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Huge Anti-Japanese Protests Sweeping China


More from The Australian: - THOUSANDS of anti-Japan protesters rallied across China over a territorial row today, a key historical anniversary, as Japanese firms including car giant Toyota shut or scaled back production.

The demonstrations came after several days of protests, some of them violent, over disputed islands in the East China Sea that have raised international concerns and fears of conflict between two of the world's top three economies.

US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, who is currently on a trip that takes in both Asian giants, was to call for calm in meetings with Chinese officials, after warning of the risk of a "misjudgment" that "could result in violence".

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WWIII on the horizon?

This appears to me to be China warning the US to not go into Iran. If we proceed I could see the Chinese going into Japan in retaliation.

Japanese leaders

...must be crapping themselves and rightly so. They need to start building up their military pronto imo.

Their people have tons of cash from their corporatist system, they better start using it.

I think Japanese cars made in Japan are the best in the world. It would be a shame to see them no longer making them on their own.

Seriously, how can anyone even consider a modern GM or Dodge? They are cheap and look it. After the warranty you are done for.

I would rather own an 80's or 70's Lada or Skoda, at least those cars can be salvaged and are safer in a wreck lol

Imo a Ford truck would still be viable, but even with this vehicle I would still have reservations.


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James Corbett - good man. I listen to him at

www.corbettreport.com . Bob Chapman picked him to be the new International Forecaster.


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Corbett does a great job of thoroughly reporting the news,....

in a witty and informative way. Bob made an excellent choice.

I miss Bob Chapman. That guy is not replaceable.

Chinese Social Mood Negative

There is a very simple explanation for the ant-Japanese anger in China. China has been in a bear market since their stock market peaked in 2007. The Shanghai Stock Index recently hit a 4 year low. This is a reflection of the social mood in China and the people feel an irresistable urge to act on the negative sentiment that has building for a while now. The Japanese island dispute just happens to be the handiest target for them.

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China playing hardball w/Japan; considers J-bond dump

China is the puppet-master here, and this strong-arm tactic could be in our future as well.

Beijing hints at bond attack on Japan
A senior advisor to the Chinese government has called for an attack on the Japanese bond market to precipitate a funding crisis and bring the country to its knees, unless Tokyo reverses its decision to nationalise the disputed Senkaku/Diaoyu islands in the East China Sea.
By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard - 8:31PM BST 18 Sep 2012
China is [also] drawing up plans to cut off Japan’s supplies of rare earth metals needed for hi-tech industry.

I agree

They see an opening and are going to go for it. Japan better shore up its defenses. Japan should buy or build a carrier imo.



The dopes in the US gunvernment should take heed here. That bond threat could easily be considered a veiled threat to the US as well.

Time for a ball check, Washington.

What a hopeless bunch. The

What a hopeless bunch.

The root of all evil, really is allegiance to a "state", or for that matter any abstract political entity. It's one thing for a given Chinese to be pissed off at a given Japanese because the latter robbed him, raped his wife or whatever; but for some guy who happens to be born within borders of some entity called China to be mad at all people who happen to be born within Japan; because at some point in history, someone entirely different from within Japan did something ostensibly bad to someone else from China, really is the epitome of the intersection of evil and stupid.

People need to take care of themselves. What other people says, does, thinks or whatever, is utterly irrelevant, as long as they are not directly threatening you. It's the same nonsense that goes on over here, with people going all Gaga over 9/11 or whatnot. Look out for yourself, and let others do the same, and the world would be a better place. Both here and in China/Japan.


They will not forgive the past and know the Japanese are declining. This is real imo. If they knew the US would not protect Japan, the yen would be history from my view.

Japan is on borrowed time...I hope I am wrong.


Perspective or not

To put things into perspective: thousands as in, 1-5-10-50-100? Thousands of protesters in China could be considered a drop of water in the sea. Or, like 10,000 standing on a corner of a block.

Leon Panetta is the real story, what the hell is he doing there, a fine example of temperance to say the least. : - / : -\

update, edit: on 2nd thought since Japan is under U.S. care, it would be a war with the U.S. essentially. Might not be in the War Machine's plan at this time?

The war machine

is in Chinese waters for a reason...and China IS on the agenda.

Japan agreed to a US missile base in exchange for obtaining the islands. And where are the missiles aimed? Possibly China or N. Korea. The islands also bring with them fishing rights and oil rights.

Nothing to worry about

Typical spin.

This is how the military industrial complex generates profits.

Bilderberg members. from China, Japan and the US probably agreed on how to cut this cake between themselves a long time ago. Like, earlier this year lol

The protests can be very real. But it's not up to the people to decide when to go to war. The people only serves as proof in the media on both sides as why this is 'necessary' all of a sudden.

If Zionists control the world,

did they organize Chinese protestors or pay money to Japan to buy the Islands? Any Pentagon expenses will benefit trade unions at Boeing, Lockheed Martin, etc.

