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VOTE NOW for the Biggest Bigot in 2008 Campaign- Digg it

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WOW.....hope it goes viral!

WOW.....hope it goes viral! 1393 views, and #24 top rated news/politics!

Hillary # 1

McCain # 2.

Clinton did not use a surrogate when she said Obama had not done his spadework. Of all the terms she might have used, why did she choose that one? Everything in politics is carefully pre-planned.

The message was, Obama is a SPADE. She is appealing to racists and bigots.


What spadework? Explain please.

She said

That Obama had "not done the spadework to be president"

Also, she said that none of MLK's accomplishments could have com w/o LBJ.....that's just nasty.

Oh, Comrade Bill called the Obama campaign a "fairytale"

Such nice folk they have down in Arkansas....

Mike Stahl

Mike Stahl


I see. Drudge has been hammering Hill and Bill unmercifully. Ha, we think RP has it bad with the media. Hilliary is getting smeared...because Barack Hussein Obama is the 'media darling.'

It is so terribly unfortunate that so many of those, in

one of these useless collective classifications, do not see this fact that is so plain, so absolutely evident.

collectivist vs...

individualism has been discussed throughout ages, yes.

McCain and Hillary

Voted and Dugg.

Great! still figuring out

Great! still figuring out the DIGG thing :-)



If anyone can help with,

If anyone can help with, what I think is sending one 'VIRAL'....please do. I put this one on DIGG but have yet to figure out how to put the little yellow box here for people to click. Here is the link:


still needs youtube

still needs youtube views/ratings/comments.......now #27! Lot's more DIGG too!

All of the above

except Ron Paul.
They all want to throw anyone in jail for having had a MJ in their possession.
And after three times, put 'em away for 5 years in the big house.
That'll help them be a model citizen.

for many....

this is new information.

This one already has 2

This one already has 2 honors and great if we could move it on up! I voted for Julie Annie....hehee

another time around!

another time around!



McCain #1

Huckabee #2.

I tell you that black people are much easier to talk to about Ron Paul than white people. This is why we need a flyer for the black community and Free at Last.

i agree

When I've been at sign wavings I have noticed that black people are much more open-minded than white people in terms of allowing you to hand them literature at an intersection. I think it is because black people grow up their whole lives being taught how the political system affects them and they understand that politics are very important. White people in this country, by and large, have become extremely complacent, because the status quo is just way too convenient.

Seems there should be a fair

Seems there should be a fair amount to choose from.


My vote goes to Hilliary. What a gal!

based on THIS one....


It has to be the Huckabomber....HANDS DOWN!!

Sounds like my dad

That word for word sounds like my dad. I've given up trying to talk sense into the man.. Used to respect him too.. :(

now we know

why you called him huckabomber

love the Title!

love the Title!


need to vote too ha.

commercial quality

now that should be a commercial. That spoke volumns. And RP is dealing with his "racist" stuff. what a joke.

Watch to find out

who's the real racists in the 2008 campaign

Putting in MY favorites!

Putting in MY favorites!


Good idea.