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America's Concentration Camps last longer than Hitler's

Question: What is the difference between Concentration Camp and a Prison?

If you find yourself in a prison, BEFORE YOU GOT THERE.....you have had a trial where upon you were assumed innocent UNTIL proven guilty, you got to face your accuser, you heard the evidence against you, you got to challenge that evidence and produce your own, you got to call witnesses in your defense, objective and open rules where followed by the court, the court was not secret but open to the public, you had an attorney, you had a trial by your peers, you had a judge that made sure your rights to a fair trial were protected in a court that gained its power through the highest law of the land, the Constitution.

If you have had none of these things, then you are in a Concentration camp.

America celetrates? the 7th year of Gitmo....


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