Were are youtube clips to educate us on this?

If there were no international conflicts,

Who would the MIC sell arms to?

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If there were no aggressive governments,

would there be any international conflicts?

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If it is not in the United States

If an event is not in the United States then it doesn't really exist; does it?

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I wonder how many people in

I wonder how many people in China actually care or knew about those islands before a week ago. I know I'd be pissed if we went to war with Canada over an island I'd never heard of.

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Almost everyone

Almost everyone besides some poor farmer who hasn't read the news in 10 years knows about the islands and he probably still wants to fight Japan. The islands are the trigger, but not the real reason for the conflict. The Chinese feel like they never got justice after World War II when the Japanese invaded, killing or raping millions of Chinese citizens. The Japanese arrogantly, have refused to apologize or even admit what happened. They don't teach it in school. Many Chinese view the Japanese claims on the islands as a flashback to Japanese aggression and imperialism. So it won't be going to war just over an island you have never heard of, it will be essentially revenge for World War II. I have often insisted to my Chinese friends that this is history, let it go, the US, or the jews don't want to still fight Germany. But they feel that Germany has apologized, teaches the history so it won't happen again, whereas the Japanese still maintain and arrogant attitude towards the Chinese and have never apologized. For the last couple hundred years, starting in the Qing Dynasty, China has been abused by imperialist , first England and the European colonizers, then by the Japanese (who were brutal and viewed the Chinese as less than human). It has only been seen Mao's revolution in '49 that China became and independent, unified country; and only since about the 1990s or even just recently that China developed to the point of being a powerful country. Though China has a very conservative foreign policy of non-aggression (first outlined by Zhou Enlai, if interested in Chinese Foreign Policy), many Chinese want the government to flex their muscles in defending what they view as their territory and send a message to the Japanese that China will never again be colonized, invaded, or controlled.

Why should they worry about that

Japan is not having any kids. Japan has always relied on huge immigration from the mainland to maintain its population. Japan's xenophobic policies are causing that.

Also, should every nation (especially with ancient histories) have to teach every time their ancestors were raped or when their ancestors raped. I mean it is the same thing with US slavery. I have never been racist or owned a slave, so I have no white guilt. I see it as pointless. Should they learn about it, probably. I doubt they will flog themselves to death.

Japan can no longer have a military as long as the US wills it. These points are all brought up in Ghost in the Shell set in the year 2050 (oh in that story the neoconservatives win).

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reminds me of that neurotic dangerous old man


most Americans thought he was talking about the Russians invading Dixie...they had no idea that there is actually a country named Georgia, when he was trying to get us into WW3.

They need to decide this by Mahjong match

Koizumi vs Hu Jintao and Xi Jinping in an epic Mahjong match to decide the fate of the islands. If Koizumi wins by the hand the 'Rising Sun' that would be awesome.

Also in this episode, the Japanese poke fun at the Chinese fervent nationalism (a 5000 year old civilization they exclaim over and over), and the fact that Chinese are statistics oriented (you thought that all Asians are good with math, the Japanese say other wise ;) ). I am explaining this episode because I could not find the English sub.


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I think Go would be a better game to be played!

There is a Go anime

but the Legend of Koizumi explicitly has Mahjong among all the world leaders. He even fights George W Bush against his Skull and Bones faction. It is pretty hilarious.

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May the LORD lift up His face unto you and give you peace
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If this gets in the way of me watching anime

I will be very upset. Also, many Chinese youth love anime as a pan-Asian interest. I doubt they would want an attack if it interrupts their anime.

I think for the most part this is a tempest in a tea pot. Many of these islands have traditionally traded hands many times. The Westphallian nation state's artificial borders cause this kind of tension.

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May the LORD lift up His face unto you and give you peace
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Yep, I need me my Hunter x Hunter and my Berserk movie trilogy.

Berserk is hardcore

awesome. With me, I want my Gunpla kits and Transformers.

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Hillary just finished her 6 nation Asia Pacific tour

A few articles about it:

Hillary Clinton begins 6-nation Asia tour
By: ASSOCIATED PRESS | Richmond Times-Dispatch
Published: August 31, 2012

The meaning of Hillary Clinton’s visit to Asia
Frassminggi Kamasa, Wellington | Opinion | Tue, September 18 2012

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Hillary ? Oh, yeah..

Hillary ?

Oh, yeah.. You mean, "Hitlery".

She, on Gaddafi:

" We came, we saw, he died ! Hi hi hi hi hi !!! *giggles* "

(she finds DEATH suuuper fun)

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pretty much Hilary reminded me of Katejina from Victory Gundam toward the end. Katejina relishes and laughs at the fact that men died for her, and she was going to kill Usso (the main protagonist).

Also, I am in a Gundam mood if you cannot tell by my comments.

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