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Anti-Raw Milk Propaganda Placement in HBO's "Boardwalk Empire"

Since last season, Peg's plot line has been a vehicle for "health" propaganda placement. Last season, Peg's child was stricken with polio, selling vaccines (by inference). In the season premiere tonight, in a completely gratuitous scene, a woman stumbles out and miscarriages while Peg is touring a hospital. When she inquired about how this woman was, the doctor replies sternly that had she not consumed raw milk contaminated with e-coli she would not have miscarried, and he called for an educational effort so that women would better recognize the dangers of raw milk.

I kid you not. I wonder how much $$$ HBO got from the Feds to place anti-raw-milk propaganda into the plot of their hit drama?

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Margaret Schroeder = Margaret Sanger

looks that way after last nights episode.

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