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Demand A Written Ballot This November!

What do you guys think?

How about a campaign on election day aimed at getting the voters to demand a written ballot.

I would even use signs that say that George Soros's company will be counting the electronic votes in Spain. This way some Romney supporters would grab a written ballot as to not let Obama win.

Could be a good way to get everyday Americans back to using pen and paper instead of letting machines tell us who won.

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We wil all get a big surprise

We wil all get a big surprise come november when it is determined, that both, romney and obama have lost to…hu jintao.


Written ballots in my state, pa, would be treated as provisional ballots, which are "fully counted, partially counted or not counted at all". sigh, I have such a love/hate relationship with technology.

I know this won't help for

I know this won't help for this election as it is pretty much sealed up for Obama.

If we can get our neighborhood neo-cons to distrust the electronic voting system then getting a liberty-minded candidate elected in the primaries in 2016 will be a smidgen less difficult.


I'm all for this.

Every voter should get a receipt

If we can do it at gas pumps, why can't we do it at voting machines?

We all want progress, but if you're on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.

-C. S. Lewis

I attempted that in 2008 and

I attempted that in 2008 and got the third degree. I live in a TN district with computerized voting with no paper trail. I asked for a paper ballot just to see what would happen. They had the paper ballots there in a big manila envelope with large, capitalized red letters "FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY!". The precinct leader was a cantankerous elderly lady who shook the envelope in my face to "make sure I read it." I reiterated that I still wanted one. She called the local voting commission head to ask if I could have one and then I heard her say, "I already told her that." She said no and asked if I'd like to speak to her and I did. I was told no I can't have one on the phone. As I walked out of the voting precinct, I told all the workers there, "How do you really know your vote counts? Computers can be easily manipulated." I called the local ABC affiliate and they wanted to do a story on it. They showed up to the precinct to talk to me. I did not tell them they wouldn't allow me to vote; only that I was not allowed to have a paper ballot so as to have some kind of proof that I voted. I voiced my concerns about computerized voting. To be fair, the station also interviewed the commission head and they made it sound like I had said they wouldn't allow me to vote which was untrue. And then they proceeded to knock me by saying, "Well, we've had these voting machines for 3 elections and she didn't complain until now?" Truth was that I had been living in another state. After I moved to TN, the machines that were used were not the paperless computerized machines; they had the ballot scanners and I had no idea they could be manipulated too. I didn't complain the first time the computers showed up because I wasn't expecting them. I had little time to really think about what to do or research them online. I didn't see the machines a third time before I asked for the paper ballots. Just be prepared for the repercussions when you challenge the status quo. Already have the local television stations or newspaper phone numbers on you when you're given the third degree. I didn't know about blackboxvoting.org at the time and that would've been a nice thing to mention because they have video proof of vote machine rigging on their website. Have several people show up at the same time to ask for paper ballots. It's tough when you do it alone. And if people don't stand up to this, it's going to be that much harder next time. This is what the establishment counts on every single time; they know we complain maybe a month or two before the elections and they always respond with the same answer, "It's too late to make the changes" or "we don't have enough time to print new ballots", etc. You see what I mean? It's just like SCTYL, no one is screaming to stop it so be assured, many of our votes will be counted in Spain. If the people don't make a stand, nothing will be done. I am very disillusioned to think now my vote doesn't count anymore in my own district. And it's set up here that if you want an absentee ballot (for the paper trail proof), they have only certain criteria to be able to get one. And wanting a paper ballot isn't one of them. They've got it set up so that you are practically forced to use the computer voting machines. One of the women at blackboxvoting.org who conducted a test to see if the machines could be rigged broke down crying when it was proven they can be. It just depends on how much people care about whether their votes count or not. I hope they do.

I don't know the answer but wouldn't these

ballots treated as provisional, in those states using the machines?

Isn't it a federal offense if

Isn't it a federal offense if they deny it?

Southern Agrarian

I'd love to know if it is and

I'd love to know if it is and the law that states that because I'll attempt it again with the law in hand! I know what they will do to me when I ask for one in my district. I tried it 4 years ago.