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We are Change confronts Jack Hunter on Bilderberg & John Tate on Jesse Benton

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Ron Paul is a gentleman and a

Ron Paul is a gentleman and a statesman. Those other guys? Well, they're just other guys...

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

Can you spell "Jack" Hunter...it goes like this

J_E_R_K Hunter

(Jack Hunter) is a idiot.

Jack Hunter is not a leader in this movement. i was in this movement when this ass hole was in his moms womb. we do not need any of these bozos" and we do not need Ron Paul who is just as bad as this idiot hunter. why in the hell is Ron Paul silent ask your self that question" the message of liberty is the leader not these cock roaches in congress or the senate evan the good doctor who is allowing idiots around him.
i want my money and time back Dr. Paul"

We Are Change

Another YouTube paparatzi disrespectful ambush.

Jesse Benton was not fired. There you have it, the people who said he was LIED.

Tate lied

Are you insane? Did you watcch the video? Whatever you think of Adam, is there any chance Tate didn't know about the flyer? Is there any chance he didn't know about the attack on Paul Festival? He just lied to your face, and you're using this liar's testimony to support your claim?

Adam the DMT smoker?

The untimely P.U.A.L. Fest that thought the delgates should forget about working the RNC and party with GJ, Tom Woods and join the Liberty from the rEVOLution Movement?

If you didn't join the GOP, didn't become a delegate, the message is DO WHAT YOU WANT. You think you're smarter than Ron paul? You think you can materialize LIBERTY better than Ron, Tate, Benton's plan? DO IT.

After November while were sitting in our nice seats voting NO to issues, watching the Neocons leave and forming alliences with the tea party and Palin Earthquakers (because you didn't join us), you'll be at best waving signs in the streets and talking abo9ut the latest BS conspiracy theory. If that buys any of us Liberty, I sure look forward to eating crow. Until then.. Ron paul told the whole truth and I didn't have to smoke DMT to see it. I had to join the GOP and get a committee seat. MSM lies and too many here are under the influence, won't go to a committee meetings and see the TRUTH.

So, Do what you want. Let's see how far you get. I'm all eyes.

PS. I say untiomesly, because if the P.A.U.L. fest happened NOW, it would be a smashing success, not a distraction.

Tate lied, part 2

You ignored my question. You had to, of course. Tate obviously lied. I am no Adam fan, as I said. But Tate obviously knew about the flyer. Why doesn't he man up? Is it a requirement to be a spineless creep now?

As for Paul Festival, there were plenty of delegates there! So much for your theory. How could it have been a distraction when Paul Festival was organized first? Gee, we'd like to honor Ron Paul at the end of his career. Gosh, what a "distraction"!

He's not going to "man up" to Adam

DO WHAT YOU WANT. Adman is doing what yhe wants, and it has NOTHING to do with the gaols of the campaign. It's harrassment.

The campaign doesn't care about Adam, or anyone whose decided they have a better way. It's not up to the campaign to answer. the answer is DO WHAT YOU WANT.

None of us who joined the GOP and are working with the campaign care about Adam or anyone who thinks they know better.

Let's see Adam where the Liberty from the rEVOlutoon takes you. So far, it's chasing down Tate with questions, they will not answer because it does not concern them. There you have it.

To us, it's a waste of our time. To you, it's a reason to NOT join us. So don't. And be assured, we are not going to chase you down and ask you anything about what you do. DO WHAT YOU WANT, we really don't care.

Honoring Ron Paul is joining the GOP, getting a committee seat and FIGHTING inside the GOP, not standing around and thinking you're cool because those who PROFIT off Ron Paul are having an event in his name while the RNC is fighting us, WITHOUT YOUR HELP.

Plenty of delegates there.. yah right. Who gives a flip about the flyer? No one who is working with Ron Paul.

So lying is OK?

The flyer is just one example. Again, you bring it back to Adam. For the third time, I am not an Adam fan. But I am even less a fan of outright lying. Tate acts like a politician. You approve of this.

