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Like Christopher Hightower for State Representative facebook page bomb

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Oh, heck yeah!

I'll gladly support Chris Hightower. I remember his videos from the Rand Paul campaign against Trey Grayson in 2010. You'll remember the Grayson campaign sent out stalkers to video tape every move Rand Paul made.

Chris Hightower began turning his camera on the stalkers and my favorite was the "pancake man" video where Chris invited the stalker to have a pancake breakfast with the campaign.
Very funny stuff. Now he's running for State Representative in Kentucky and needs our help! http://www.hightowerforkentucky.com/

Like His Facebook Page and Donate As Well

We need to encourage people to like Christopher Hightower for Kentucky State Representative face book page and send him a $10.00 donation as well. If we believe in liberty at the state level as well this is the man we need in elected office! Kudos to everyone who has already done so.

$10,00 Campaign Donation On the Way

I am donating $10.00 tonight and I am encouraging people to match me. Click here to securely donate online: https://secure.hightowerforkentucky.com/

like Christopher Hightower

like Christopher Hightower for State Representative facebook page bomb

Chris Hightower

Like Bomb!:)

Like Bomb!:)