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Open Letter To Hemp Supporters from Kentucky Kate

Good afternoon Daily Paulers! This is my first time posting to the DP, although I've been reading this page since the very beginning, back in the 08' campaign. Just as a little background, I've been a Ron Paul fan since 07, when his videos woke me up and I met a bunch of Liberty Lovers here in KY, who educated me and tempered my fiery passion for freedom into something a little more...shall we say....useful?

Since waking up, I've worked on Ron's campaign, Rand's campaign, and countless Liberty candidates and/or Tea Party candidates in Kentucky. I've worked on gun legislation, property rights, campaign finance, and food freedom issues with much pomp and zeal. But no issue has affected me so tenaciously as the Industrial Hemp issue.

The first time I heard Ron Paul say that hemp was more useful than corn in making ethanol, I immediately set out on a mission to absorb everything I could about this incredible plant. I learned about biofuels and plastic, explosives and milk. I learned about Kentucky's history, and how we used to be a rich, self-sufficient state with a whole lot to lose from the vicious assault on cannabis. I learned about building materials, and how we could literally grow our own homes with hemp concrete, fiberglass, particle board, and fabrics. I was inundated with information from the likes of Gatewood Galbraith, Craig Lee, and many other hemp warriors in the Commonwealth.

Since working with these grand pioneers of the grassroots Liberty movement, some friends and I decided we should form a coalition of hemp supporting groups in Kentucky. This coalition would be comprised of legislators, grassroots, Dems, Repubs, Tea Parties, Liberty folks, environmentalists, and pretty much anyone who had a vested interest in seeing industrial hemp come back to the Commonwealth.

We held seminars to educate people about hemp, we lobbied our legislators and rising political candidates, we've talked to Sheriffs, Judge Executives, we've gotten the word out in interviews, newspaper articles (google: industrial hemp kentucky), even on TV and of course all over the web. We've worked our tails off to educate the people of this Commonwealth, and, not surprisingly, the people of KY are READY for hemp!

Our farmers need a cash crop, need something to turn to since the great tobacco buyouts, need something to sustain their family farms! And we need industry in Kentucky! This state is gorgeous, with rolling hills, and miles of rich farmland. There is no reason our farmers should be struggling the way that they are!

So I'm reaching out to you Paulers all over the country. I'm asking you for help, to spread the word about industrial hemp in Kentucky. There are already several states on the verge of legalizing hemp, but none have the legal structure that we have in Kentucky. Our hemp growing is already in KY law. For more on that, please see my last post on our website kentuckyhempcoalition.com. My post contains details about the KY Hemp Commission as well as links to the state law on hemp passed in 2001.

Even our Junior Senator and one of the most popular KY Republicans ever, Rand Paul, is supporting industrial hemp. He has reached out and asked his supporters to donate to the Kentucky Hemp Commission to jump start the industrial hemp movement. And I guarantee that if we legalize hemp here in KY, it will mean jobs not just here in KY, but all over the country. Can you imagine the difference in cost for a young person making lip balm in Texas to order their hemp oil from KY instead of from Canada? Or the company in North Carolina who manufactures homes out of hemp hurds and lime? How much cheaper could those houses be if they got their materials from Kentucky? And then Tennessee? Then Missouri, Iowa, South Dakota, and all the other states who would soon follow suit?

So I'm asking you to spread the word. Check out kentuckyhempcoalition.com for more detailed info, and if you get the hemp bug like I have, please donate to the KY Industrial Hemp Program Fund. You can either send a check directly to the KY State Treasurer, made out to "Industrial Hemp Program Fund," or you can donate via RandPAC, at their secure site. http://www.randpacusa.com/donate_hemp.aspx?pid=0913a

The hemp Commission was set up in 2001 and specifically designed to accept money, gifts, and donations from private as well as public sources. The hemp warriors from that generation fought hard to make sure that every day Joes like you and me were able to donate to this fund. But why? Why the specifics, and why set it up to receive private donations if it was a state fund under the Agriculture Department? Well that is best summed up in one word. POLITICS. They knew that the politicians in Frankfort would NEVER fund the commission without a jump start. They would gripe and complain that there wasn't enough research, or that the law enforcement agencies wouldn't support it, and it was NEVER FUNDED! But that is precisely what the Hemp Commission was created to do! Research! And to make sure that industrial hemp became a reality!

That's why I'm reaching out to DP readers. Ron Paul's supporters are the most educated and passionate grassroots supporters in the country. And it's not just about gold, or foreign policy, it's about freedom for all! It's about doing the right thing out of kindness and good will, not because some thug holds a gun to your heads and yells "DONATE!" It's about freedom and as Ron always says, "Freedom is Popular." And freedom spreads!

