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Continuing to Squeal: "Conservative" RINOs Blame Ron Paul Supporters, Round 3

It's no surprise: we've heard this time and again, but now the pressure is really on for Romney supporters to rail in as many voters as they can to increase the chance of a Republican win. Conservatives are scrambling to blame and shame us into supplementing Romney's vote totals. Whatever your plans for voting 2012, it's always good to get confirmation of our impact on the election. It's hilarious that they now are forced to make a pitch to us to save their sinking ship:

Breitbart.com: Time for Ron Paul Supporters to Support the Constitution

There is no more time for games, no room for hurt feelings. Ron Paul fans, you need to choose, because not voting for Romney is a vote for Obama. It’s that simple. And you could make the difference.

Making no choice in this election is a choice – it’s a choice for a collectivist who will get two or three Supreme Court picks over a man who picked a guy, Paul Ryan, who understands capitalism and its unbreakable link to human freedom. Now, this is a two-way street. Romney and Ryan need to reach out to libertarians over their common ground. Fortunately, there is lots of common ground.


Originally picked up from TomWoods.com

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Blending To a Degree—of Invisibility

They should blame conservative flanked by quotations,
Rs rejected conservative for “liberal” salvation.
A chameleon’s strategy relies on the tactic of blending;
Mr. Romney is invisible—he blends with what he’s contending.

Invisibility v. Teleprompterbility is not day v. night,
Rs are afraid to differentiate—they are Dem-lights.
If there is no contrast—they will lose for certain,
Hurt some feelings—blend with some libertarian!

Do not try to compete with blind euphoria,
For only Blind Sheep & Zombies believe in Utopia!
Tell ‘em you ain’t gonna give ‘em nuthin’,
“Cept freedom—so they can get their own somethin’.

They might be surprised...

T Kosciuszko

If one is voting in a battleground state,
Mr. Obama is the initial trauma to abate.

Human freedom is Imagination's most precious possession.

After Rmoney loses

to Obummer. Breitbartstein better write an article and give us credit for costing Rmoney the election or I will be pissed. We deserve full credit.

We should counter Breitbartstein with an article making it clear that we will cost the GOP every election until the Zionist neoCons are gone from the GOP.

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Oh don't

worry, IMO THAT IS THE POINT of these "articles".

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

BRAVO!! WE Constitutional Libertarians shall liberate the

Grand Old Party! from th TYranists :] Libertarian s are going to take over the country and then their going to leave you alone. RonzdaMan -perhaps you should write the article.

With all due respect, I will no longer be a voting prostitute for Constitution rejecting harlots.

simple response for all these

simple response for all these romney types begging us to vote for romney. If they want to win over conservative republicans and libertarians? then invite gary to the debates. If your golden boy romney is so great. Then romney can expose obama and gary in a debate and win us over:) snicker;) this should be our responses in mass now. they keep saying we must vote romney? PROVE IT, Include gary in the debates and explain why we should vote for a criminal like obamney. This should shut them up or help expose the fact that romney will lose and cannot win the debate. botom line romney is a dead-man walking unless he includes gary in a debate and proves he is better then gary? We all know he wil never agree since he would get crushed on issues but it backs them into a corner. We give them an olive branch by letting them prove that romney is right thru a debate with gary. haha

Ron Paul 2016

The answer to:What are we doing...what is our strategy?

The strategy is simple and ongoing. We will continue to take the party over at the ground level. We will replace the Neo-Con hand picks over time...all the while watching this great country crumble further...and the pain meter rise.

It is the only thing we can do. And thus far we have been successful...just not enough for this cycle. Most of you who had no part in this cycle other than showing up on primary day have no idea the amount of fraud that is happening within the system and you think that there was a clear majority for Romney...because that's what the news shows told you.

We KNOW different because we have been in the trenches. We have seen the voting algorithms and blatant anomalies. We have experienced the subterfuge and filmed it. The only way you'll find out how many of us there are is by seeing the margin of loss that Romney will realize. It is then you will understand that a full 30% of the GOP has jumped the reservation and is now taken up defensive positions in the insurrection mountains.

We have been cheated, defrauded and even assaulted through the last 8 years and still we fight back. What we will never do is lend credence to our abusers by enabling them further. We are not beaten wives, scared of being on our own, destitute and forlorn. We are the beaten wives that have finally said "no more" and we are ready to brave the shelters that we know will be a far cry from the creature comforts that will be allowed us by complying...and thereby allowing more punches to the face.

