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Help with website


I have created a new website www.own-yourself.com. The website goal is to educate others about liberty.

The website needs a bit of graphic design, actually the website needs a lot of graphic design. (over 200 pages). However the immediate concern is the homepage is turning people away and needs to be spiced up.

So on the homepage, the announcements page is going to be removed and the words "life" "liberty" and "property" need to be replaced by images 200x200 pixels indicating the 3 words.

Also the logo can do with a spruce up.

If anyone can assist, it would be greatly appreciated, and happy to help out with any expenses.


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I am interested.

Check out some of my work.


Light graphic, scroll down, check out my video for the bellavia / collins debate. Also from the menu, Events>Previous Events>Kokesh. Here is heavy graphic with another video.

www.WNYRepublicans.com has a simple banner.

I will PM you with my phone number.