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My Local GOP wants me to canvas for Republican Candidates - My Response

I was elected as Precinct Committee Person during the Caucus for my local GOP precinct. The local party sent me an email asking me to canvas for GOP candidates. Here is my wordy response:


Mr {person},

I have been a Republican my entire life. When I was almost 10 years old, due to my brothers position as the President of the Young College Republicans, I worked as a greeter for a George H.W. Bush campaign stop. Eight years later, I campaigned for Bob Dole and worked as a ballot delivery driver for the State Election Commission. I then voted George W. Bush during the next two elections.

I've been involved with my local and State party. I have participated in meetings, events, seminars, conventions and many other Republican functions. I have contributed money, walked door-to-door in the rain and stood on street corners on cold winter mornings to campaign for Republican candidates.

I am a Republican through and through because I believe in the conservative values that make up the heart of this party. I believe that without proper intervention our Country could be headed towards uncharted and dangerous waters with regard to the national debt and an over-bearing Federal Government. I believe in the principles behind the Republican party which will help to save our country from embarking on such a path and can restore our nation to principles on which we were founded.

As a close follower of the 2012 campaign season, I watched along as multiple campaigns use party rules in an attempt to amass delegates against the fluid and well-financed Romney campaign. The Santorum, Gingrich and Paul campaigns all understood that Republican by-laws were crafted in a manner in which would give minority candidates a voice in the process. This sort of political maneuvering dates back to the very beginnings of our nation and have been used to bring rise to the well-regarded Republican, Ronald Reagan and is absolutely necessary in order to maintain the integrity of the candidates running for Office.

So you must understand my disgust for the national party and the Mitt Romney campaign when both parties colluded with one another to out-right steal duly elected Ron Paul delegates in an attempt to prevent Dr. Paul from amassing the necessary 5 States in order to be officially nominated from the Convention floor. I followed closely as delegates from Maine, Nevada, Lousiana, Alaska and others were challenged and subsequently removed in order to replace those persons with Romney delegates. Even the Maine Governor, Paul LePage, skipped the GOP convention due to the intimidation and theft tactics utilized by the national party with regard to the Paul delegates.

But it doesn't stop there, Mr.{person}.

Ben Ginsberg, Romney's top legal adviser, pushed through a rule change which severely limits the ability of the grass-roots to move candidates up through the election process. This rule change esentially limits Republican candidates to those who have big pockets or those who are preferred via the national party. Sir, this is not a Republic or a Democracy. When the voice of the people is stripped, we no longer have freedom, but rather totalitarianism. Amazingly, John Bohner stopped the convention and suspended the rules in order to hear Ben Ginsberg's amendment, but never once recognized any of the points of order when being called to do so with regard to a Ron Paul nomination.

And when this amendment was finally put forth to a vote, which required 2/3rds majority in order to pass, John Bohner broke the rules and illegally passed the amendment. But it's not even about Bohner and his obvious incompetience. The National GOP, who scripted the entire convention, TOLD Bohner what to say via the teleprompter. The vote was nothing more than a sham proceeding and the GOP illegally and without consideration for their own integrity passed the amendment. You don't need to take my word for it. You can watch it for yourself:

But the Republicans aren't they only party to engage in illegal behavior which violates the trust and the voice of the voters. One week later, the Democrats did the exact same thing:

I guess it's not a shock to many to see the surprising similarities between how the two national parties operate.

Mr. {person}, I've met you. I know you to be an honest man and I can't see you engaging or supporting people who cheat. Romney and the RNC cheated and their behavior is despicable. While I would almost expect this sort of behavior from the DNC, for the RNC to operate in this manner is despicable. By remaining with the party and supporting the chosen candidates, you are basically giving your stamp of approval of the tactics utilized by the party. Do you honestly approve or support the National GOP when they strip the rights of everyday Americans to choose the candidate they wish?

Ron Paul supporters were never a threat to the Romney machine. While Ron Paul supporters managed to rack up some nice delegate counts and won the majority in several states -- this was never enough to prevent Romney from obtaining the nomination. Ron Paul supporters (looking across national polls) only control about 20% of the GOP. Our numbers are about 1/5th of the party. But instead of welcoming us (or supporting life-long members who did nothing more than support a different GOP candidate) to the party and to the convention, instead of offering Ron Paul a speaking slot, instead of allowing Ron Paul supporters to follow party rules and canvas their neighborhoods in order to get Ron Paul supporters to the Primary/Caucus -- the national GOP fought tooth and nail in order to prevent any soft of success via this small fraction of the party.