We are ready for the hardships ahead and look forward to starting anew...with even more irate Americans at our shoulders...as it is apparent to us that too many are still asleep and need the pinch of the vise grip ahead to awaken to our plight.

This whole thing will come off its wheels soon and it doesn't matter who is president for the collapse of our economy is chiseled in stone...a chisel held by the Republican establishment....hit by a hammer swung by the Democrat establishmnet...all directed by international bankers and globalists...the very conspiracy that you continue to deny.

What we don't have is control of the propaganda machine needed to turn this ship of state from its course as so many of our fellow citizens are still mesmerized by the mind controllers and lost in the two party-one agenda paradigm of the last 100 years.

Change will only come from chaos...and its chaos that our fellow Republicans want by forcing, Romney on us...so we're about to hand it to them in spades. And BTW, I am NOT a Libertarian (well maybe now I am). I voted straight Republican in every horse race of last 38 years. I am simply aware now...far more than I was 8 years ago.

You should have listened to the voices of the very people we send to die in far off lands for Ron Paul received more money from them than all of the other candidates, including Obama...added together. But you didn't. Instead you listened to the talking heads blathering in your ears about Sharia Law and World Caliphates...as if houses stocked with semi-automatic weapons and deer rifles would never stand against the invading hoards of Muslims...Muslims who want no part of our ways.

You are all still asleep and though you attack us, vilify us and try and blame your intellectual failures on us, we are returning your ire with love...tough love. Now get to your rooms and think about what you've done.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

Not Enough Pain Yet

I was speaking to a friend, open-minded but not a big RP supporter. He basically agreed with your post. There has to be a lot of pain in the country to mobilize the masses to demand change. Things aren't great, but there's just not enough pain, as of today, for us to pull off the Ron Paul Revolution with his elected president in 2012.

Thus, we continue plugging away for liberty while the economy and the dollar continue to crumble. Until such time as the pain is bad enough that more and more people demand change.

The thing I hate is the possibility that the "change" could very well be more tyranny with the masses asking the Feds for help rather than more liberty. It is an exciting and dangerous time.

The Constitutional Return to Sound Money - Today!

That is certainly my fear...

that in our zeal for change, we will look to very criminals who have raped and pillaged our society for more than 100 years...for the answers to the problems they and their proxy's have created.

Kinda makes a draconian end, one that allows few of the criminals further breath (much less an empowered soap box) to be something to hope for. I dunno, but seems that things like majority ire rarely end well for the ruling class...except when the ire is generated and manufactured by one faction of the ruling class in an effort to rid itself of the other.

I see this in the French revolution wherein a new ruling class of mercantilists seemed to have stepped seamlessly into control by wielding the emotional puppet strings of the populace in such a way as to quickly gain acquiescence of the governed...and an ignominious end to the nobility that stymied or coerced them. Their relationships, much like today were nothing more than political protection in return for financial enrichment for said protection...until the mercantilists saw their out...

Its gonna get interesting and something we all should watch...personally I think I will watch from afar...

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

Wish it would end that way...

But it probably won't.

It will end with piles of bodies and people needing answers.

The names of all those corrupt GOP hacks will come up. They were instrumental in aiding and abetting tyranny.

Romney couldn't win the primary election with our involvement

and now he can't win the general election without our involvement.

Too bad for o'l Mittens.

What I find interesting in this case and in the case of Beck

is...... how do they know we aren't voting for Romney?????

There have been no marches in the streets.
There have been no rallys.
There have been no "polls" taken of liberty minded people.
There have been no major news stories about what "WE" are doing?

They just KNOW. And how do they know? Because of their GUILTY CONSCIENCES, about how they blocked RP out of television, gave him no time in the debates, called him names, and treated him and all of us shabbily at the convention. They are now thinking of what THEY would do if THEY had been treated this way! And since Romney is doing such an abysmal job of campaigning.... they now know that they NEED those folks that they spit on and cheated and called names.

It is their CONSCIENCE and their FEAR OF RETRIBUTION that is inspiring these kinds of articles.... since "WE" as a group have made no mainstream statements.

hahahhaha..... you can't hide from your own conscience!

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

They might have a clue from...

They might have a clue from the graphic of a man with his head up his a** and GOP written across it that I stuffed in my latest "Support Mitt" mailer and returned.

Under it I wrote this caption: "The GOP had two excellent choices for presidential candidate this year: #1 Congressman Paul and #2 Gov. Johnson. Instead the GOP marginalized them and gave us Willard M. Romney".

