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Video: Tom Woods Unloads on Jesse Benton and John Tate

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Just curious why today I saw

Just curious why today I saw several very old posts on Benton being bumped up?

Judge Napolitano feels the same way we do about Tom Woods

Watch between 1:32 and 1:52 here;


The Judge is on our side!


The end of the video was very

The end of the video was very enlightening as well (for me, at least).

guy in the crowd to Napolitano: "I think you're an anarchist and you just don't know it yet."

[crowd applauds]

Naplitano: "Do you hear me denying anything?"

gold = money
war = health of the state
liberty = prosperity

well said judge, well said

well said judge, well said

You didn't even try.

You didn't even try.

When I Blasted Benton A Month Or Two Ago,All I Got Was Grief

But when Tom Woods does it, you all gush and suck his ass.

What does it matter if we out her in the blogosphere tell the truth or Tom Woods. The truth is the truth and many of you gave Benton the benefit of the doubt when I knew he was a no good piece of garbage. I knew he was sterring Dr. Paul away from his core beliefs in foreign policy.

Benton is a scoundrel. I wouldn't give his marriage a dimes chance of surviving under the strain of what he has done..


Maybe you didn't offer up any

Maybe you didn't offer up any hard evidence, I dunno. I think a lot of people who were anti-Benton were relying on things like "he's not a professional" or on inside info without naming sources, which did not convince me. I know I was not convinced until Schiff exposed Benton's behavior towards PaulFest. Anyway, you all were proven right so kudos.

Ventura 2012

Tom is one of the few...

that I trust these days. He seems a genuine good guy.

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

I can't agree with you more, Tom!

The fact that Ron Paul left the convention unexpectedly early and was already gone BEFORE his son Rand spoke speaks volumes. First it's helpful to see how it was when Ron Paul was on the convention floor meeting and greeting his supporters. I can only say this must be reminiscent of how it must have been when Christ moved among his followers in his time. In spite of all the cacophony surrounding this event it was almost like there was a special reverence for Paul as he met and greeted his people. See what I mean here:


Then when he was finished he left the "snake pit" (as Lew Rockwell's put it) in dignity. His work was done. Now it's up to us.


Tom Woods,

in my opinion, definitely exceeds his capacity. I do not know if that the result of his not making enough money on books and lectures or his personal grudge that he was not allowed to join RP campaign. His employment at the PAC was started with enthusiastic promises unveiling a new pro-RP ad. The ads were greeted with joy by already converted, but did not convert anybody else.

Ludwig von Mises warned us long ago how low-level workers always think that their bosses do not do their best and they themselves could do the boss's job better. Stick to what you do best, Mr. Woods. Running a political campaign is a managerial job of organizing. It is up to the candidate to sell the ideas. RP was able to sell to some, others listened and turned away. With so many televised GOP debates in 2011/12, most of GOP primaries voters were FAMILIAR with RP message and his main points. Most have rejected the message: some liked their farm subsidies and trade union perks, others were turned off by those who ranted about Illuminati, Zionists and fluoride.

The Liberty access is basically restricted to us.

Almost all the stuff we do, post, and, put on youtube caters to us.

Conversion is mostly face to face and email.

I have no basis on this except suspicion only

In Tom's comment where he mentions "or sinister" I've often wondered if Benton was a CIA black op who married into the Paul family specifically to be there to get into and dilute the Paul message. What better way than to be "family" who Paul trusts the most. I wonder how that could be researched out.



That would require

that gentleman's serious engagement of his cerebral gear, which I suspect he does not possess. Benton's, if I wasn't clear.



If ignorance is bliss, Washington DC must be heaven.

Incompetent or Sinister

Tom is right when he said Jesse Benton and John Tate were either incompetent or sinister, I vote sinister.
Something that had me scratching my head during this entire campaign is how Dr. Paul said he would only accept what the medium income is for the average American if elected president, which I think is something like $46,000.
How can he justify paying people like Jesse over half a million dollars a year, that's over $500,000....this truly baffles me.
Many people making less than the median income donated, some tapped into their credit cards to donate to the campaign's money bombs.
This just baffles me completely...I do now believe the Liberty cause needs to really look at Tom Woods, as he seems to be a true patriot, someone we could be proud to have in the white house.
Tom, I hope you will run 2016...You have my vote.
A historian and economist in the white house would be a good thing.

