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“Gold is money, everything else is credit. JP Morgan

“Gold is money, everything else is credit.” - JP Morgan, 1912

That says it all. The more the deflation, the higher gold goes in USD’s because of the Government’s/FED response to save their own asses and give out more uncollateralized credit. Not print Money. They print worthless IOU’s (USD’s).

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Coin vs. Credit (I am working on this, you can help)

I noticed this is a gold day so I decided to try to get a Sound Money Bomb going to help my efforts promoting "Coin" (gold and silver) within the Public Banking model. Please help:


Jack Wagner

Nice try

I'll stick with Silver

Validation strengthens the education to new people.

His quote is attributed to his speaking in Congress in 1912. What is needed, is the transcript as proof.

I don't use quotes unless there is proof of the quote. That is how a historian approaches fact.

Does Jamie Dimon know?