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Ron Paul in for Long Haul With MLK Day Money Bomb

From Gambling911.com

Ron Paul supporters will not be daunted. Despite less than exciting finishes in both Iowa and New Hampshire, the Ron Paul supporters march on. Once again another "money bomb" is being set in motion. This time it is planned for Martin Luther King Jr. day on January 21st. It will be doubtful that they can break another record and top the last record they set of just over six million dollars, but with this bunch, one never knows.

Once again, the event is being planned entirely by grassroots activists. No one person is in charge. No one person developed the idea. This comes simply from the supporters who are not letting go of the dream of a Ron Paul Presidency.

Even though only two races out of fifty have been held, and even though that represents less than one half of one per cent, a lot of people are ready to write Ron Paul off. Well, I can tell you this, the Ron Paul supporters in general will not be voting for any other candidate. Once people have had a taste of freedom and liberty, they cannot go back. Only a smattering of Ron Paul supporters would be caught dead voting for another Republican. It would be really interesting to see what would happen if he did decide to make a third party bid.

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I will

Never quit! I'm broke as can be, but I'm in for another $100.00.
This is just too important! Call, email everyone you can and lets get this great Man some more money!

Call your neighbors...what's $10?

We can break the new donor record for one day!

Who is Ron Paul? I am Ron Paul! We are Ron Paul!
"Fire Team for Freedom" on RonPaulRadio.com
Mondays and Wednesdays 10pm EST
or visit www.mikeandjake.com

"Fire Team for Freedom"
visit www.mikeandjake.com

Will the record be broken?

We can break the new donor record for one day!

I think the campaign 'experts' at Ron Paul HQ need to demonstrate at least once that they know what they are doing.

So far, the regular folks outside of campaign have shown they can use money much better than the HQ 'experts' (limo, blimp, myriad web sites, videos, articles, ads, music,... all much better than what the HQ experts have produced).

This is basically the same reasoning which is behind our preference to keep our hard earned buck locally rather than send it to Washington for politicians to spend "more" wisely. Similarly the present HQ staff doesn't seem up to task of creating effective advertising or even an effective web page for the first time visitors. We joined despite of staff not because of them.

How many ads they made and ran have you linked to, emailed or shown to others? I emailed many dozens of links to videos and articles to people in my address book and not a single one was to the advertising material produced by the Dr Paul's campaign staff.

Do you think if you were to shut down this site and give the money you spend on it to the campaign HQ experts, they would yield better effect than this site? I doubt it very much.

I wish it were otherwise, but my hunch is that grassroots are losing faith in the expertise of the campaign staff. So far, bottom-up worked much better. Unless they show a much bigger bang for the buck than in IA & NH, the next bomb will likely turn into a dud.

I have concerns about this,

I have concerns about this, because doesn't the King Estate require people to get permission from them for events and fundraisers in MLK's name? Has Trevor Lyman gotten permission from the King estate for this? I hope so, because if not, this could be very bad if the King estate decided to sue over this. :( I did some internet research on this, thats why I am concerned. Someone please tell me Lyman got permission from the King estate.
From another thread:

If Trevor is unaware of this you may want to
On January 3rd, 2008 cactus1010 says:

pass this along to him and his lawyers. That is, if you are concerned at all about causing any problems for Ron Paul.

i. To seek permission to use the intellectual property of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., which is owned by the King Estate and which includes right of publicity to his name, likeness and image; his copyrighted words; and his recorded voice; please contact Intellectual Properties Management (IPM), manager of the King Estate. Please send all correspondence to the attention of the Licensing Department, IPM, 449 Auburn Avenue NE, Atlanta, GA 30312, or fax the request to: 404-526-8969, or email any questions to: licensing@i-p-m.com. NOTE: IPM does not provide legal advice in the area of intellectual property law. If your particular circumstance requires the solicitation of a legal opinion, we strongly suggest that you see the advice of an attorney.


Oh Please

It's not being done in his name. He's not saying MLK wants you to vote for me. The King family does not own the day.

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I really want this to be

I really want this to be successful and am a big RP supporter and not a troller, just voicing valid concerns here. I sent Trevor Lyman an e-mail with this info and am hoping he'll tell me he already got permission, or that he's aware of this and on top of it.


