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Charlotte County, FLORIDA Libertarian Party affiliate first start up meeting. Chaired by Ron Paul Republican, formerly elected

If you are located in Charlotte County Florida and reading this, you are invited!

Tonight, Sept 17th 2012, on the 225th anniversary of the US Constitution's adoption, at 6:30 pm at 2759 Wylam Dr., North Port, FL right on VETERANS BLVD. We will be adopting bylaws, constitution, and discussing local government primarily, as well as federal, presidential, and to a lesser extent state level issues/topics. Free pizza and refreshments will be available!

Will be chaired by former elected, 4 year term, precinct committeeman of the local republican (little r) party. Party affiliation is not required. Roberts Rules of Order will be strictly followed as well as ALL of the party rules, by-laws, and constitution. Corruption and cronyism not welcome here, see the democratic republican party for that.

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