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Facebooker LOLs About Car Crash — And Gets Jailed

Contempt of court for not deleting a comment on facebook? 1st amendment, anyone?


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Nice Post!

The comment section is a perfect example of the people out there we have to contend with. There are actually more idiots that think the judge did the right thing than those who do not. I'd join in the argument but i HATE using my facebook account, I only have one because I'm musician and it's kind of vital for what i do. I find very scary how people cannot separate the girl's idiotic acts and the blatant disregard for her basic fundamental rights as a citizen.

facebook destroyed my life (joking)

But it really does mess with our lives. Think of how many arguments and miss quotes and just bullshit you have felt and delt with because of facef*ck. My girl and I quit 3 years ago and damn we never knew how much it influenced things in our lived. She and I have a much much better relationship now. It was pathetic we where so involved with facef*ck. I urge EVERYONE to stop quit and go back to your normal lives.