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I just searched for Ron Paul on www.factcheck.org and guess what? There are ZERO corrections to anything he's ever said. I don't know if it's because factcheck.org just doesn't like him, or (what I prefer) Ron Paul is telling the truth and has absolutely nothing to correct.

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Annenberg Project is CFR

RP is never mentioned.

America is sick, call a doctor! Dr. Ron Paul.

you win

it's your way. if you go to politifact.com, there are NO discrepancies in anything he's said. i think they said he was the "most honest candidate" as well. when eh speaks, he tells the truth. doesn't try to spin it like all the other bullsh*t the others try to do. that's my big thing. who would you prefer? someone who tells you straight and you might not agree with everything they say or someone who lies and manipulates to get you to agree or to keep it a secret from you? that's what we're up against.

I found one claim of falsehood

from them. Although it deals with technicalities, they declared the following statement;
"Dr. Paul never votes for legislation unless the proposed measure is expressly authorized by the Constitution.”
as false. The logic behind this is as follows.

"But “never” is a tough standard to meet, and 17 years in Congress covers an awful lot of votes. An examination of Paul’s record shows that although he usually adheres to his principle, he has sometimes voted for programs that aren’t “expressly authorized” in the Constitution."

The examples weren't blatant, but did technically go against the "never" claim. The comments weren't meant to be attacking Paul, but exposing Paul as a human and humans can never be perfect. Of course, we knew that, right? Even despite the "never" claim proven false, the record is miles better than the other candidates. Of course, we knew that, too.

Good resource

Just confirms what we all knew.

Good idea.

Probably the latter. Did you check the other candidates?