The salary RP agreed to take was in the $30k range

Also, I don't know what America's love affair with "median" and "average" is these days. These days especially, it means next to nothing. What is much more VALUABLE is the MEAN. The MEAN is what the largest number of Americans make. If 60% of Americans make $28-32k that is a much more important figure than the "average" when you have billionaire's earnings averaged in which can spike the "average" making it very misleading. All the median means is that 1/2 the people make more than the median and half the people make less.

Tom Woods is someone we can

Tom Woods is someone we can all get behind. I have no idea why Ron Paul ever got involved with the Jesse Benton's of the world. It's almost like Ron's campaign has been hijacked by Benton and now Ron's left out in the cold. Really pisses me off.

There is a difference between

taking a temporary neutral stance on someone that I don't know anything about, and supporting him.

I have seen men of the highest virtue that I have known for many years libeled on the internet to the point of the Associated Press picking up the libel and publishing it, so I am cautious when a man's reputation is at stake. When I don't know anything about a man, say Jesse Benton, and when I don't know who the people are on DP who were criticizing him during the campaign, and I don't know anything that is going on with the campaign, I have to take a wait-and-see stance, in this case by giving the benefit of the doubt to the accused until I am able to learn the facts from someone I trust.

Giving the benefit of the doubt to the accused until one can prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt is part of the bedrock of our American way, so I'm sticking to it.

Since I have seen for a long time that Tom Woods is a reasonable man of high character, and also a man who knows a lot about the campaign and the people in it, I have reason to trust what he says about Benton, therefore I am no longer neutral about Benton and am no longer worried about impugning Benton's character by repeating what has been said about his campaign-related behavior.

Is that Tom Woods or George Castanza?

Ya jes gotsta love Tom's relentless truth telling. I am waiting for John Tate's resignation now so I can sign back up for C4L.

"Keynesian blockheads"

I like how honest and powerful Tom is with his words. I remember when he called Keynesian blockheads on cable news -- this is what we need more of, direct powerful language to indict the small minds influencing so much. This guy is a talented speaker, has the establishment credentials and the GOP-mindset understanding and the ability to draw the perfect contrast between our solutions and the opposition's.

I would happily donate to any organization he suggested. I'd love to see what a group could do with a few million and Tom's vision and integrity.

What a shame!

Ron Paul, the one true patriot that may have been able to wrestle the control of the government out of the hands of the neocon/banker power brokers who have damn near cratered our heritage for their own greed. Ron Paul, who is capable, and wise beyond Washington's sound bite bitches on the news. Ron Paul allows his granddaughter's spouse to run his campaign? What a shame. It's all pretty clear now, but WTF was Ron Paul thinking when he made this choice? Benton is an egg$$$ucking dog that bought into the idea that Paul "couldn't win" and he tanked the campaign for another life boat. That troubles me. As a Commander in Chief, I'd like to think Dr. Paul would make wiser decisions.

alan laney

Woods 2016

I'm becoming quickly convinced that Tom Woods is the future leader of the Liberty Movement. He definitely seems to be taking the helm lately.

Good call

Good call

Ventura 2012

He's looking like that to me as well

In fact I made a similar comment on August 26th here (under Bloatedtoad):



Woods covers the waterdown aspect on the head.

He should run for office.

He could still speak, work on the alternate plans, but run.

i feel like..

A sum ass for defending Benton

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

If we criticize Benton, don't

If we criticize Benton, don't we have to criticize Rand too?

I hated how the campaign was run and how Jesse dealt with people, but this question of strategy seems to be Rand's plan. And I'm happy to see what they can accomplish.

ecorob's picture

very enlightening opening remarks, thank you, tom...

our movement is becoming more clearly defined as we move forward and away from the iconic Ron Paul "man" and toward the Ron Paul "vision"

Tom Woods is a beacon of light in this drive.
Thank you, Tom.

Ron Paul
I'm a Ron Paul man.

That means you better watch your ass, politicians, because I damn sure will be. YOU will be replaced if you don't act accordingly to follow the Constitution!

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