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OMG! Bill O'Reilly finally asks the right question. Why do they hate us?

Oh. My. God. After 8 years of Ron Paul and 11 years after September 11th, Bill O'Reilly FINALLY asks the question "So... Why do they hate us?" And what answer does he get? Verbatum... "I think they hate us cause we're there". And how does Bill O'Reilly respond? "I think there's something to that." WHAT THE !?!?!?!?!?!? This is how politicians radio and television personalities change their views on things and get away with it. don't get me wrong, I'm glad Billy seems to finally be coming around to our thinking, but I want a public apology on his show for how he treated Ron Paul for all those years!!! AARRRGGGG FOX NEWS!!!! You frustrate me to no end!

Unfortunately at the moment we have to go visit Bill's website, but if someone could get the youtube clip, would be better. It's the ironically titled "What the Heck just Happened" segment.... If ANYONE has a direct link to the video on youtube would be great. Unfortunatley this link below is not a direct link. You have to click on the right segment "What the Heck just Happened) It won't be long till they just take it down... My apologies.


Watch Greg Gutfield's head nod as Bernard Gufucnk (or whatever his name is) gives the truth to Bill O'Reilly, Are they hijacking some of our ideas or are they finally coming around? Although they al still somehow think we should be over there, AT LEAST they are admitting, even if only partially, that just maybe our presence over there is the cause of all this hatred and not just because we're rich and we're free. That's a step in the right direction. Albeit a small one...

I wish he would have responded in that way to Ron Paul back in 2008. I'm sure the world would have changed a little more for the better if Bill O'Reilly, with his viewership, had responded to Ron in a respectful way. It makes me sad.

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Mitt Romney's election day kick in the groin is getting near...

makes sense

Now that Ron Paul is out of the race, O'reilly can relax and say whatever and Romney can relax and not care about who wins because he's already won the only race he cared about, everyone vs. Ron Paul. Obama and Romney are controlled by the same people.

Yup. absolutely NAUSEATING!

Oreilly, Beck, Cain, etc... same as 08, you'll notice MANY FAKE-conservatives WILL ADOPT RON PAUL'S POV, ONLY AFTER HE HAS BEEN SAFELY CHEATED OUT of contention and is no longer an option. DISGUSTING. They do this to preserve credibility because they KNOW America is waking.

FAKE-conservative/libertarian Beck is a PERFECT EXAMPLE. After Paul was cheated out in 08, Beck suddenly (POOF) became as noninterventionist, after RIDICULING Paul for nonintervention... until Paul ran again in 2012. Then he (POOF) switched back with the Israel/Iran interventionist fear-mongering.

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

I haven't watched Fox News in

I haven't watched Fox News in months and it feels real good. So I'll just take your word for it.

uhh... why did you make me

uhh... why did you make me watch that garbage.

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Why do they hate us ?

Why do they hate us ?

That's a good question.

Maybe it's because of guys like you Bill, and Glenn Beck, and Lawrence O'Donnell, or even Jesse Jackson, maybe...

Or... wait ... maybe all of the above plus the daily killings of their people over decades to serve the interests of oil and weapons markets lobbyists and bankster buddies ?

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"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

People like Bill O'Reilly

hold so tight onto money that the money becomes their very soul, just like Beck. Then when reality comes around and their money becomes worthless, even gold, people don't give a sheeeattt about gold if they are starving, they start to poop their pants. If that dick O'Reilly tries to come in my foxhole if needed, if all shit breaks loose, he won't have to worry, I am gonna eat him for dinner, of course depending on what time of day it is, he may become breakfast. O'Reilly, you are not welcome in my foxhole if I have to dig one, my friends on here are most welcome, you are most certainly not O'Reilly, see if those worthless dollars get you anywhere.

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The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

If you ignore everything in between...

You would think Bill'O was coming around, but alas, NO!

Bernard McGuirk:

"They hate us because we are there, and so we should be!"

"The hell with them! We are there to protect the state of Israel, and that's the way it should be"

"For the most part [they have] the emotional maturity of a ten year old spoiled child, and they need strict parenting!"


"So you think it's because we support the Jewish state that the Wahhabist and the fundamentalist Islam - which hate erm.. Jews - they're holding it against us, I think there's something to that because this goes back thousands and thousands of years."

Good grief! Who listens to these people?


thanks for the post but don't even care to hear what the neocon has to say.

When freedom is at stake, silence is not golden – it is yellow- Tom Anderson writer patriot. 1910-2001

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"i think there's something to that."

Has Bill O'Reilly ever forced

Has Bill O'Reilly ever forced anyone to vote for a certain candidate at gunpoint? If not, who gives a royal flush what he says or thinks?

Know your enemy....?

Know your enemy....?

I really do hate Bill O'Reilly's show

but the man is not dumb. he knows the answers to most of the questions he asks and yes, I mean the real answers. He's not coming around at all. He is a professional Debater and a sheep wrangler. He attacks his guests to discredit them for all to see.

Good analysis.


The show is produced.... In

The show is produced.... In other words they tape it for 2 hours... cut and edit it to death and show you a hours worth.... Anyone could look smart under these circumstances... He is a idiot full of lies... He cares not one ounce about the USA or it's solders else he would speak the truth....

They say it's because we are there as we should be defending Israel and this stuff goes back thousands of years? Hmm I thought Israel was formed after WWII?

Those in power stating that they represent the Jewish people

in the British mandate sector, were pushing Arabs out of their homes, and taking over villages in the early 1920's. Am I correct?

Arab's from there have been fighting for their survival ever since. Not much different then what went on here with the Native Americans.

The British are the core cause of the Middle East disaster.

Billo agrees that that's why they hate America, yes...but

I'm betting he does not agree with the doctor's remedy.

I'm sure he doesn't... yet...

I'm sure he doesn't... yet... Let's see what he's saying in 2 more election cycles... I think he's like politicians. he'll change his views depending on what the public and his viewers are thinking.... It's a sign when even your arch-enemies start throwing you a bone like that. Although he would never give credit where credit is due... He'll tout it as his idea.

I Wish You People Wouldn't Support Fox News...

O'Reilly and Hannity are two people I do wish would leave Fox.

I don't think anyone hear is supporting.

But this shows the mainstream have realised they cant ignore us. I think they may start a pathetic attempt to give us another "humble policy" lie George W Bush style...

Didn't Bill

scream at some poor kid on his show for suggesting this very same thing shortly after 9/11.. Their is a clip out there showing Bill being a complete ass during that interview. in fact i think Bill kicked the kid out of the building on air.. and said he should have punched him


Found the clip


That clip is ridiculous. Even after all I have learned over the past year, this clip brings me to tears.

Just sad.

If Billy fell into my hands

and accidentally strangled himself, it wouldn't bother me one bit.

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