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Secretly taped, Mitt Romney identifies Obama's voters as entitled and dependent

Mother Jones got hold of video captured during one of Mitt Romney's private fundraisers, so it's nice to know what things are going on behind the closed doors of the elite.


More videos at Mother Jones:


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That is the first time I

have ever heard Romney say anything, besides....
yada yada yada bla bla bla

What a down right cockroach.

What a down right cockroach. Hey, people who have become dependent on government are growing. But When its' the government who has taken, stolen, moved the jobs so that people can't find work, they have to take some responsibility is that dependency. When 25% of the population is out of work and we are in a depression, and the teat is there, what do they expect. He is out of touch with real people. But by the Grace of God, there go I.

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People vote more than on what kind of services they can get out of the government. People care about foreign policy, of having a better life. There are people stuck on welfare who sincerely don't want to be on welfare.

Sad, really. He generalizes people too easy.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine


CIA doing the filming!!!LOL
FAKED to looook secret. Just red meat to "Right Wing" Donors!& VOTERS!!!


Here's the correct title:
"Secretly taped" repeating FOX talking points by his PR staff, Romney tries desperately to convince Conservatives that he is a rabid fiscal Conservative now.

Look, somebody shook the etch-a-sketch!

Do people really fall for these scripted PR stunts?

Ron Paul would never say

Ron Paul would never say anything like what Romney has. He may agree that many Americans have become complacent or entitled, but he would want to change that. He would want to preach about the benefits of freedom and ease the fears of those who feel secure under the perceived protection of the government.

This isn't fluff, though the mainstream media will certainly treat it as such. This is very core to Romney's personality. He is a bureaucrat and nothing more. His comments make it obvious that he is playing the game and looking to scrape by with the voters.

I'm enjoying the backlash, personally. I'm no Obama supporter, but I do hope that this will further the reality that the two-party system will simply no longer suffice.

He's right.

He's right.

Yup, agree

If your long-term employer had paid for you to get to work, paid for your lunch and supper and automatically gave you a raise every year, why would you quit? How could you quit?

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But like they stated in the ventura interview that was on here

A lot of those people who don't pay income tax are retired.

Others earn under 20K or pay payroll taxes...

47% might pay no income tax

47% might pay no income tax in the US...

but our goal should be to make that number 100% not having their income taken away by government force.

Most people do not know that Income Tax was ruled unconstitutional 3 times prior to the 16th Amendment back in 1913.

In addition, most people do not know about the 16th Amendment being improperly ratified as well. If anyone is 100% sure about that being incorrect, you can win $100,000 from Freedom Law School if you are actually able to PROVE IT. Freedom Law School has been offering a $300,000 reward ($100k per item) for at least the last 3-4 years (maybe longer) for anyone who can:

1. Show what statute written by the Congress of the United States that requiring Americans to file an income tax “CONFESSION” (return) and pay an income tax.

2. Show how Americans can file an income tax “CONFESSION” (return) without giving up their 5th amendment right to not give any information to the government that may be used to prosecute them.

3. Prove that the 16th amendment to the United States Constitution, which, according to the IRS and modern American courts permitted the income tax to exist was lawfully added to the United States Constitution.


Be careful, though. You're not likely to win the reward and if what you learn turns you against the system you might end up in prison like one of the IRS's own top agents who rallied against it when she was unable to prove the laws existed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1UT2Ms5E2k If anyone can prove the above, which as far as I can tell is not possible, please do so and win yourself $300k.


"Behind the 'People Who Pay No Income Tax'"

New York Times - http://economix.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/09/17/the-reasons-beh...

Romney's depiction of those who pay no income tax isn't true, as I'm sure he's aware: half of Americans do not believe they're entitled to others paying for food, clothing, and shelter. Sad that he's being like Obama, trying to garner favor through class warfare.

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Mitt is not completely wrong

Mitt is not completely wrong here. The problem here is that he is tied to the hip to another powerful group of dependents: the banks and the military-indusrial complex (which he wants to feed with an additional trillion).



Romney pretty much barfed Adelson's Faeces!!!!!!!



This is exactly how MSM censors debate about Israel!!!!!!!!!


He did that after repeating the talking points from FOX. It's a PR stunt.

The scary thing is reading all the comments here at DP by people who fell for it and are saying "oh, he's right!" Of course he's right. He's saying what he has been told will win over the Conservatives votes. Does he believe any of it? That is the question.


Both political parties have worked very hard over the last 100 years to make people dependent on government.BOTH! Are there any corporations and banks dependent on government?