When Willard tanks the GOP owns it, no one else.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

This Is A Crucial Point

If they had treated us fairly, they would have less cause to fear what they consider "retribution."

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard


Good point.

Glenn Beckerwood "schools" us again today.

Why Ron Paul supporters need to wake up...Where the Federal Reserve is taking our country...Mitt is against the Fed blah blah blah..
Anyone have the audio?

Beck did it again today.

Beck made numerous comments today on his show about how Ron Paul supporters would agree with Romney on this or that. I was on my way to lunch and wanted to gag. Thank goodness I had not eatten yet.

couldn't resist, but didn't

couldn't resist, but didn't you hear school's out;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbNEOJMGFAo

Ron Paul 2016

They should be happy

I'm definitely not voting for Obama.

if romney had half the

if romney had half the integrity of RP -maybe- he would get my vote. But since he has zero integrity, he gets nothing.
A vote for anyone else will probably save thousands of lives in Iran, too.

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants

Why I won't vote for Romney:

The Neo-con element of the Republican Party is a repugnant aberration that needs to be spanked beaten broken and discarded into the dustbins of history.

I think this message of not

I think this message of not choosing which leads to a vote for Obama is finally starting to hit home with me. I think it might be the right choice to vote for Romney now. BAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHIJFHJKDHFDSKJGHKJFDSGHKJFDGKJHFDSGKJLFDHK


I will still vote for Ron Paul and watch everyone suffer through this together. It's all of you sorry Romney supporters who got us here in the first place, and now you want a bail out? Not happening. Enjoy four more years of Obama, you deserve it!!

So ... how can we have an EFFECT on the election???

We are getting caught in a trap here, guys (and dolls). We are letting "them" set the terms of the debate, and then just throwing things back at them, which to them sounds childish (and that means it is not effective for us).

When the neocons and their lapdogs yell out that "a non-vote is a vote for Obama," we should NOT say that a vote for Romney is a vote for Obama. The reasons we should not say this are: (a) it is not true (a vote for Candidate A is not a vote for Candidate B -- this is THEIR logic, and it is WRONG), and (b) it is not in context, meaning that THEY (the average GOP voter) does not understand the context we are coming from, so it is denied and ignored by them).

So, Ron Paul is not the GOP candidate. He will not be an independent candidate, nor will he be the Libertarian Party candidate. Sure, we can write him in. Nothing wrong with that. But how can we really have an EFFECT on the ELECTION?

Personally, I do not want to see Obama in office another 4 days, much less another 4 years. And I am (really, I *am*) sypmathetic to the average GOP voter's plea to get Obama out of office via election (but then, why haven't they been talking about impeachment? -- but I won't digress). I really am sympathetic to the argument that Romney "won't be as bad."

BUT ...

Romney has surrounded himself with NEOCONS. Or maybe, they have surrounded him. No matter.

The truth is ... a vote for Obama is a vote for a POLICE STATE.

And ... a vote for Romney is ALSO a vote for a POLICE STATE.

Now THAT is the ONLY reason I do not want Obama in office at all. It is also the SAME reason I do not want to see Romney -- AND HIS NEOCON HANDLERS -- in power at all.

The errosion of liberty. The creeping police state. The making of enemies worldwide. The collapsing dollar. The corporate bailouts. The insane government spending. The lying, cheating politicians who are only in it for power. The creepy globalist agenda. THIS is why I could never vote for either marxists OR neocons. THIS is why I do not support either Obama OR Romney.

But ... the average GOP voter (not to mention the average DNC voter) are completely clueless about this ... or they are lying to themselves and ignoring the uncomfortable reality.

It is somewhat painful for me to say this, but the WORST thing that could happen is for Romney to get elected. Yes, I would hold out hope that I am wrong about him, but the key is not him. The key is those who SURROUND him and ADVISE him and, yes ... probably CONTROL him.

THOSE are the people who would be running a Romney administration. And THAT would lead ever closer to a police state.

So, we can vote for Gary Johnson, or write in Ron Paul, or hell, even write in Jesse Ventura. But to REALLY have an EFFECT on the 2012 election, we should turn our focus to doing exactly what the neocons have been doing to us: EAT AWAY AT THEIR ABILITY TO GET WHAT THEY WANT.

What do they want? Power. Nothing more. Not liberty, not smaller government, not spending cuts. That is all political campaign bull***t. No, they just want power. And the way they hope to get it is by having Romney in office. Of course, they still have other avenues of power other that this, but that is their top prize.

