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Possible New Restrictions on Owning Firearms

There was a recent forum topic about the government restricting personal ownership of firearms for protection of your household - I think.

I'm trying to convert some friends, anyone have the link or info I'm looking for.


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Go to Gun Owners of America


The Veterans Disarmament Act as it is known is really an expantion of existing gun laws. It allows for the dumping of raw medical data into the NICS background check system, which used to only carry criminal history records. It really expands the range of people who will be prohibited.

It is no longer just a "criminal" background check system but a medical background check system as well.

Right now, the only people who will be addressed by this legislation are people who have been recognized as "disabled" by the government in connection with a psychological disorder, particularly veterans and police officers who have been "disabled" by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Eventually, the elderly with Alzheimer's and the youth with ADD/ADHD will be targeted but only if they are declared to be "disabled" by the disorder. The IDEA program running in schools now WILL designate children as "disabled" by psychological evaluations conducted by school psychologists.

The qualifications for "disabled" status by the federal government are covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and those who qualify are eligible to receive Social Security benefits, which veterans with PTSD typically do.

Right now, a simple diagnosis of a psycholigical disorder will not be enough to include you in the system.

*For Now*

The nature of background screening has been expanded and the doors have been opened for future inclusion of people who meet increasingly relaxed standards of "disabled."

The fear is that the terminology is so vague that in time the system could include anyone who has ever been treated for any psychological disorder.

Gun Owners of America had to lobby aggressively to have a clause included in the bill that requires that people in the future be notified of the loss of their second amendment rights when they are given a disability status that designates them as a prohibited person. We should thank them for that effort, though people who have already been recognized as disabled have already been prohibited without notice.

I would recommend them too.

I would recommend them too. NRA has no integrity left.

Goose-Stepping Gun Grabbers

Isn't that just like the goose-stepping gun-grabbers? To deprive veterans, the most honorable people in the nation, of their Second Amendment Rights? This is just more fuel to the fire. We need to vote these criminals out of office.

By and large, politicians are the criminal class of any country. They lie, make deals, take bribes, and do whatever is necessary to secure the position they are after. They sell their souls.

There is a conspiracy to disarm the American people. It has been going on for over forty years. Criminal politicians have used the excuses of fighting crime, preventing accidents, reducing suicides, protecting the public from hazardous substances (ammunition), reducing domestic violence, and now protecting the public from veterans. We don't need the Second Amendment, our politicians tell us.

This is all the more reason to vote for Ron Paul. Dr. Paul is dedicated to protecting our civil rights, including the Second Amendment. The other candidates represent tyranny. Make your choice.

Or have them watch this

Or have them watch this one....


It makes me sick!

Have them watch this

Have them watch this video...


Coming to a town near you....soon.

The one about mental illness or treatment?

There was one posting on here about a new bill that passed that addressed background checks and mental illness, treatment etc that was very ambigious and wideranged and far as who qualified etc. This bill also addressed the Vets with PTSD (post tramatic stress disorder) and the fact that they would NOT be able to purchase guns any longer. I don't know if this is the post or restriction you are talking about but you may want to search Daily Paul forums if this is the one you are talking about.

The post really disturbed me because this is the first step in gun control and disarming our military veterans in case of Marshall Law. Hope this helps.

Martial Law


The Veterans DIsarmament Act???

Heres a link to some excellent info on the Gunowners of America site:


you better be buying guns now

It won't be long until they won't allow the public to buy guns, then they will limit how much ammo you can buy. So if Ron Paul isn't elected you really should give serious thought to stocking up.

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