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Hey guys, I am selling 10+ Oz. of Silver coins and Bars if anyone is interested


Things are getting a little tight, so I'm selling some of my silver if any of you are interested. If you guys can pass this along to anyone else who would be interested, I would appreciate it!


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This is what this all is worth:

6 Half Dollars (90% Silver)-------------------$75.37

12 Quarters (90% Silver)---------------------$75.41

25 Dimes (90% Silver)------------------------$62.85

7 Nickels (35% Silver)------------------------$13.69

Two 1 Troy Oz. Bicentennial Silver Bars------$69.50

+ Bonus 1903 V-Nickel------------------------$2.50


These sites are what I used to figure it out

me too

SILVER,One day left and only $26 http://www.ebay.com/itm/150903087038?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:...

2011 American Eagle, MS-69, 25th Anniversary, early releases NGC
2011 American Eagle, FIRST STRIKE, MS-69, 25th Anniversary PCGS
2009 American Eagle, Sealed, Graded MS-69, early releases
2008 American Silver Eagle/ Early Release, GEM uncirculated, very nice
2007 American Eagle/ Early Releases, GEM Uncirculated sealed by NGC, very nice
2007 American Eagle/ GEM Uncirculated sealed by NGC, very nice
2004 American Silver Eagle, MS-69, graded, sealed NGC
2003 MS-70 American Silver Eagle, sealed graded by ICG Perfect!
2003 MS-69 American Silver Eagle, sealed graded by PCGS
2001 Silver Eagle, Graded MS-69 NGC, very nice
1999 Silver Eagle, Graded MS-68 1973 OF 2005 20th Anniversary Collection NGC

I just put in 1st bid

At that price, I'm sure someone will outbid me at the last minute. If by some miracle I win, I will put through payment tomorrow, I will be at work when auction ends. Good luck to you.

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you will win

It is worth $299.32



Bump for final day of

Bump for final day of auction.

Would take your offer except

Would take your offer except I just bought some recently. Bookmarking though.

Southern Agrarian

Very cool

when I have more funds to play with, I'd love to donate to your effort.

That'd be great!

Can you help bump the original post? Maybe post the same comment "Once I sell my silver..." then maybe people will be like, "Oh, I'll buy that guys silver to help this guys effort."


Worth a try right?

Jack Wagner

If you hold silver

you're better off than most. My wife and I, at this juncture, would consider trading places with you. Or maybe an alliance? :0)

Good luck to you and yours.

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Haha, an alliance sounds

Haha, an alliance sounds fantastic! Thanks for the kind words.

I've asked

my guy to make a bid. Hope things get better for you soon.

Thanks Granger! I appreciate

Thanks Granger! I appreciate it! Thank you for the kind words as well.

It's a beautiful collection

It deserves a loving home.