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Just curious. How many of you who plan to support Rand Paul in 2016...

will not vote for Gary Johnson in 2012?

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I don't currently plan on voting for either

Until I see what I want from them.

Likelihood of voting for either:
Johnson 10% chance
Rand 30% chance


I don't vote for party apologists.

Well, I won't.

I think he's okay where he is in the legislative branch, but I feel that at least half our battle is electing libertarians to executive offices.

I would vote for Ron Paul again if he ran for President--or Governor--but not Rand. And I won't change my mind.

Support the Constitution of the United States

my only fear

is the establishment puts Jeb Bush of Mike Huckabee's fat asses up there and throws dump trucks of money behind them.

Rand has a lot of fence mending to do with me.

I will not support Rand but I would support Jesse, or some other person who is more for going back to doing things like our Founding Fathers instructed us to do.

Beyond policy issues, Rand

Beyond policy issues, Rand has some extremely serious character problems. I can't see ever trusting a man who betrays in his father in so many personal ways.

If I can vote

from my Bunker.

RON Paul 2016!

rand is toast CHRIS CHRISTIE

i as of now I would say maybe,,,, but i'm surprised out how many here think rand has a chance,,,,, chris christie is a shoe in in 2016,,,, many avg joe's have no idea who rand is,,, but everyone knows christie and he's popular to both sides---
also,,, do you really think the GOP is gonna choose or back rand over christie,,,,, and won't rand face the same problems as occured in 2012 to us

I'm 100% behind Rand Paul 2016

But I'm voting for Johnson this year.

Because a Romney win this year equals a 0% chance of Rand Paul 2016 happening.

Staying in the GOP does not equal voting for neocons, it means you get involved now in your county and state party till we have at least 25 more A.J. Spikers before 2016. If 25 of us follow A.J's lead and become State Chairmen/women Rand Paul won't face the problems Ron Paul had this year at the RNC.

That said, I hope enough of us put our differences with Gary Johnson aside and help the Libertarian Party achieve record vote totals, their ballot access will get much easier for them if they pull in 5% of the vote in many states.

I am!

Rand is a Loser

A fucking Loser.

Only the Rand Fan Boys who are blind and deaf still believe the guy has any value to the liberty movement. He is worthless at teats on a bore hog..... (southern saying)..... Any value he had to the liberty movement is ancient history.

I am sad to say he is Ron Paul's son. How could the DNA get so Fucked up? Maybe he is adopted?

As Rand has said

Judge him by his voting record over the next 4 years. Holding up foreign aid like he has been is a very solid start. You'd just throw that under the bus? I'd remind you that Ron Paul himself has endorsed more neocons in Texas than can fit in my house...endorsements don't mean much...I'm not voting for Romney...

I am!

2016 is a long ways off.

2016 is a long ways off.

Southern Agrarian

Not so much...


I cant do it

I can not vote for Rand. In 2016, God willing, I will still remember how he left his father to take his place beside Romney. In my opinion, if he can do that to his father, much less to the rest of us, how can I ever trust him completely?

Sometimes, when I think about it, I wonder if Rand Paul and Jesse Benton got together with a plan..and that was why Rand left his then 'roommate', his father. I wonder if the conflict had started back then

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina