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2,000 RP Business Cards on 2,000 Cars: Tell us what you did today?

Today, 3 of us from our Tempe AZ Meetup went to Tempe and Scottsdale Malls.

We tagged 2000 Ron Paul business cards on driver side windows.

I confess I was not looking forward to it..... but WHAT FUN !!

We found the parking lots and parking garages, put on our Ron Paul for President White shirts, walkman's, and listened to music while we walked in and out between cars. We made sure to always put the card just above the driver side door handle between glass and door. The idea being, as the driver reaches to open the door, he will easily grasp the card to say, "What's this?". Hopefully Ron will have some new people watching New Hope and other you tube videos for the first time.....

I must say, I had lots of fun. First all the walking was good for me, I needed that, and listening to music and enjoying 3 hours of alone time was just great. When we were all done, we went to get subs and talk about Ron Paul. A totally great day. Now I can't wait for next weekend to do it again.

So write in here, tell us what YOU did today to spread the message of Liberty.


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Treg, I've been meaning to

Treg, I've been meaning to thank you for all the excellent work you and the meetup have been doing. I was in Phoenix for 3 days a week ago and I saw Ron Paul signs everywhere!! It put a smile on my face, especially since my car was broken down. I needed something to smile about. I hate Phoenix (climate), but it's not so bad when seeing all those signs--especially the huge ones. What are they, 8'? Awesome.

Edit: To clarify: I call all outlying regions (Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale) "Phoenix" It's all one big city to me!

Yesterday I went out and

Yesterday I went out and canvassed in my precinct. I hit about 20 homes of republican voters. Most were not there so I left a pamphlet with a hand written note reminding them of the La. primary on Feb. 9. Those I did speak with were very open and had not heard much about Ron Paul. I would highly recommend signing up as a precinct captain, they have all the lists you will need of those in your area.

Yesterday my wife and I

Yesterday my wife and I spent two hours handing out pamphlets at the Louisiana caucuses. It was our first time doing anything like this but we had a really good time and met some interesting people. We also voted for Ron Paul delegates and I signed up to be a precinct captain.

Yes, I know how you feel...

For me, each and every time I make the plans, the hours before I go.... I am kind of dragging... .but then, once I am there and get into it, its just a whole lot of fun!

Just getting out and being active, so I tell myself, is half the reason. Its healthy.... but then, when its all said and done, I am so pumped about getting out there.

Lately I get, "Well you know he can't win?" and then I ask, "So you obviously like to pick winners, who is it that you like?" And if they give another Republican, I kind of frown and say, but you do realize that 25 % of the Republican voter base has defected right? In Iowa the democrats turned out 200,000 to our 100,000.
So if you really are serious about picking a winner, everyone knows you should be voting democrat.

Then I let them answer that...... what ever their answer is..... I say, "Yes, exactly, that is why I am 100% behind Ron Paul" and repeat their answer why they would stand behind a loosing republican even if Republicans are going to loose the General Election.

If they respond that they are for a democrat, any democrat, I say "then you really don't have to worry much at all.....no matter what democrats have been raising more money and turning out 2 to 1 more than the Republicans, so its a lock that the Democrats will win. .....That is why I am voting for Ron Paul, because unlike all the other democrats, Ron Paul voted against the Iraq, its funding, and the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, and the recient Domestic Terrorist Act..... so the stronger Ron Paul shows up in the voting, the stronger the democrats can be in being against these very laws that they voted for."

None of this works like magic, changing their minds right there on the spot, but it does get them to thinking....and I always leave them with an AMAZING DVD copy.... and that has a HIGH success Rate!



Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
Buy it Here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/05211820

22 4 x 6 signs Up!

I just put in 22 Ron Paul for President signs up all over Tempe AZ

I did not see any other GOP signs....but I did see two Kucinich and two Romney yard signs.

The Ron Paul for President signs are large, blue and white signs... sweet!

I went to Home depot, picked up a poll hammer (red cylinder that goes over the metal pole) for just $19.99. The rest of the materials Phoenix Meet up HQ provided....

It was great. I confess I had to drive by each one when I was done just to see what passing motorists will see...

Hey I just heard that Ron Paul has more delegates at this point than Rudy...what is the delegate score card? Anybody?

Treg / Tempe AZ Meet up

Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
Buy it Here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/05211820

Nothing much to brag about

Nothing much to brag about but I did put five or six Liberty cards on cars in a church parking lot. Just try and do something each day for the Good Doctor. I also wanted to bump this post up.

I also went to

I also went to tell10friends.com and email 20 friends and relatives about Ron Paul. I recommend doing it, as it only takes about five minutes or so.

Today is rainy here in

Today is rainy here in Louisiana so I had to limit my promotions of Ron Paul to the indoors. I left a Liberty card in the bank by the jar of suckers and left a stack of them on the window sill in a restaurant I went to for lunch. I think I will also start dropping them in the envelope when I send in bills.