So with that, it must come as no surprise to you to learn that I will not under any circumstance campaign or provide any sort of assistance to the GOP or the candidates whom THEY have chosen. Romney is EXACTLY the same as Obama and anyone with half a brain to conduct the research within Google will find the similarities between the two is frightening. Neither will end our foreign entanglements, neither will get us out of debt, neither will remove the TSA from our airports and neither will prevent drones from flying over the homes of Americans. Both are supportive of quantitative easing programs and support the Federal Reserve handing out trillions of dollars to their friends overseas and on Wall St. They are exactly the same and it's disgusting that Americans are blinded to this fact. Many members of the Republican party are firm believers in Party of Philosophy and very few are educated enough to form their own opinions without the coercion of the mainstream media. These people are RINO's (Republicans In Name Only) and they have failed their patriotic duties to preserve a free society based off integrity and honesty.

It's pathetic, disgusting and I for one will not have any part of it.

Ron Paul supporters many not control enough of the voting electorate to win an election, but the 20% that we maintain can almost guarantee that we can lose an election.

After the shenanigans that the national GOP initiated with regard to Ron Paul and his supporters, there is absolutely nothing that can be done to convenience me to assist with any Republican candidate for the 2012 election. I will not sit back and be played as a pawn by the national party as they strip the rights of American citizens and erode the integrity of the American election system by stripping our ability to choose candidates who best represent our interests. The national party disenfranchised a large portion of the younger electorate who they had managed to recruit to their tent. They then step on that younger generation and strip all the energy and emotion they brought with them. Then, when it's all said and done, the party has the audacity to come back to those same members and ask that they roll-over and toe-the-line. 'Vote for Romney so we can get Obama out of Office' is the ruse that is typically used in order to give guilt trips to those members. But it's not going to work for Paul supporters. We know Obama and Romney are exactly the same and we will no roll over for the longevity of the party.

Romney will lose the 2012 election because him and the national party made the conscious effort to exclude a large portion of the party. They chose to exclude Ron Paul and his supporters and thus chose to accept the consequences of those actions. Ron Paul supporters have agreed, in mass, to support Libertarian Gary Johnson due to his integrity and his willingness to forego close partnerships with Wall St. and lobbyists in exchange for a stable and free society based off honesty, integrity and the freedoms bestowed to us by the Constitution of the United States.

I have been a Republican my entire life, but I have never been as disgusted with a national party as I am with this GOP. So to answer your question, No, I'm not interested in participating with the Broomfield GOP for the rest of this campaign season. I will not roll over and support GOP approved candidates who are not reflective of the Republican name or the philosophies that forms the basis of this party. I will not roll over and vote Romney for the sole reason of outing Obama. You must understand, at this moment in time, Ron Paul supporters feel as though 4 more years of Obama would be far superior to a potential 8 of Mitt Romney and thus convincing Ron Paul supporters to vote for Romney simply to out Obama would be nothing more than an exercise in futility.

I am taking my money, energy and political drive somewhere else for the remainder of the 2012 election season. And should the National GOP (who are already pushing 2016 candidates via the media) continue to put forth candidates who do not espouse the GOP doctrine (read: Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio) then it should come as no surprise when 3rd party candidacies amass enough votes to qualify to participate in debates and qualify for federal matching funds. Maybe Republicans would be wise to educate themselves on the history of the founding of the party. Doing so would quickly show that political parties are not invincible and it is possible to eradicate an entire national party (read: Whigs). Should the Republicans not wise up to their actions, they will end up exactly the same as the party they replaced.

Republicans have lost their way and most have no idea what it even means to be part of this 'Grand ol Party'.

Shame on them!

- Adam

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There are 36 registered Third Parties

You will not get 50 state ballot access, so you can waste your time.. you can mislead people with a false hope, you you can make a stand in the Republican Party WITH RON PAUL where you not on;ly have ballot access to 50 states, but an established machine that is seeking new operators.

36 Parties

Yep, I recall that number is roughly correct.

I do not believe in 'false hope'. Other factors may be involved, such as financial, laziness or not working together. 'False hope' is a false idiom.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

This should just about cover it:

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

from your link

Most “con games” are based on creating false hopes.

There you go again, reading into things.

What I propose is not a "con game". It is recourse against a corrupt club, ie NEOCONS. N E O "CONS"

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

What you propose is a con game

Ron paul KNOWS what he's talking about. Ron Paul is telling the whole truth. You want the corrupt club to continue to exist as you start your own clean club that has no chance.. Ron paul says, "Do unto the Neocons what they did to the RepubliCANs Party",, get in there and remove them.

We are.

I agree...

My local GOP knew that my friend & I were both pledged to Ron Paul when we ran as National Delegates. Our county GOP chair said how proud he was of us & we've been enthusiastically welcomed in as Central Committee members. These people dismissed RP b/c they didn't think he had a chance but they're not stupid enough to alienate new, enthusiastic people from joining the party. They know they need us!

And they even want us

I have found my committee to be like old daily Paul where we are all excited about resoring America to constitutional government. The Neocons are not showing up. It;'s a new day dawning and I'm happy to be there. I'm happy to see the blowback from the RNC and the GOP siding with us.

Thank you for becomming a national delegate and getting a committee seat. I think the next RNC is going to be a huge victory party for us.

Still not sure I understand

Still not sure I understand how you are held to vote for someone when all individual votes are supposed to be a secret.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Know yourself

I know me. I'm not good at keeping secrets.

Maybe the first thing I should say is there is no one running for president that I want to vote for. None of the people running for office appeal to me, so it's not like there is a candidate who I have any passion for. Ron paul is not a write in candidate in CA.

I can not vote for GJ because I don't like him. I really don't like him. I don't like Obama. I don't like Romney.

So I have to look past the candidate and see what there is for me to vote FOR. Well, with Romney comes Ron Paul Republicans.. I can vote FOR them, knowing they are hostages, victims, who deserve a chance at having the power the office of the presidency affords the entire party. So my Romney vote is not FOR Romney but FOR Ron Paul Republicans.

Now, if I did like Jill Stien, for example, and I voted for her.. taking the chance that my ballot, which is mailed to me, with two envelopes, one that I put my marked ballot into and sign, and that goes into another envelope that is mailed directly to the county clerk, who is the person that I took my lotalty oath, that the clerk would not open MY envelope, look at my signature, open that envelope and see how I marked MY ballot and hold me to it.. what recourse would I have if they sent the GOP a message, that I voted for Jill Stein?

Know thyself.. would I be able to lie and say, "I did not vote for Jill Stein, the county clerk is lying!"? No. I would not be able to lie. I know others do this, but I can not.

Or what if the clerk didn't look at my ballot.. but one day at a committee meetings someone said something to me that really pissed me off.. would I say, "And I didn't vote for that scumbag Romney!" Yeah.. I could do that. And what good would that do me? All it would do is have the people on the committee not trust me.

So, I have found a reason I can live with, to vote Romney, believing it is for the Ron Paul Republicans. I'm OK with that, and it saves me from voting FOR someone I didn't like anyways, had nothing for me, I don't need to give GJ 15% to rob the tax payer.. I'm not interested in being party to a collective on DP that is unwilling to do what Ron Paul ASKED all of us to do, join the GOP and become delegates.. I did that.. most here did not.

They have NOTHING to lose. I do.

you would?

you would vote for the man that a$$-rapes you?


First, I don't see what happened at the RNC as Romney. I see it as those who that man is friendly with, but they have far more power than him as a corproate collective that is forcing all of us to do their will, and they used him and his ego, to do what they did to the GOP, because they want Obama, because they want a NWO, and they KNOW they would have problems with the GOP because of Ron Paul Republicans, Tea Partiers, oathkeepers in the GOP.. so they gave us Romney to make people run into their NWO because they know how shallow, vidicitive, powerless and ignorant people are.

I'm not going to give them what they want.

Why will you?

List the Differences

In order for your theory to hold water, Romney would need to show himself to have fundamental differences with the NWO.
Feel free to list the examples of how Romney differs from Obama.
Tell us how there will be less military adventurism throughout the globe.
Tell us how he will turn deficit spending into surpluses.
Tell us how he will overturn NDAA.
Tell us his position on drone strikes, on Americans, even.

I expect little in response, since Romney and Obama are cut from the same totalitarian cloth.

A Romney presidency will be worse for the republic than a second term of Obamessiah.

In order for Romney to win the WH, the GOP will gain seats in Congress, and quite possibly gain the Senate as well.

An angry House and Senate with Obama is better than a happy House and Senate w/ Romney.

Back on point, do you believe that Romney had no idea of the shenanegans against Ron Paul?
If so, how is it possible to support someone so clueless?

Romney is the Neocons Last Hurrah in the GOP

What happened at the RNC has backfired in the GOP. The GOP is NOT happy that the RNC replaced Maine's delegates with their own, changed the rules, gave a tribute to Ron paul but wouldn't let him speak, blacked his name.. that effected everyone in the GOP who looked at the RNC like WTF is going on?

The GOP is not backing ROMNEY, but backing the Party in hopes of RESTPRING AMERICA, exactly what Ron Paul has been saying.

Romney is the NWO, the GOP is NOT.

Ron Paul Republicans are educating the GOP and using the constitution and framers as their reference and the GOP likes it.