He's not interested

Is harrassement OK? Apprently to you it is. If I was there I would have called security on the fat SOB with the mic.. get a life,,

WE ARE POLITICIANS JUST LIKE RON PAUL. Get a clue.. man, go wave some signs loser.

Slow down a bit.

I work the campaigns strategy and we had Adam for one of our Ultimate Debates to raise money for a local veteran organization last April.


Adam, the campaign, and I, have made mistakes.

What did you learn?

Mistakes are wonderful things to make because it gives one the opportunity to learn and grow.

If one does not learn and gorw from a mistake made, then it is a shame and one is doomed to repeat the mistake.

The way I see it, the campaign was very clear, at least here in CA, what they wanted from us, more than money bombs, more than sign waves, more than YouTubes and Meet-ups, they made it very clear here, we need to got IN the GOP. It was the same as in 07.

In 07, I refused to join the GOP. I couldn't do it, so I understand why people don't want to. I did a lot fo work, driving from Humbolt to San Fran to Reno Nevada, going to 5 Meet ups, organizing debates, distributing signs, going to lunches where Ron Paul was.. but the campaign didn't care. The campaign abandoned me, and I saw that those who joined the GOP were still in contact, and after awhile, it was like I was spinning my wheels. I had no contact with the campaign.. folks were like, Thanks for the signs.. later". I felt hurt.

So when Ron Paul ran this election, I joined the GOP. BIG BIG BIG difference the way the campaign treated me and what I was able to do.. it was like being on a fast track, and though I did allot of work, volunteer district leader for 4 counties, I was always in touch with the campaign, emails, phone calles, letters,.. none asking for money, all discussing stratigy, that if you were NOT in the GOP and doing what Ron Paul's campaign asked.. it was none of your business..

You see, Ron paul and the campaign RESPECT a person's choice to NOT do what the campaign wanted. That does not mean they owe you anthing. They don't. Many here like to think because they donate the campaign owes them.. So let me put it this way.. If a Romney committee chair who really really wants Romney to WIN, donates $20.12 to the campaign, should he get inside information? Hopefully you can see why the campaign set it's parimeters. Either you did what they asked, or you didn't. If you did, you were rewarded, and if you did not.. you were left out.

I'm sure that hurts people, as it hurts me in 08. But now that I did what the campaign asked, I can see reasons why the campaign did what they did, as the campaign has many enemies, even inside. Grassroots is NOT a solution to the campaign. Many who insist on being grassroots are upset by this, but the truth is, THEY LET RON PAUL and HIS campaign down by NOT doing what the campaign asked.

So now, Ron Paul says to them: DO WHAT YOU WANT. We don't care what they do. They're NOT on our team. You can sign wave for Ron Paul, or throw a festival to honor Ron Paul, but you are NOT on our team.

I have been grassroots longer than many people are old here. I am SO abundantly grateful to Ron Paul and the campaign for getting me off the streets and into a position of power in my community. I don't care if it's the GOP. What many think of the GOP are not by their experience, but what they saw on MSM or YouTube. They are too angry or afraid to even go see for themselves.. they instead BLAME tha campaign or even Ron Paul, but the truth is,, they are doing what they want to do, not what Ron Paul and his campaign asked all of us to do.. even now.. my last email and phone call was to get people on committees. How many here even try? Instead it's more about downvoting me, a person who actually did what Ron Paul and his campaign asked. They are against me? For doing what Ron Paul asked? These are friends? I'm a Ron Paul Republican. I campaigned openly as a Ron Paul Republican. My county, the committee, the government ALL know I am a Ron Paul Republican.. Ron Paul is a Republican party memeber and congressman now.. so who are these people? They don't give any onformation about themselves and all they do is blame and complain.. seems to me, that's what they really want to do.

What I am getting out of all this is,

creativity is being stifled.

It is possible that grassroots running major events will not happen. I'm surely not doing anymore after this. Major events will be central planned probably from now on.

I cannot take Dr. Paul's line about - Revolution "young people and music" serious anymore. Grassroots got shutdown for trying to do just that.

From what Hunter and Barcia are stating, 'the Revolution March was the optimum venue for the kook Ron Paul to speak at a rally attended by a rabble of extremists on the fringe of tin foil hat heaven.'