Letter Writing

I've also been writing letters to elderly voters in New York, Republicans who remember the good old days. Each letter I painstakingly write, pointing out all the wonderful things about Dr. Paul, reminds me of the reasons I am giving myself hand cramps. These older people remember the days of Taft, Goldwater, and Reagan. I hope I can motivate some of them to want those days back. You can find out more at www.louislogan.com/letters/index.asp Each letter takes me a good half hour to write (it is a lengthy for letter they provide you with), but I don't think about all the houses I could have canvassed at in that time. I think about an elderly person receiving a letter and being inspired to share Dr. Paul with his friends. I just love it!

I finished a new event

In order to get Ron Paul message out to every citizen:


I passed out about 60 RonPaulRevere DVDs

to about half the Republicans in my precinct. I included a short neighborly letter. I plan on passing out the DVDs to the other half in the next few days. Unfortunately I don't have time to do much more than that. Hopefully that is better than nothing.

Sign up to be a precinct leader at


Handing out DVD's

I handed out 3 RP DVD's today. Also I started a Ron Paul Video site yesterday which is linked below.

The more exposure of the message the better!



Free Computer Tutorials For All At:

Check out my

plattform, we can coordinate and centralize our efforts:


contact: webadmin@wtpcast.com

Meeting tonight with a meetup group to organize two CA counties.

Like to talk to people about Ron Paul?
Sign up to be a Precinct Person at:
Sign up today or email me and I'll send you 50 of my precinct people and you can start talking to people about Ron Paul right away.
Go Ron

Targeting Churches with our message

I was thinking of doing something like that to leave on cars on Sunday morning at churches. Maybe I should have a small fact sheet specifically comparing Huckabee and Paul. I just have to be careful. There are some churches around here that are extremely liberal and I don't want to turn anyone off because he's pro-life.

Would it be better to have a fact sheet only about Paul, or one comparing him with another candidate? I don't currently attend a church because I haven't really found an authentic one around here, if you know what I mean, so I'm not really sure what kind of issues are big among church-goers right now. Can anyone comment?

Here is a flyer I just made

Here is a flyer I just made up. Please make copies and distribute in church parking lots. We cannot just sit idly by while the Hucksters mislead the evangelical voters. I tell you, If we can get the evangelicals and Catholics, the election is in the bag.

"Those who live by the sword will die by the sword." -Jesus
Pro-life Pro-war

Hillary Clinton NO YES
Rudy Giuliani NO YES
Mike Huckabee YES YES
John McCain YES YES
Barack Obama NO YES
Mitt Romney ? YES

Any Questions?

For more information visit Ronpaul2008.com

This flyer was created and produced by an independent Ron Paul supporter.
Please copy and distribute to as many people as possible.

Can you offer me the

Can you offer me the citation for that Bible verse? I can't find it and I'd like to be able to put it on the flier. It just makes it more official, you know.

Thanks! I love the life and death idea. This sort of feels like life and death at times.

never mind. I found it.

never mind. I found it. Matthew 26:52.

Okay, glad you found it. I

Okay, glad you found it. I just remember it from the Passion of the Christ.

Tonight I plan on putting

Tonight I plan on putting out flyers on the cars at the church down my street.

200, then 10,000

Right on. I did that the other day too, about 200 anyway, tucking them in the door glass right above the handle, like you said, I do that for their convenience because I don't like reaching to remove something at the wiper, or seeing anything there while approaching my car, makes me think ticket.

They went very quickly. Love those RP business cards, libertycard.org, I've ordered 9600 more. Next time will use my walkman.

A person's driver's seat is their castle these days and cars are everywhere, great way to get the message out.

Airport long term parking

Why don't we put fliers on the long term parking in airports around the country? Most of these people are businesspeople that crisscross the country. The OP of this post did it with business cards, but has anyone done it with fliers in long term parking?

made a postcard

selling the sizzle! I made a postcard showing how Ron Paul has Solutions to the most important issues (economy, war on Iraq, immigration, healthcare)! Sent it to my meetup group.

Compiled a list of youtube rap videos that are great (even though I don't normally go for rap). Enjoy

This thread is why we're here, lets bump it with positive actions for the campaign


We need Postcards... have link? Can we see them? Can we order some?

Treg / Tempe AZ Meet up

Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
Buy it Here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/05211820

Started a college Drive

Every meetup group could be throwing mixers for the colleges in their county and getting them registered and giving them materials. Colleges are a great source of energy for this revolution.


I wrote Ben & Jerry's and told them why I think Ron Paul deserves a gooey, chunky, freedom-inspired ice-cream flavor named after him.

If Colbert can do it, why not Dr. Paul?

B&J Ice Cream

I like the idea of finding large companies to support the good Dr. But If I'm not mistaken, Ben & Jerry's is still giving money to the gun lobbies that are trying to jerk our second amendment rights away. I could be wrong, but I gave up B&J years ago because of it. Just thought it would be worth investigating.

I love my country
I am appalled by my government


that would be cool...what better advertising than delectable ice cream! mmm...What flavor?