Do I need the King Estate's permission to have a child on MLK Day? Give me a break.

can't let him down!

can't let him down!

There it is!

A salute to those who love freedom! Not going back is right!

We are just beginning! Support the fundraiser:


delete my account!!!

I am in for the long haul.

I am in for the long haul. This is the best chance we have had in my lifetime to regain our Republic. I plan to double my contribution for Jan 21.

We need to go all out to win the nomination. If we come up short then we need to get Dr. Paul to go third party. We really need to form a new party and get the Libetarian and Constitution Parties to join us in this fight. Dr. Paul could let his message go to the entire nation.

This is more than just one election. It is a movement. I am encouraged to keep on fighting the good fight and spreading the liberty message.

I'm Doubling my Donation

I would give almost anything if I could have campaigned in New Hampshire or Iowa for Ron. The latest news about the economy and Bush's war rhetoric and the passage of HR 1955 have all driven home to me that if this country can be saved through the political process or even through education, only Ron Paul can do it.

We all knew going into Iowa and New Hampshire that Huckabee and McCain had no money left, the poor saps who let themselves be talked into voting for him will learn it soon enough as they drop out because they have no funds to continue. We'll win this war by attrition if not by pure enthusiasm.

And in the near future when people look back on the campaign of a man they didn't expect to make it, and realize how far he came while the media ignored him and wrote him off, those old media corporations that have been keeping us down will be discredited.

No Money Left

Excuse me but now that they've won a primary they have plenty of money rolling in. If the RP campaign wants to have plenty of money rolling in they need to win a primary too.

ALL FOR MLK DAY MONEY BOMB... but dont despair...

if its not as good as the previous ones... EVERY CANDIDATE on the Republican side is feeling a money crunch right now...
No one is getting FLOODS of money... except maybe Romney who finances his own campaign LOL...
This is one of the reasons Ron Paul is setting good... I hope he starts spending some of his haul, sometime, because he's going to need it come SUPER Teusday...
Maybe Muckabee will have to drop out due to lack of financing... McCain isnt sitting pretty either when you look at his donations, he is now BORROWING money (and has been) just to stay alive!
How long CAN a candidate remain viable with no money??

Our country's been broke for over twenty years

He just lets the Fed print more for him

We will not quit

our effort to rescue the Republic that we love. If the Republican party wants to commit political suicide and nominate someone other than Ron Paul, we will not follow them like sheep to the slaughter house. The message is powerful, we need to bring it to every American and let each person decide what to do with the necessary information at his/her disposal. The voters will have, one way or the other, a clear choice at their disposal:"more of the same" or freedom, peace and prosperity.

MLK MoneyBomb Must Save a Dismal January Donation Total!!

Let's all hope that the MLK MoneyBomb of January 21st surprises all of us. For if it disappoints we are on track to having a dismal January Donation Total of about $1.75 to $2 Million Dollars, dead last among the major candidates!!

At this rate Dr. Paul may consider suspending the campaign after Super Tuesday, Feb. 5th!!

I hope and pray that the Grassroots will rally to this MoneyBomb and send the country and Ron Paul the strongest possible message of support and encouragement to continue the REOVLution after Tsunami Tuesday!!

~Not excited?~

um.. no offence, but I was STOKED overall about the first three states... one was sewn up, the other two, we placed where the opposition was bleeding money for an early bump, yet we stayed where we needed to be to keep in debates. I'm a mile runner, I understand the strategy...

After Feb 5, there will be 4 opponents at most left... all which will probably be invited to the next set of debates. Mission accomplished! All we need to do is get the word out, and the movement will keep going. Here is some silly statistics of what I have found walking around my town:

For every 10 people I talk to, 6 will get on FIRE about Dr. Paul with not too much effort.

One person in 20 in America has heard of Ron Paul.

SoOo.. we need debates, with less people in them, so Paul has more time to talk...

So as far as what I see, we're going quite well, and it'll reach critical mass soon enough.

Speaking for myself, My Apathy is cured, my children are looking at the issues, more people are taking the red pill, and it's viral... freedom IS sexy!

I am Ron Paul

~Live life to its fullest, with an open heart, open arms and most important... an open mind~