So now, lets forget that Dr. Paul ever spoke at that.

Supporters have questions, the campaign has not handled it well, the supporters have not backed down, elements from the campaign are now getting nasty back. So it's really about 'shut up grassroots' and just conform.

We're not stiffling creatitivity DO WHAT YOU WANT

Be as creative as you want.

We have our events, they have theirs, you need to be GOP to go to ours, they can be creative and invite whoever and whatever.. not our business and we're not going to make it our business. We have a mission and they are NOT with our mission by THEIR CHOICE. We're not going to interview them, chase them down and ask them questions. We really don't care what they do or what they say.

Look, REAL supporters joined the GOP, became delegtes, got committee seats, or if they couldn't, they continued to go to meetings. Those are real supporters. Those are Ron Paul Republicans. Those who didn't join us have their reasons.. so DO HWAT YOU WANT. If it's not with us.. we just don't care. So what you have questions. So what? The campaign doesn't owe you.. it owes those who joined the GOP and went through HELL for you, while you watched, and then needed time to heal.. so go heal, or whatever DO WHAT YOU WANT.

We are winning, and the rest is going to fail. We are IN, they are out. We've got Ron Paul, they got GJ or write in or God knows what. So go be happy with GJ, or whoever, we're busy working on taking the GOP despite grassroots, who at this point, is no help to the campaign.

Great... so, you guys are adding Jack Hunter to your list?

When you guys are done driving everyone out of the movement - have fun being paranoid.

who are you guys?

the guy asks benign questions, Jack acts like a total elitist snob, and you question "you guys".

what movement do you pretend to stand for when simple questions are regarded as paranoid?

and if you watch the tape....who acts paranoid?

you are a discredit to truth.

Thanks for the insult eric...

"You Guys" are the guys + upping this article and smearing Jack Hunter. Clear?

It is obvious that Jack knows who he is dealing with. He doesn't want to deal with them because he knows We Are Change is all about 9/11 etc. Look at the headlines on their site - it is all "x is Confronted about 9/11..."

Apparently Jack Hunter and I agree that the 9/11 Truthers hurt the movement.

What do you know of truth?

Bill Gillingham~~regarding your 9/11 comment

Bill, I doubt seriously you have studied the events surrounding 9/11. I have, and so has my husband. I doubt you can boast that you are a Senior Engineer, either. If you want to be MORE informed, then, go to the website www.ae911truth.org, where I'm proud to say my husband is listed as one of the high-calibre engineers. We've even met and visited with Richard Gage. Absorb all the information, then, make up your mind.

Regarding 9/11, asking the non-famous Jack Hunter about that question or Bilderberg or any other NON-BIG-MEDIA-approved question is really no big deal, is it?

Saying, "What do ou know of truth" is really just insulting, and it reflects on you, Bill...

I have no real desire to debate it

I've looked into it in the past (probably before 2004). There was so much bad theory out there - I just tuned it all out. I file it all in my brain in the same place as 'Egyptian Pyramids were used for energy generation' and 'we didn't land on the moon.'

I pretty much chalk up any 9/11 inconsistencies to government incompetence and cover-up (covering up their incompetence).

My comment about 'What do you know if the truth' was directed at Eric in response to his insult "you are a discredit to truth."

Science doesn't work the way I see 9/11 theory being developed. In science, you don't determine the outcome first and then try to make the science/facts fit the theory. That is how global warming science (for the most part) works.

Sorry - I've tuned it all out. I've been insulted enough on these boards for being too dumb to see your truth... Just like I get attacked because I question the science behind global warming.

P.S. I am a senior engineer... but of software - haha.

Jefferson's picture


GOD you're not designing buildings.

You can put your fingers in your ears and squeal lalalalalala all you want. The one thing you can't ignore are the laws of physics (mainly conservation of momentum)

110 story buildings do not fall in less than 11 seconds without removing the resistance from the lower floors. A 47 story building does not fall in less than 7 seconds without the same. These were award winning highly redundantly designed buildings made to withstand "multiple" impacts from a 707, and sustained winds of up to 140mph, not art projects made out of toothpicks and Elmer's glue.