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Sort of sadness

There's kind of a lilting sadness to the idea that you can't convince 47% of people not to be dependent, not sad for the taxpayers, but sad for them.

Being independent and self reliant and productive is a great source of self empowerment, pride, happiness, control, dignity and more.

Kind, thoughtful, generous people don't want to keep people dependent, yet everyone seems to think the opposite - that it is generous to give the hand-outs. But it is really cruelty.

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Why is this on the front

Why is this on the front page? I don't like Mitt Romney, but he is right. There is a percentage of people who are dependent on the government, employees, welfare recipients, etc., and they want Democrats in office because the Democrats, at least more openly than Republicans, promise bigger government spending, more bailouts, more entitlements.

He is right.....but he's also

He is right.....but he's also a hypocrite so don't waste time defending him. Mitt's election is supported by another very powerful "entitlement group" including the bailed out banks,the prison-state-industrial complext (fed by the drug war), and the military-industrial complex. The last he wants to feed the last group with an additional trillion and a possible new war involving Israel.

I understand that but I am

I understand that but I am under the impression this website is about ideas more so than people. I get the impression from a video like this being on the front page that this group somehow is supporting people being dependent on the government, instead of each individual working and supporting themselves and laying of the profits of their labor in their own way. Just my observation.

I agree. When we post these

I agree. When we post these things, we should use it as opportunity to point out that Matt is not following his own advice. Otherwise, as you indicate, people might get the wrong impression of what we're supposed to be all about.

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How is this controversial?

What he says is pretty standard R and *logically* true. He'd do well to just talk like this in the open.

I don't personally think people vote with their personal interests in mind, and if I survey the lower income folks in my town who are on the dole, I don't think they know which day is voting day and where they need to go. I think everybody knows that R's don't take away entitlements anyways.

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you took the words out of my mouth

what is controversial about this? People get surprised when rich guys want to vote for someone who will lower capital gains, and when poor people vote for someone who will expand welfare. I'm not sure how what Romney said qualifies as news in any way. And besides, the number of Romney voters dependent on government is probably within a couple of percentage points of Obama voters. Remember the "Hands off my medicare!" poster from the early tea party rallies?

Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito

Willard is a complete dumbass.

Firstly, congrats, Willard, you just brought back the tax returns controversy just as it was starting to die down.

Secondly, does he not realize that many of that 47% who pay no income tax and depend on the entitlement state are so-called "conservative" Boomers who will be voting for him? Way to bite the hand that feeds you, Willard.

Once again, worst campaign I have ever seen in my lifetime. The GOP ought to be ashamed of themselves for steamrolling an honest, good person in favor of this screeching trainwreck on wheels.

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Superb point

I had completely forgot how much of this 47% population is retiree SS/Medicare who votes R

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Wow, finally truth from Romney

This is exactly correct. We are becoming a social welfare state, a massive redistribution and jobs machine. Obama, like FDR, Johnson, and every Democrat in between, knows that they win when they get more people feeding at the trough.

When Romney makes a libertarian statement we should embrace that statement even if we dislike him in my opinion.

So is

Romney and his top donors.

This video explains....

This video explains how Romney and Obama work as a team to achieve the same ends


Protect your assets and profit from the greatest wealth transfer in history.

I think that is very

I think that is very disrespectful to the needs of voters. Sure, a lot of people support Obama because he is Black, or because they are poor, or because their daddy's daddy was a Democrat. Of course, many people support Romney since he isn't Black, because they are rich, or because their daddy's daddy was a Republican.

But a lot of people support Obama because they find Romney's policies on war, drugs, and social issues abhorrent. I generally think that while Obama might still go to Iran, he's the better chance at ending the wars (and starting no more new wars), ending the WOD, and legalizing gay marriage. These are just some of the non-economic things that people like Obama on.

Many people like Romney because they feel he is better on the social issues. They want to invade Iran/defend Israel at all costs; they are anti-gay marriage, anti-drugs, and want the government to promote social values.

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This was not a secret taping and was staged by the romney campaign, using the bought and paid for liberal rag MJ..
It is the red meat the middle, undecideds want and this was this weeks talking points given by the failing campaign.
It was the campaigns attempt to distinguish themselves from obama.
up till now no one knew if romney was dem or republican.
This was a shot at dems that republicans have been waiting for.
but it will fail no matter how hard the media trys to make up lost ground for romney, he has all ready failed.
no one trusts him and the obvious media push will push the campaign further down.
They did not wait long enough for things to settle down.
romney campaign has too many fresh, deep wounds and this weeks talking points will never be a bandage to those wounds, now.

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