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Ron Paul's popularity

I had posted numerous months ago as to the results of my personal survey of people in my town of Naples, Florida's awareness of Ron Paul. It was around June/July when I first started to ask everyone I came into contact, whether they knew who Ron Paul was. I was very disappointed to know that about one in twenty knew the name, but even then, most knew little about him. I again surveyed a few months ago and got about one in ten or so.

The good news: I still ask everyone I come in contact whether they know who he is. Guess what, I can't remember but a few in the last month saying they didn't know who he was. That is an amazing accomplishment considering the media blackout. I still see a few lipping the word "Who is Ron Paul," during our sign waves, but it is very few. Congratulations, we are getting there. Now that they all know him, we still need to convince many that they need to vote for him. Fortunately, many are, but we have a lot of work to do yet and not much time.

I was encouraged today when I went to a local grocery store. A young guy, about 19, said he also knew who he was and knew a fair amount about his stances. It made my day. Unfortunately, he said he didn't register to vote and can't vote in the primaries. I have had that three times in two days.....very sad. I tell everyone like that to make up for their not voting and please tell everyone they know about Ron and his crusaders.

I hope you are all telling anyone and everyone about Ron. It is THAT IMPORTANT!