Obama was a red herring, Hillary had the committee seats, they the Democratic Party has made Obama into the worst president in American hisotry, worse than Bush. Obama has no Ron Paul Republicans or Liberty candidatese that have any teeth. The RNC gave Ron Paul Republicans teeth in the GOP. It is all about empowering Ron Paul Republicans and those who have united with them since the RNC to hold Romney to the constitution. No one is holding Obama.

GOP gained seats because of Ron Paul's campaign. Democratic Party gained under 40K seats, GOP gained under 200K.

An angry house and senate is not productive, a house and sentate working to restore America to constitutional government as a mission is better than angry house and senate with no goal.

Romney was set up by TPTB and because Ron paul Republicans are seated and fighting back, already voting NO to the resolutions, platform, inniatives and by-laws, we are chaging the GOP to OUYR Party. WE ARE WINNING.

Duck & Cover!

You failed to address my questions.
YOU are voting Romney, I would really like to know why.

If you can't defend your rationale, well, I guess there isn't much to say.

I 'get' trying to help seat constitutionalists... but in November, you can vote for DoublePlusEvil, DoublePlusEvil (w/ better hair), NotsoGreat or write in Ron Paul.

I am voting for Gary Johnson. Not my 1st choice, but I agree with him more than the rest that are on the ballot in Pennsyltucky. Virgil Goode was sucessfully kept from the ballot, because of lawsuits from the GOP.

Unfortunately, my vote is pretty much meaningless. The only thing I hope for is for the GOP to feel some pain. Not the schmoes like myself, but the leadership. They are the issue.
Voting for Romney is rewarding their behavior.

For the love of Pennsyltucky...


Look at it from the perspective of PA's 9th CD. Republican incumbent Congress-critter Bill Shuster is unopposed. Republican candidate Tom Smith vs Democrat incumbent Bob Casey Jr. for US Senate. Tom Smith is a good guy. He's not perfect but I would vote for him if I were in the voting booth. The Presidential race is Obama or Mitt or Johnson. I think having a Gary Johnson sign and a Tom Smith sign in the front yard sends a pretty loud and clear message.

But unfortunately for Tom Smith that will not happen if Romney's lawyers have Johnson removed from the ballot in appeals court. For those in CD9 who have no desire to vote for Obama or Romney, and with Virgil Goode not on the ballot, and if there is no Gary Johnson on the ballot, there isn't much sense in burning gasoline to drive to the polls just to vote in the US Senate race.


Fancy Shmancy Fine Print:


First, There is NOT ONE presidential candidate I like, at all, and that includes Romney. So I have to look past ALL the canddiates and find reasons to vote, besides just a loyalty oath.

Romney has Ron Paul Republicans seated on central committees and running for offices, that the office of president empowers, and so in an effort to empower the Ron Paul Republicans who are victims and forced with Romney, I'll give the GOP Romney, and hold him to the constitution as ALL Ron Paul Republicans and their new friends who are repulsed by the actions of the RNC all agree with Ron Paul now.. the constitution is the solution and we we hold ourselves and the president to the constitution.

Now if that's now good enough for YOU, that's fine by me.. because I don't care who you vote for. I gave you my reason to vote Romney.

The GOP feels pain from the RNC.. the FACT the RNC unseated delegates and installed their own, the FACT the RNC changed the game plan, the FACT the RNC would not say "Ron Paul", the FACT the RNC paid a tribute to Ron Paul and then would not let him speak.. that had every delegates returning to their committees and saying.. "We've been had!"

And I'm proud to say, they GOP is looking at us Ron Paul Republicans and saying, "We're sorry, what happened was WRONG, let's fix it. We will hold Romney to the constitution."

That's way more than Obama and his supporters are offereing.. it's Obama's election to lose, and tptb want Obama... I won't give them Obama. They can have Romney and we'll down vote Romney on the inside.. they know it.

I'm not going to run, I'm in fighting and WE ARE WINNING.

PS you couldn't pay me to vote for GJ, he's a red herring and a fraud, a theif, a cheat, and in no way represents me, as he hs No committees, no iffices and isn't even running to win, his plaform is weak at best and all he is doing is dividing the Real Ron Paul supporters from the cowards and frauds who don't get it, think they are pire, didn't do what Ron Paul asked and looking for an easy way to vote a conscience as enlightened as a moth's.


you fail to tell me how Romney is not Obama.
Because you know there is no difference.
Whether or not Romney is elected is irrelevant to commiteepersons and their positions.

Unless you are telling us that Paulbots are now inner-circle Romney folks, your post doesn't make any sense.

