiculous that a junior high school physics student could see through it.

You really are out of your league thinking you are even remotely the same professional level of authority with people like Dr. Jones, Richard Gage, Dr. Ryan and others....and would get laughed off the podium if you were in a debate with them...

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

fireant's picture

Slinging mud is the limit of your abilities?

It's the extent of anything you have yet offered. Back up you accusations with fact.

Undo what Wilson did

Is it possible...

For WTC 7 to have been demolished with explosives while the Twin Towers were not?

Wouldn't this possible scenario still constitute a cover up and inside job?

Rand Paul 2016 for Peace

fireant's picture

Sure. It's possible.

But why not just let the evidence speak, instead of trying to weave a "maybe" thread? The evidence says, yes, it is possible 7 fell of it's own accord. Just possible, not necessarily conclusive.
Just because it's possible however, does not exclude the possibility of a cover up or "inside job" ("elements within" suits me better).
If we are ever to nail the perps, we will fail if we continue to define the crime prior to allowing the evidence to speak.

Undo what Wilson did

Building 7 could not have fallen without demolition, impossible.

Even if Bldg 7 were possible to fall on its own, it would be against the law of physics to fall in the manner that it did. It fell as did Towers 1 and 2, free fall speed, straight down without hesitation, on its own footprint - totally impossible on this physical plane that we live; in another dimension, maybe, who knows. The pyroclastic flow of smoke at ground level well before the collapse was indication that main pillars were being taken out with thermite/thermate charges inorder to facilitate free fall. Bldg 7 dropped in under 8 secs as I recall - again, totally impossible.
The ground floor white pyroclastic smoke encompassed a radius of a couple miles in every direction - proof of Demolition.
If you looked at videos, you would see at the very top of the bldg, the center creased downward before any other part and before the bldg's move downward - proof of main center columns cut on diagonal in the basement. Look also as the bldg is dropping, you can see "squibs" (black smoke from explosions on each floor) actually going UP up the bldg - proof of an unnatural event taking place.

fireant's picture

Let's deal with facts.

Firstly, it was not "free fall speed". Depending upon how one calculates the start, it was anywhere from 1.10ish to 1.30ish the rate of free fall. That may not seem like much, but it's important.
Secondly, it did not fall straight down. It's early motion was to twist, and it fell to the south, measuring about 120 degrees with 15 floors still up. The upper floors ended up across the street.
Thirdly, after taking the hits it did right in the gut from massive hunks of steel falling from 1WTC, and after eyewitness testimony from the fire dept that it had severe gouging in it's center, to make the leap and claim the support structures were cut with thermate is simply a wild guess and an intellectual stretch; by no means fact.
Lastly, please provide a source for pyroclastic flows prior to collapse.

Undo what Wilson did

sharkhearted's picture

WTC7 is conclusive, incontrovertible evidence...

...that controlled demolition was used on that building.

The evidence speaks loud and clear.

Only in your make-believe world of pseudoscience and pseudophysics...does there exist a "possibility" that WTC7 came down like the fraudulent NIST report says it did.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

To the contrary. The evidence,

to my mind, makes it reasonably clear that "controlled demolition" was NOT the cause of WTC7 collapse. Believing in controlled demo requires a lot of conjecture and assumptions.


Conjecture, assumptions, some common sense

The entire building came down "at once", not suspicious?

What building comes straight down without interruption?

Lest I be reckoned as a fool, you do not want to know what happened, correct? Get this out in the open so the subject can move on, be so kind?


Under what circumstance(s) do buildings fall down?

How many circumstances are there for a building to fall down?

Do buildings fall straight down under any circumstance?

fireant's picture

No sir, it is not conclusive.

That is your opinion, but I have seen no facts to support that opinion other than it "looked" like a controlled demolition (from one camera angle, not all).
The facts support a building which was known to be in serious trouble and in danger of collapsing.
Appearing to be something and being something are often two separate things entirely. Ask any seasoned investigator.

Undo what Wilson did

sharkhearted's picture

Your arguments are sheer sophistry.

It is quite obvious you do not remotely understand what you are talking about, or that you haven't really examined the evidence.

Because if you did, you would not even try and present it up for debate...so you have to use sophistry to conceal the flaws in your logic.

What severed all of the 63 columns at once, causing the building to descend at FREE-FALL speed for the first 108 feet?

The only way free fall acceleration can be achieved is for 100% of any resistance below to suddenly give way!

Recall Newton's 3rd Law of Motion: http://www.physics4kids.com/files/motion_laws.html

Did the first 10 floors slip into another parallel universe?

What suddenly happened to those floors that allowed the building to descend at freefall speed for the first 108 feet???

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

fireant's picture

Interesting that you have not once attempted to discuss any

of the facts I have presented, yet tell me I know not what I say. You have ignored every single fact I have offered, facts your sources fail to divulge.
Mattering not, I will answer yours, and let the record of our discourse stand.
First of all sharkhearted, and I am restraining myself, trying to be a gentleman, you are making a false statement again. You are assuming all the columns were severed at once. The evidence does not support that theory. The evidence convincingly tells us the cores were at least partially connected at the beginnings of collapse. it is the only explanation for the towers to have begun a tilting motion, stopped that motion, then collapsed straight down into the remaining tower.
Before going further with this one issue you raise, and I will discuss with you what I think happened to the cores, let's come to terms on this preliminary issue. The cores of the towers did not sever all at once.

Undo what Wilson did

sharkhearted's picture

Because it is impossible to have a "discussion"...

...with a disinformation con-artist.


Get off my forum, please. Stop spamming this forum with nonsense.

Go take the time to create your own forum and there you can pontificate all you want about whatever make-believe stuff you would like.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.