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We are Change confronts Jack Hunter on Bilderberg & John Tate on Jesse Benton

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And if you don't let the truth set you free after...

... pissing you off, you will become like the prideful, neoconservative elite, or worse, like satan. Not exactly sure where Hunter and Tate are on soft to hard continuum towards truth. Looks like Jack is hardening against anything but "practical politics" and Tate looks like a combination of fear and disdain towards the truth he's being forced to look at.
If Hunter, Tate, and others like them in the C4L or anywhere in the increasingly co-opted liberty movement, continue on their present trajectory, they will have absolutely nothing to offer our country in terms of true liberty.
Once truth is looked at as segmentable and cherry-picked for practicality, it's over!

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I'll take annoying over hypocritical anyday

What's the matter donate too much money to the campaign to admit you were conned? Wake up.

We are making the MOVEMENT look bad???

Mr Hunter, WE ARE THE MOVEMENT!! and you are a paid hack like the rest of them!!

Take a hint from Dr. Paul

Remember how Ron Paul handled a question about conspiracy theories in the debates of 07? "It's a contest of ideas..."

Take, for example, the repeated questions about the Bohemian Grove and Bilderberg to Newt--yes, if that is all that is asked (and it was), those videos make the movement look even more kooky than Newt. We Are Change has an obsessive agenda that swirls around conspiracy theories--it's fun to watch, but no one is going to want to participate in an interview with these people--it's just not productive. It's kinda like being interviewed about your job as a chef by a marketing dept for Mentos. "But sir, uh, don't you think that the skills you learned in cooking school prepared you to appreciate the fresh flavor of Mentos...sir, how often do you beat your wife?"

Well, he just walked away...I can't believe it. Back to you, Luke.

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"it's just not productive"

That's a really good point. I'll probably get down voted here but I have often thought the same thing about Alex Jones' bullhorning. The average, uninitiated bystander is probably wondering WTF is going on and only interested in getting away from it.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

There is the Liberty Movement and then there's...

...the employees/contractors of Rand Paul, Inc. One loves and respects "We Are Change" and the other fears its probing questions (and sunlight, in general).

So sad.

I think Hunter is genuinely

I think Hunter is genuinely annoyed with these people:

"I will generally speak to anyone, from The Daily Paul to CNN and everyone in between. But I will not speak to anyone whose sole purpose in life is to make the movement I care about so deeply look ridiculous." - Hunter

I tend to agree with Hunter. The man brought a lot of people (including myself) into the Paul camp.

I can see Jacks frustration, but to say we shouldn't ask


I think he does care about the movement just is desperate to appeal to the mainstream.

I think asking questions and stating facts is fine but when people state their theories as facts and come to wild conclusions that's when people get scared off.

When promoting ideas I think its best to get people to the stage when they start asking these questions themselves.

After a long discussion a friend asked me what do you think its all about? Why do you think they're doing this? The door then was open, I showed him some vid's and he was blown away...

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Jacks certainly not a fan of

Jacks certainly not a fan of We Are Change.. Hes already written in response.. http://www.southernavenger.com/uncategorized/statement-on-we...

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Why are these people so afraid to answer questions?

It's sad really, I would expect that kind of reaction from your typical neocon, but these guys are supposed to be on OUR side. I mean I think jack Hunter even has a point about conspiracy theories, but he doesn't have to be such an ass about it!

It seems Jumping Jack

has forgotten where he came from.

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

Establishment shills in training

As soon as Hack Punter saw WRC he began running away. WRC, it's affiliates and similar citizen driven alternative media sources are the future. It's clear that Jack wants to stay in the past. Tool.

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I think he's right. People

I think he's right. People spouting off Bilderberg conspiracies are the sort of people that really deter potential voters, and are totally unnecessary.

Bring on the downvotes :(

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Sort of agree.

The problem with it is, when it is put out there that, 'this and that was said at the Bilderberg meeting, that's all you have to say is - prove it.

If you can't prove it, there is a problem. It then becomes hearsay. And that is bad for credibility.

A better approach would be to bring in the possibility of violation of The Logan Act.

Unfortunately, when stuff is secret, and even though we want to expose it, a person can lose their credibility on how they deal with the topic.


My view is from being a former juror.

The Revolution March


The good ole days with Dr. Paul speaking at a grassroots designed event.

How much has changed since I was one of those baking rabble of extremists with an attentive ear ...

To borrow an 1980's skate boarding term

Posers! Dr. Paul would never act this way. I am glad we are seeing their true colors.


That term is completely and wonderfully appropriate... people trying to be something they are not.. in this case men or women attempting to have the appearance of integrity and truth. POSERS!!

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

The Pretenders... AKA...

... Hunter and Tate

Benedict Benton is no longer a pretender, he's a full-on turncoat.

Ron Paul 2012
The Champion of the Constitution

At the cross Jesus Christ defeated sin, death, hell, and the new world order.
C’mon boys, let’s take the plunder!

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It is so interesting to observe that the grassroots

learned much from the civility and rational discourse and tolerance of Dr. Paul, but his Campaign staffers never did. It is one more way the grassroots were way ahead of the far less principled professional staff.