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The Smoking Gun. WTC7 taken down by CONTROLLED demolition. WTC1 and WTC2 as well. What are we to make of this?

Controlled demolition.

In case you have not seen the new documentary, where now thousands of structural engineers, architects, chemical engineers, and physicists are going on record that IT IS NOT PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE that those three buildings could have been brought down by office fires, or by even high-impact 767 crashes in regards to WTC1 and WTC2. (You can watch that documentary when you have time here:)


All...I repeat all...of the three buildings brought down that day...comprising the worst structural "failures" in world history...were done by CONTROLLED DEMOLITION.

Incontrovertible. Irrefutable.

And extremely high-tech, high energy military grade explosives which are able to melt steel in a flash, were used.

This is now, without question.

We have solved the what. Now we turn to the how...and then the WHO.

But the government's official accounts, the FEMA and the NIST reports, are so ridden with fraud, gross negligence, and pseudoscience, that those reports...are CRIME SCENES in and of themselves.

We need to start prosecuting right there and then work our way up...but I digress...

3000 innocent citizens and first responders have died! Who will speak for them?? Who will bring them justice??

And hundreds of thousands of family members and friends to the victims who carry the pain with them to this day...deserve a right to know what happened... rather than being insulted by these incompetent, taxpayer-funded government-sponsored cover-ups to the scene of the worst mass murder in American history.

WTC7 was demolished differently than the Twin Towers: All or most of its basement supports were severed at once....as evidenced by the free fall, or fall at the speed of gravity with no resistance, of the first 108 feet.

In other words, 108 feet, you know, 8 to 10 stories of the building of the lower floors, just ceased to exist in an instant.

Where did they go? Did those floors slip into a parallel universe?

Or were they blown to smithereens?

Certainly the truth...wherever it may lie...is not the, fake, forced, fraudulent model reconstruction that NIST (MIST?) tried to shove down the throats of the American taxpayer, $22 Million Dollars later!

As to the destruction of the WTC1 and WTC2 towers...two of the STRONGEST vertical structures on Earth...the entire buildings were laden with nano-thermite, with complete destruction set to begin just below the airplane impact zones, and timed to look like a "normal" gravitational collapse.

It was a brilliant execution.

[Except there is no such thing as a "normal gravitational collapse." Asymmetrical damage (the jet impacts)...can not lead to a symmetrical global collapse. Physically impossible.]

You heard the first collective shaped charge "ka-POW" of the south tower floors being blown apart just below the jet impact area, then the explosions of the other successive floors were timed and were increasingly masked by the continuous roar of the massive demolition wave which gained velocity and amplitude as it plummeted to Earth.

Very clever.

But, eyes don't deceive...and ears don't....thanks to the advent of cameras and cell phone cameras.

Complete gravitational collapse on super-highrises from office fires no matter how hot?

Doesn't happen.

Has never happened in the nearly 100 years of high-rise history.

Will never happen in the future, as long as the Laws of Physics apply....which they will forever.

Unless thermite is involved.

Which may explain the molten iron in a sheer 'waterfall' of molten metal off of the south tower as its upper 30 floor block begins to deform and rotate down, but a block no more, its angular momentum of all that incredible mass, suddenly neutralizing into dust...as the "collapse" accelerates in earnest, traveling down the former path of MOST resistance (the core) that in seconds has become--by being blown to bits--the NEW path of LEAST resistance.

Hmmm. 30 stories pulverized into powder in two seconds. Very strange.

The path of MOST resistance...becoming the path of LEAST resistance. Very strange.

Molten iron. Very strange.

What possibly could turn most of the mass of 350 vertical feet of an acre-sized building, into wisps, in a few seconds? Or melt its steel columns in the same??

Must be something...of course NOT mentioned in the taxpayer funded NIST and FEMA and 9/11 Commission Reports.

