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LA Times: Libertarian candidate calls for withdrawing from Middle East

WEST CHESTER, Pa. — Little-known presidential candidate Gary Johnson gave an answer that would create a media firestorm if delivered by Barack Obama or Mitt Romney: the United States should get out of the Middle East.

Johnson, a Libertarian who is on 47 state ballots and fighting petition challenges in the other three, including Pennsylvania, suggested that the U.S. presence in the Middle East is abetting unrest in the region.

"Get out of these embassies, just plain get out," Johnson said in an interview Monday with the Allentown (Pa.) Morning Call. "Right now, they seem to be the focal point for being able to express that dissension.”

"What are U.S. interests when it comes to the Middle East? If it's keeping us safe, I would argue that our military interventions are what are keeping us unsafe. We're over there and innocent people are dying. When we wag our tail, there's a consequence of that tail wag."

Johnson, 59, had taken off his blazer and was sitting on a shaded bench in blue jeans and a grayish T-shirt with a peace-sign logo. He'd arrived on West Chester University's campus in a white minivan with his face, name and "Live Free" logo splashed across both sides.


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I love Gary.

I think there's a damn high chance that Ron will be voting for Gary in the general: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAwqoJy3NsE

Boom. Already put my Gary Johnson "Live Free" bumper sticker on my car right next to the "I Support Ron Paul" one w/ that cool drawing of his face.


Gary is my man!!

Its NOT surprising to note how LA TIMES talks about Gary Johnson as if he came out of stone age!!

Gary Johnson is no Ron Paul.

However, he has my vote. What we need is populism. I don't care about the minor issues. I just want someone who will represent the people, because those who do hold the same ideals all around. Why do you think there was a pact in 2008 among third-party candidates to unify on a number of standpoints? Criticize me if you will, but I voted for Ralph Nader in 2008. I just want someone who cares more about me and this country than their buddies in D.C. Right now, Governor Johnson has the greatest opportunity to amplify that message, and for that, I will support him.


Where have i heard that before?

I was leaning towards a Johnson vote and this just helped him.

Since a Ron Paul write-in will be thrown away in Washington State,

And since the Constitution Party has nominated a Neo-Con Muslim-hater,

And since I want to hurt the republicans party (and RNC) as much as possible (without actually voting for Obama),

And since the Libertarians are the only other party to have chosen Dr. Paul as their candidate (in 1988),

And since Gary Johnson was most respectful to Dr. Paul during an early republican debate,

...it's looking more and more like a vote for the Libertarians is my most logical choice.

By the way - I believe he needs to be polling at 15% to get in the dabates per their own rotten rules.

The Presidential Debates Commission is made up of ex-republican and ex-democrat party officials and was formed after Ross Perot nearly beat their asses.

Their only goal is to keep any 3rd party cndidate OUT of those debates.

But if Johnson could get in to the debates, he would have a real shot to win in November.


"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul


come on guys.. its coming up quick we need this on the front page.

Here is a link to my post, but if you don't like it make your own up or vote someone elses up.. I don't care simply get this on the front page.


Can someone please answer this?

Going to Uganda to get KONY and the LRA would be constitutional how?

Thank go libertarians are anti war

Take the political quiz and compare yourself to Ron Paul, Obama, and Romney. See if you really are libertarian?


Protect your assets and profit from the greatest wealth transfer in history.

The ONLY way to beat the

The ONLY way to beat the criminal Romney is to vote for his Democratic opponet.PLEASE hear me out . IF we work hard against the GOP like the GOP GANGED up on truth ,using FOX ,RUSH and that bunch , A COMPLETE BLACK-OUT we can make it so hard to suceed ,the country will not fall for their dirty tactic's in 2012 . THIS IS WAR so let's destroy Romney ,HIS GANG and the GOP NOW . They are the elete . STOP , THINK ,one straight party REPUBLICAN VOTE can be two against the elete that has stolen the GOP .

Nah. Voting for a third

Nah. Voting for a third party candidate will defeat him just as badly. Granted it is only half as effective at electing Obama as voting D. But there are enough of us that voting for neither is more than adequate.

What we need to do is complete the Whigging-out of the GOP. The way to do that is to demote it to third-party status by bailing out and jacking up a third-party opponent to approach or pass it. The Libertarian party is the logical candidate for this. Its stated ideology is the closest match to ours among the current crop. An influx of Paulites would likely be met more with welcome arms than broken bones as with the GOP, while swinging the L party the small distance from its current approach to Ron's should fix the few things wrong with it.