Continue to curl up in the cozy blanket of "Govt. incompetence" and your awakening will unfortunately be rude.

I must have missed that day in physics class...

How does the conservation of momentum prevent the building from collapsing? Since you are doing all the physics, how much energy was sent into the lower floors when the top floors collapsed? Where did that energy go? Might it have sent shock waves further down the building causing more structural damage - leading 1000s of tonnes more of weight bearing down onto lower, already damaged/shocked floors of the building? Causing further damage? Remember gravity... and don't forget potential energy!

Please show your work.

Jefferson's picture

I did

show my work. You apparently ignored it. I provided a link that explained momentum conservation so a child could pretty much understand it.
You've already admitted that you've "tuned it out" meaning that you've buried your head in your....ehem....the sand. I'm not going waste my time holding your hand and spoonfeeding you.
I'll give you a basic statement that concrete does NOT turn to mid-air powder in a gravitational collapse. It breaks in chunks as it hits the ground.
Here's an MIT engineer explaining some basic concepts.
You will also see models to the right of page that may provide a visual for you, if you happen to be a visual learner.

You can also learn from the experts in their field from this film, which I would love to see you dispute as I could use a good laugh.
Good luck.

Your attitude wins you nothing

Seriously? This is why I don't debate my brother the socialist.

If you can't debate your positions with anything but youtube links - why bother? Throwing out "conservation of momentum" and bad logic "buildings don't do that, controlled demolitions do" - is not debate.

I tuned out because of people like you that can't support their own beliefs with anything but youtube links and misapplied logic.

Jefferson's picture


a newsflash. I'm not trying to "win" anything. I've been down this road before and the old saying "who is a bigger idiot for arguing with an idiot" comes to mind. I have no pride invested in this argument. I know I am right. I have over 400 hours of study devoted to this event.

I did not simply provide youtube links. I provided the definition of conservation of momentum, a brief lecture from an MIT engineer on the subject, and a one hour documentary where engineers explain in simple terms how you are wrong. SO WHAT IF IT WAS ON YOUTUBE! Would it be any different if I provided it from another video source? No, you would still have the same willful denial that you are displaying here.

Read the physics classroom definition, watch the 5 minute piece from the MIT guy, and watch the 1 hour documentary, and THEN we might be able to have intelligent discourse on this subject. Otherwise you just make yourself look foolish.

And you support your beliefs

And you support your beliefs by putting your head in the sand? That makes a lot of sense.

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

Bill... I gave you the link


I gave you the link to the video. Don't be lazy and ask us questions if you're not willing to put in the time to learn and understand yourself. We're not here to babysit you.

Bottom line is tall steel structures do NOT collapse into their own footprint from fires. They collapse into their footprint from intentional demolition.

Here's a business idea for ya...why don't you start a demolition business. Most high rises will earn you tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to professionally bring down safely and securely.

But since you believe you can start a few office fires, wait a few hours, and then watch it fall perfectly at freefall speed...you should make millions. No employees...no explosives...just you and a bic lighter.

Maybe you can sell some franchises...you'll be part of the 1% before ya know it!

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

"I gave you the link" - who is being lazy?

I can't and won't debate a video.

there's nothing to debate.

there's nothing to debate. Over an hour of expert testimony and scientific facts...there is nothing more for me to say. Would you like it transcribed?

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

Bill, your ignorance is

Bill, your ignorance is showing. In another life I bet you railed against Gutenberg and his printing press.

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

Keep pushing

Thanks for taking it down a notch. I know I can always have a pleasant debate with wackos... like the pushy religious guy, or the socialist. I'm such a fool... I can never see what is right in front of my face.

All my years of devotion to logical analysis and scientific methods have been for not. All I had to do was run to Youtube - seek out some crazy guy that spouts the message I want the hear and PRESTO - my work is done! Shit - I didn't have to think for myself at all.

Now, the next step is to get onto forums and fight with people and tell them how stupid they are.

You guys have taught me so much! Life will be easy now!

Lazy bastards.