Here is the smoking gun to how the controlled demolition was set up...innocuously...with unrecognizable boxes of military-grade super-thermite sol-gel shaped charges, placed in the core areas hidden from the office tenants, against the bare columns in and around the elevator banks.

Super-thermite melts steel with incredible temperature and exrtreme levels of energy.. and pulverizes the concrete and the non-steel contents in mid-air, as Towers 1 and 2 come down.

Literally all of the floor concrete, gypsum wallboard, and FF&E, including elevators and HVAC equipment... for 110 stories of each building, an enormous weight, was pulverized to a toxic powder as fine as talcum, in mid air in seconds...and it spread out like a volcanic pyroclastic flow, over lower Manhattan...while the melted and distorted steel frames, collapse in a heap below.

Watch another the 18 minute presentation here.


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You just can't blow up a

You just can't blow up a building in less than a day's work. Are you getting off on this? Personally I thank you because the more people read your comments the more they come to the truth's side.

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

fireant's picture

It sounds slurred to me as he trailed off.

Could it have been a slip caught mid word? I suppose that is possible, but it is not distinct enough to go around stating it as fact.

Undo what Wilson did

But Fireant, considering the words he used in the remaining

part of the sentence..."and they made the decision to pull and we watched the building collapse".

What are the chances that he meant anything else? I mean, yes, I guess he could have talking about pulling his finger but the topic they were discussing was the collapse of bldg 7 and to think he was referring to anything other than to "pull" the building seems illogical?

fireant's picture

Do you understand what the fire dept did? Do you have a clue?

Do you understand they were in rescue mode for their own guys around 7?
They pulled their crews knowing their brothers were still trapped man. Let that soak in. They had good reason for doing that.
So even if he was referring to actually detonating the building when he said "pull", you got to have more evidence before stating as fact the building was demoed.

Undo what Wilson did

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The tilting tops are a clue, not a mystery.

Let the clue speak without bias. It will answer many of your questions.

Undo what Wilson did

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Steve, the towers actually initiated their collapses

Both top portions were tilted.
I'm not sure what this means relative to your theory, but the tops of the towers did not drop straight down, as would be the case in a demolition. From the break point downward, yes, I'd call them symmetrical, but not the tops.

Undo what Wilson did

SteveMT's picture

Right, they started asymmetrically, ....

so what made them become symmetric on the way down through the strongest resistance of the building? The collapses should have remained asymmetric, and 50 to 70 stories of each building should have remained standing.

fireant's picture

That sir, is THE question.

Think. What could possibly cause that? the tops were in motion. Why did they reverse like that, then seem to pulverize? I reasoned for a time they did not reach their center of gravity, so they reversed. But they reversed fast. What caused it? It's in front of our noses! Think!

Undo what Wilson did

Enlighten us wise one,

Enlighten us wise one, please!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

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Why don't you try thinking it through.

It's really not that difficult if you just try.

Undo what Wilson did

Because I get an ice cream

Because I get an ice cream headache trying to solve your riddles. Can't you just share your infinite wisdom with us all, pretty please???

And your talking in circles makes me dizzy. Just tell us, oh wise one. Your countrymen need you now.

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

fireant's picture

I know your reading comprehension is poor,

and maybe your eyesight is too. See above. I already did.

Undo what Wilson did

Who's the attack messenger

Who's the attack messenger now? And no you haven't. Just because you say something doesn't make it so.

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

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By the time they hit the ground, there was nothing left.

Two planes hit two nearly identical buildings in two different places, and they both fell the same way....straight down,....nothing left. WTC7 hit by debris as the surroundings buildings were hit, yet WTC7 alone, the tallest one fell the same way as WTC1 and WCT2,...straight down,...nothing left.

The odds of that happening without some demolition encouragement in nil, IMO.

As opposed to

What is your theory on how they would fall otherwise?

At least for WTC1 and WTC2, of that I'm curious.

Eric Hoffer

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There would have been a lot more big pieces left, IMO.

