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Electors Refuse Romney,Vote Paul.

This is only the beginning of blow back against the GOP. Maybe they can sway other electors to switch or abstain.


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Just Rewards for Romney

He deserves to have all his electors desert him. This article made my day. Ron Paul is on the write in ballot for several states. Let's hope we can get him on New York's. All we need is a signature.

This is outstanding news that

This is outstanding news that has given me a little more energy for the day.

Ron Paul 2012

Southern Agrarian

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A Recent "Head-Count" of NY Voters

Revealed that approx. 10.5% of eligible voters were at the recent polls...
The article, published in the Times Herald Record detailed a concern as to how many would NOT be voting in November due to "burnout" from all the media "attention" and "political saturation".
Seems people are fed up with the same old same old...lesser of two evils.
Jesse Ventura's recent TV spots were truly enjoyable....hopefully a "tonic" to ward off the apathy that seems apparent today.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Turn them Around

It is up to us to turn these people around.We need all the votes we can get. This election is going to be interesting.

It is understandable people are burned out. The process started almost three years ago. Too much for too long. Who made money off this.

We need to let people know their vote is their voice.