So, we should be using tactics that are not designed to offend the conservatives, but are instead designed to OUT THE NEOCONS AND STOP THEM FROM THEIR AGENDA.

Unfortunately, the first step to this is to make sure Romney is NOT elected. What is the way we can work towards that?

Not by supporting Obama, that's for sure. In fact, supporting any candidate, while maybe something worth doing, is not going to have nearly the impact as this:


That is what we should now focus on doing.

When we see anti-liberty and pro-Romney posts online, we should simply say that we cannot support Romney because he is a vote for a police state.

If they say that not voting for Romney is a vote for Obama, we should say FIRST that voting for Obama is voting for a police state. (They will most likely agree with this.) And THEN we should say that unfortunately, voting for Romney is ALSO voting for a police state. (They will say huh??? to this.)

We need to start focusing on the REAL problem: the neocons. We need to stop attacking Romney directly because IT.IS.NOT.WORKING!

Instead, we should awaking the average GOP voter to the FACT that the neocons are a cancer within the GOP and that THEY ARE NOT CONSERVATIVES, despite the deceptive name they've given themselves.

And since Romney is surrounded by neocons, and will be if president, we cannot support him because there are evil people who will really control his administration.

This gets the topic of conversation squarely where it belongs: What exactly IS a neocon, why are they bad people with evil agendas, and why should the GOP voters get them OUT of the Republican Party?

If we can be effective at THIS, then it will both help promote the cause of liberty, long-term (without actually trying to promote it), and it will help block the neocons from controlling the White House. It will also help awaken more people to the truth that the neocons are the ones destroying the GOP and the nation.

Personally, I would never support a marxist over a neocon anymore than I would support a neocon over a marxist. They are both collectivists and both interested only in power over others. Both are evil. Both deserve to be bashed and outed in favor of people who promote liberty.

As a group, we have not been educating the average GOP voter about the cancer within their own party. Maybe that is what we should start focusing on and see if it has an effect.

You take over the party.

By the way, the 2016 election began in Feb, 2012, given the rules changes in Tampa.

It's not enough anymore to take delegates, now you need to control your state executive committee.

So, if you didn't start in February 2012, taking the actions you need to take to get on your state's central committee, you are 6 months behind the 2016 cycle already.

Want to change the debate? This is how you do it.

B*tching online changes zero.

henry9's picture

Of course you are right.

But, nobody knows what 2016 will look like.

Do you really think we have 4 years left to stave off a total crash?

At some point we need to divide into camps of the hopefuls and the WTF.

It's called Risk Management.

In the event there is no total crash by 2016, you have to have your plan in place.

Hopefully, you are planning on the 5 most likely scenarios and risk managing to them.

One of the 5 most likely is no total crash, which means you better have started taking steps to end up with a seat on your GOP's state central committee beginning 6 months ago.

I agree. I also suggest that

I agree. I also suggest that Romney's neocons can get FAR more of the left-wing agenda passed than Obama's cronies. That's because the Republicans would knuckle under if the proposal came from a Romney administration when they'd fight if it came from Obama's, while most Democrats would gleefully vote for it in either case.

It's just like the way it took Nixon to open relations with Red China during the Cold War. If any Democrat had tried it the screams of "Commie!" would have drowned out the debate.

= = = =
"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.


I read the article and that was my reaction to it. My take is - they call Ron Paul supporteres cry babies because "our guy lost so suck it up and deal with it." Now I see it reversed; "Whaa!! We may lose the election from not enough support so we need Ron Paul supporters and libertarian-leaning Republicans to get behind Romney." Your guy might lose because of the way you treated his opponents and their duly elected delegates so if he loses, suck it up and deal with it.

You reap what you sow and as a Staff Sergeant told us in the Marines - you piss me off, I piss you off. I might vote for Obama. I might vote for Johnson and telling me it's a wasted vote is insulting to that very freedom I helped protect and defend.

It gets better.....

.....now there another webpage with this bit of dis-information on Ron Paul:


And this:


tyrannyfighter got banned, i

tyrannyfighter got banned on breit the establishment guy, i guess i was giving too much info on the criminal obamney. nice to see you responding and i can reply to comments using fb. i think i posted 20-30 comments replying to obamney zombies out 1600-1800 comments i guess that is a no no:)

Ron Paul 2016

They should have thought...

...about this before treating Paul delegates and Paul with such disrespect in the first place.