= = = =
"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

I would prefer to vote for

I would prefer to vote for Ron Paul like I'm sure most of us would, but since those votes are not even counted in my state, I would prefer to send the loudest possible message to the Republican party, and the best way to do so is a vote for Gary Johnson.


seriously. I completely understand the utter need to only vote for Dr. Paul, but WE ALL KNOW write ins don't get counted for squat. A part of this revolution is about sending a message to the GOP, Johnsons numbers will only solidify that message.

I hear radio FM ads of Gary Johnson every AM drive Los Angeles..

to work (98.7FM) for weeks now....DJ coincidentally is the libertarian Kennedy (Stossel & Fox correspondent).

All I can say is GJ has some $$$$ backing here in the Los Angeles FM radio market...

More Power to GJ!!!

Down with the Monolithic Duopolist Two Party Scam!!!

Every vote for GJ is a vote

Every vote for GJ is a vote for prosperity and freedom. Every vote for Romney is a vote for another hot war and a trade war with China. If elected, Romney will run the United States like Baine Capital -- be will tear it apart and sell off the assets. For example, Israel is licking its chops anticipating their control of our foreign policy in the middle east.

Even if you can't support GJ,

Even if you can't support GJ, I hope you are willing to support the Libertarian Party and help them meet their major party thresholds in their respective states.

They stood with us, now lets stand with them.

Dr. Ron Paul...

has been saying this for DECADES, and instead of a "media firestorm," we got blacked out.

But has the consensus now turned, and we writer-inners should flip-flop and vote for Gary?

Freedom is my Worship Word!

What will a vote for Dr. Paul

What will a vote for Dr. Paul accomplish if the uncertified candidates are not even counted? I honestly doubt Dr. Paul would approve of wasting votes in this manner.

if you feel you must write in

if you feel you must write in ron paul as an uncertified write-in candidate. Then your vote will not be counted. It might make you feel good but you would be better off voting ron paul on sims ps3 at least it would be counted there. The consensus is vote for anyone but obamney(obama/romney) but at least make it count!

you should call your state to make sure they count uncertified write-in candidates and tally them statewide. If not ron paul write-ins are useless.

Ron Paul 2016

Where do you see millions of

Where do you see millions of people flocking to Gary and his platform? Where are the big donors? He's been fighting for TV time and debate time just like Ron had to fight in 2008.

+ 1

Great points.

MSM hates GJ.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

romney has tons of money,

romney has tons of money, rand says vote romney so you should follow the money i guess! $$$$$Romney$$$$$$$ /s

Ron Paul 2016

We can still work toward non-interventionism.

It's been a long road. Ron Paul had to struggle against media bias for five years. GJ similarly is not being promoted, and this latest statement could help or hurt him. I'd love to see him in the debates.

Support the Constitution of the United States


fishy to me.


Bring our troops home!

Let's get GJ into the debates guys, it'd be refreshing to at least have a guy with a DIFFERENT opinion

Real question...

How CAN we get Gary into the debates anyway? Yell, scream and stamp our feet until the debate organizers pay attention? I honestly have no idea what can be done that will be effective.

I believe the official

I believe the official criteria is the candidate must receive at least 15% support in five major polling operations. This rule was put in place in 2000 possibly in response to the growing threat of a Nader candidacy. Incidentally, neither John Anderson or Ross Perot would have qualified for the debates under those conditions. It's a challenging rule, but I think Dr. Paul might have been able to pull the 15% if he was running now.

Yeah but

I would suspect that the polls that are approved of by the FEC do not even include Johnson. The question they will ask is do you support Obama, Romney or undecided. Any poll that actually includes a third party by name will not be considered a valid poll. They will just fix the polls by making sure that the ones that qualify for inclusion do not have a chance of Johnson getting 15%.

bump nump

bump bump bump

Support the Constitution of the United States


Calls emails...Twitter Facebook...all contact numbers are online.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

All things that are fairly

All things that are fairly easily done, but they later proved largely ineffective with the general voting population (as far as Ron's campaign went).

In other words, who do we have to talk to who can help us make this happen? I'm encouraged with Gary appearing with Judge Napolitano today. We need more biggies on Gary's side... and FAST!