I'm sorry that this post turned into a short novel! I read the rules before posting, and noted the section about keeping it short and sweet. However, there is way too much to talk about on this subject, and so little time! Please check out kentuckyhempcoalition.com for more details about the KY Hemp movement, and check out the industrial hemp section of takebackkentucky.com for link to the 1996 University of KY Hemp Study. And anyone who wants more information or wants to move to KY to help us (there's a lot of cheap land out here right now) can contact me any time at katiemoyer@kentuckyhempcoalition.com

Sorry for the long post! Thanks for reading! Please share, repost, tweet, whatever you do! Thanks!

Katie Moyer
Chair, Kentucky Hemp Coalition

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New Hemp Advocates Tout Hemp Economic Growth

Seriously, this growing movement in Kentucky is quite exciting. This is a brand new news article on New Industrial Hemp advocate touting economic growth. The more allies we receive the better off we shall be in legalizing industrial hemp in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

This is the latest news article from 11/25/2012: http://news.yahoo.com/hemp-advocates-tout-hemps-economic-pot...

Hemp is MJ doncha know, and

Hemp is MJ doncha know, and your overlords know what's best for you and they say you can't be growing hemp, you rebellious farmers you.


I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

Kentucky Educational Television on Industrial Hemp

This is from the program "Comment on Kentucky" the movement to head forward on industrial hemp please view the television show: http://www.ket.org/cgi-bin/cheetah/watch_video.pl?nola=KCOMM...

9/21/2012 Latest News on Industrial Hemp...

This is the latest news and news links on Industrial Hemp in Kentucky and the rest of the United States.

1.) Cincinnati, Ohio Newspaper

This is from early September 2012 on how the industrial hemp movement in Kentucky is growing.

2.) New Novel on benefits on Industrial Hemp issue on the false link the marijuana and the Federal Marijuana Control Act of 1938


Hemp for Biofuel, not Corn for Food

Fertile land is used for Corn Crops and 40% of the Corn grown is used for controversial biofuel, instead of just for Food. This is why we are seeing a food crisis now. Hemp could be grown used for biofuel instead which doesn't need fertile land to grow.
Fertile land for Food Crops must be made a priority. Hemp for biofuel

Thanks for posting these! We

Thanks for posting these! We have been getting some good media coverage for the KY hemp movement.

"Agriculture is the foundation of manufactures, since the productions of nature are the materials of art."

Nice article!

As a 8th generation Kentuckian this issue is particularly close to me. Many farming families, including my own, once made a decent living growing tobacco. Now the small tobacco farm has basically gone the way of the dodo bird, save for some larger farms in the western part of state. I find it so sad that a place so beautiful and so rich in resources (and culture) is so impoverished. Hemp would be a huge boost to our economy, and our old way of life.

There's a few reasons the Bluegrass State grows more marijuana than any place except California, and you can't blame us. (Just read about Johnny Boone and the escapades of the "Cornbread Mafia")

"We're going to take the government out of your bedroom, your bloodstream, your brain, your bladder, your business, your billfold, your back pockets, your bingo halls and your Internet bulletin boards." -Gatewood Galbraith

Thanks Katie!

Excellent post to which I will add a link to the video of the August 23rd press conference held at the Kentucky State Fair by Sen. Rand Paul and Kentucky's Commissioner of Agriculture James Comer regarding industrial hemp.

Commissioner Comer gives a shout out to Katie, Mica Sims, Craig Lee and (me) John Riley for our many years of work to bring this issue to the political forefront and educating a vast number of people in Kentucky and beyond about it.

It's about 16 minutes but the meat of the press conference is in the first +- 4 minutes.
Enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUcsMXFq1pQ&feature=youtu.be

Industrial Hemp equalls - Energy, Economic Development(jobs) and Environment!

I'll add another plea for help in the form of phone calls to Sen. Mitch McConnell's office asking him to support legalization of industrial hemp. "Support S. 3501" Washington DC Office Phone: (202) 224-2541

Differences Between Hemp and Marijuana

Here is another excellent article on the myths and realities of Hemp compared to Marijuana (see: http://www.naihc.org/hemp_information/content/hemp.mj.html )


I'm very familiar with the North American Industrial Hemp Council (NAIHC) and have been in contact for several years with Bud Sholts and Gale Glenn. Gale Glenn is a former Kentucky resident too! Former CIA Director James Woolsey is also on their Board of Directors. He is very committed to ending our dependence on Middle Eastern oil, thus is a huge supporter of industrial hemp!

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Cool and good post, i'm from

Cool and good post, i'm from Wis and our family farmers need a new crop as well. Would like to see this catch on in the state of KY and then to more places as well! Grow Domestically=Incresed Domestic jobs, simple equation.

*Wisconsin Constitution* Article I, Section 25 "The people have the right to keep and bear arms for security,defense,hunting,recreation or any other law-abiding purpose"

Hemp would be a great crop

Hemp would be a great crop for Wisonsin farmers as well! I'm pretty sure it grows wild out there already, why not tap into that?

"Agriculture is the foundation of manufactures, since the productions of nature are the materials of art."

Kentucky Hemp Commission Meeting Imminent...

I am proud to announce that the official Kentucky Hemp Commission Meeting is imminent.