FWIW, only the most deluded would think that Libertine folks are anywhere near the Establishment, whispering into Mittens ear.

That's because you FAIL to understand more than a frontman

You want a comparison between two men and leave the parties out of it

It does not matter to you that Ron Paul has a rEVOLution that joined the GOP, became committee people, became national delegates, became candidates for offices nationally. ALL that is complete and utter BS and a waste of human resource and accomplishment to you, who would NEVER do what Ron Paul asked. All those years of hard work mean absolutely nothing to you. You want to focus on two FRONT men, one who duped the people of the USA by proving that without back up in committee and offices it does not matter what the people want, he broke his promises, and the other, forced himself on a party who didn't want him.

You don't care if the Clintons control the committees and offices of the Democratic Party with a Neoliberal NWEO agenda.. you don't see them, don't want to see them, this is not about them. You don't give a damn about anyone who supported Ron Paul joined the GOP, took a seat, is writing resolutions, voting on platforms and inniatives, holding Romney to the constitution..

You want to see the difference between two crooks. That gives YOU all the validation you need to give your vote for someone who won't win.

I see what's behind the men and I'm voting Romney FOR the People who did what Ron Paul asked us all to do and YOU absolutrely refused wanting Ron Paul and his campaign and true supporters to FAIL. That is your mission and now you can run off and think, that we think your vote for someone else makes you clean. It doesn't. It makes you a manipulator for Obama by default.

The difference between Obama and Romney are the people they front, Romney stole the GOP nomination, and unlike you, we are not going to run away, but we are going to FIGHT HIM INSIDE and if he's president it's even better.. the bigger they are, the harder they fall. now go cast your default FOR Obama vote.

I fail to understand

Because your logic is lacking.

Is Ron Paul voting for Mittens?

Has he given indications that Mittens is better than Obama?

If anything, you are the sell-out. Do not transfer your self-loathing on others.

I thought this might be appropriate here to post:

She (the Granger) and Danton like to get together and argue a bunch of nonsense. I have been told they are operatives. I think they may just be passive agressive and ill-informed, BUT either could be the case. ALL of them just look around on here, pick out sertain people and post condescention and ignorance accusations. It is a shame, maybe they were severally abused as children.

JBS talked of this years ago. And the trilateral commision was developed years ago, BUT they had things like this going on with Lincoln. But of coure the Granger knows all and is "the one" to point us in the right direction.

We need people who are willing to work along side the establishment and gently nudge them, not join with them, as they bring in others to the party. Granger talks about how they get together and hold hands and sing and how they are such wonderful people. (or push them in front of a train if they don't get it, joke joke joke 0;)) I tell you who is wonderful, the true patriots that love this country and the Constitution and understand what it is to vote integrity and for freedom. I have met a lot and I would say that the majority I have met are at above average intelligence and extremely passionate and caring. They love their family, their country, and their freedom and they get why they need to be involved.

Some just don't, but those numbers seem small. Good luck with the bantor with Granger. I think you may be banging your head against the wall, but I guess it is worth the attempt.

Ron Paul is leaving office

All of the Ron Paul Republicans, including Rand, and why Rand openly endorsed Romney, is because the GOP is holding us to our loyalty oaths.

While you, and a few others, may think those seats don't mean anything, they do. We vote on issues in the form of resolutions, inniatives and platforms.. our votes represent thousands of voters.

Ron Paul is not going to endorse anyone because Ron Paul KNOWS, he was alone and no one gave a damn what he did. But he is no longer alone, and they are not going to let hundreds of us do what Ron Paul did.. Ron Paul knows, many if us are in the GOP because if him, and he will not let us down.. it's not about Romney.. he knows no one wanted Romney but the PTB.. it's about empowering us to hold Romney to the constitution. He may vote for Romney, he won't say.

A sell out means I was paid. I was not paid, I worked hard for this seat.. you are a drop out.

I LOVE me.. and what's so great is now the GOP is loving me, my pastor loves me, my Church loves me, my community loves me, my animals love me.. I am very loved and I love very much.

I'm a STRONG woman and wimps hate that. Go figure whimpy

I doubt you will get a

I doubt you will get a response.... but if you do, please post it.

"Ron Paul supporters have

"Ron Paul supporters have agreed, in mass, to support Libertarian Gary Johnson due to his integrity and his willingness to forego close partnerships with Wall St. and lobbyists in exchange for a stable and free society based off honesty, integrity and the freedoms bestowed to us by the Constitution of the United States."

Ummm . . . no. Speak for yourself and leave me out of it please.

Blessings )o(

Great letter!

You are supposed to canvas for the same clowns who stripped your vote from you? These jerks have brass b*lls, that's for sure.