If each floor above destroyed one floor below, there would have been nothing left to destroy the remaining 2/3s of WTC2 or 3/4s WTC1. Most of each tower should have been left standing. In addition, buildings are more strongly built at the bottom than at the top. It should have gotten progressively harder to destroy each successive lower floor. There is seemingly only dust knocking down the strongest part of each WTC tower. The beams were blown-out horizontally. The beams did not contribute to the so called pancaking effect because they were laterally blown-out.

There should be ways to test all of this, Eric. The scale models survived the fires and heat generated. They did not collapse. No building should fall symmetrically if damaged asymmetrically.

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I know. That's what I used to think, and am not saying it didn't

but the evidence in the pile doesn't support demolition. I can't help that.

Undo what Wilson did

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Weapons grade thermate was in the dust collected for all samples

That was published in 2009 in a peer-reviewed journal. No one has debunked that research....Not NIST, not the government, not anyone!
Have you read it fireant?


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You havn't watched this

You havn't watched this documentary have you? There was traces of nano-thermite found in the dust.

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

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Please sir. Give me a little credit would ya?

It is not conclusive that nano thermite is the only source of those flakes. There is a huge corrosion enigma on some of the steel pieces found in the debris including sulfidation. What is not known is where in the pile they were found, which would be key (Damn them for not doing proper forensics). All we know is these pieces got hot enough to liquify on the surface, and there is splotchy corroded holes in the metal. This is not proof of thermate cutting. To the best of my knowledge, only a few of these pieces were found. No cut members have been found. If you are going to claim the building was cut apart show some damned evidence. There are other sources of sulfur than thermate.
And I'll repeat from another post, Richard Gage has misled us about 7WTC, so I will no longer rely on him for information.

Undo what Wilson did

There were cut beams. We

There were cut beams. We just can't prove to u that they weren't cut in the cleanup. Please stop saying there were no cut beams when there were. I have shown you pics of them in another thread.

The top portions tilted and then exploded

The top portions tilted and then exploded. Watch all of the videos from all angle available.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

fireant's picture

Link please.

I would like to see what you consider the best view of one of the tops exploding.
I don't doubt you; I just want to see the best.
Thanks in advance.

Undo what Wilson did

These both illustrate what he

These both illustrate what he is referring to-



If We Go Under The Assumption That Thermite Was Involved...

...wouldn't there have been a chance that when the planes hit the towers that the thermite would have been set off immediately? I have no idea what it takes to set off thermite but I would think fire could do that. So if this whole thing was a plot, wouldn't there have been a huge risk that the thermite would've blown up the building when the plane made impact? And would there also have been any chance that the plane would've knocked the termite's encasing out the other side of the towers? If that happened then it would be obvious that there was a bomb. It doesn't seem feasible to me that (assuming the whole thing was an sinister plot) that they could've been certain which floor the planes would hit (thus, maybe avoiding putting thermite on those floors).

Those are some of my "anti-conspiracy theory" questions. As a disclaimer, I haven't reached any opinion either way at this point.

thermite was installed way

thermite was installed way below where the planes hit.

fireant's picture

SIERRA, humor me with a little logic please.

Let's say you are correct.
Firstly, please tell me where they put the cutter charges. What part of the building did they have to remove? If you say the core structure, why was nearly 70 floors of core still standing post collapse?

Undo what Wilson did

Those fell too, very soon

Those fell too, very soon after the rest did.

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Misinformation about the smoke.

We have all heard the claim black smoke indicates low temp, smoldering fire. That is incorrect. It is the amount of smoke which indicates a low oxygen fire, not the color. Color helps identify fuel. But there is something else which causes voluminous smoke; synthetic material as fuel, even when well oxygenated. Heavy black smoke, and it burns hot.
This may seem small to some, but when you have professional organizations claiming they know what happened, and they don't get something this basic right, it brings into question their integrity.

Undo what Wilson did